Monday, December 19, 2011

SHE'S HERE..SHE'S HERE!!! A Christmas Miracle..

Thank You Lord, she is beautiful .  Only 4 lbs.2 oz. as she arrived prematurely Her features are tiny and wonderfully made.  We first met her and took her first picture when she was 8 weeks old. inside our ultrasound van after her mother walked back out of the abortion mill in Granite City.  It was a fight for her innocent life.  We begged and pleaded with the abortion bound mother as she stormed passed us that  morning. The accomplice took our literature, but brushed us off as we pleaded mercy for this little one.  Praise God, they came back out and looked for our van which had already left for the day. She called me and we returned the next day to show her that precious gift growing inside her womb.  

     We compassionately listened to her struggles and plight . We knew, she really didn't want to go back in there and kill her baby. We lovingly shared our ministry and all our resources we could help her with and we saw a change in that van, we knew if we provided the materials and support she would see real hope. We provided the monetary resources she needed that day to stay in the housing she was currently residing and to keep the utilities on. God made it possible for this distraught mother to see Jesus through our working hands and efforts to keep the baby alive and both of them thriving.    
      Of course the devil was behind the scene sowing seeds of doubt. This young mother had every excuse to take her unborn baby's life as she was a high risk pregnancy..but we prayed several times over this mother and baby and the Lord provided the protection and the specialty physicians to deal with delicate condition. 'I rebuke you devil, are not getting this baby. You have no authority over this child or this mother, now, get behind me Satan" we declared. 

                                         So today, very early, this beauty made her stunning debut weighing a little over 4 lb.s . She fits in your hand and wailing, which is always a good sign.   Please meet lil' Miss Kaelin Alexis ..and know that are blood , sweat and tears are not in vain.  Lil Kaelin is living proof that being a window to the womb and helping abortion minded women on the spot, outside abortion mills, does save lives.  Just ask lil' Kaelin. Our Christmas miracle. 
             "Heavenly Father, You created us in Your own image, and You desire that not even the least among us should perish.  We ask now, in Your love, to protect us against the wickedness of the devil, and those little ones whom You have given the gift of life,..In Jesus Name we pray. 
    Be encouraged,

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Kicking the Bucket

On a personal note, Salvation Army has never helped me in placing homeless pregnant girls through the years. Their excuse was always, "Pregnant women are a liability and we don't want to be sued if anything happens to them in our facilities".

Salvation Army marching toward abortion support?

Exceptions already approved in international position statement

Posted: December 17, 2011
10:00 pm Eastern
By Anita Crane
© 2011 World Net Daily

     This is the season of the year when Salvation Army volunteers are on the streets and outside stores ringing their bells to encourage donors to fill their red kettles with money for the poor. The longtime Christian organization provides food, shelter, elderly services, disaster relief, prisoner rehabilitation and many other forms of aid.

    But it also has adopted a position statement that is a step toward abortion, and pro-life leaders are expressing alarm at what they see developing.

    In its statement on abortion, the Salvation Army says: "A number of biblical and theological principles underpin The Salvation Army's position on abortion. …

    Get "180," the DVD that shows how when confronted with the facts of abortion, people do a "180" turn to oppose the procedure.

    "The Salvation Army believes in the sanctity of human life. Humankind was created in the image of God (Genesis 1:27). All people – without exception – are of value to him, holding a special place in his creation (Psalm 8:5), irrespective of age, gender, race, religion, health or social status, or their potential for achievement."

     But it also states, "A serious commitment to the protection and care of the unborn calls us to a commitment to the prevention of unwanted pregnancy through means such as access to reliable birth control, safety in relationships, and societal respect of women."

     Specifically, it says the Salvation Army "believes that termination [abortion] can occur only when carrying the pregnancy further seriously threatens the life of the mother; or reliable diagnostic procedures have identified a fetal abnormality considered incompatible with survival for more than a very brief post natal period."

     And it continues, "In addition, rape and incest are brutal acts of dominance violating women physically and emotionally. This situation represents a special case for the consideration of termination as the violation may be compounded by the continuation of the pregnancy."

    Christian human rights activist Rebecca Kiessling, an attorney, speaker and author who defends rape victims and was conceived during the rape of her mother, was surprised.

    "This [abortion] statement is one of the most disheartening things I’ve seen," she told WND.

    She donates to Salvation Army and, as a mother of five, frequently shops at Salvation Army Thrift Stores.

   "They are clearly trying to set forth a biblical standard. They say that God defends the weak and those who are marginalized and that He is a God of justice, but the Salvation Army has now marginalized children like me who were conceived in rape. In other words, they support the death penalty for innocents like me who were conceived out of violence. Yet the Bible says that a child should not be punished for the crimes of [his or her] father," said Kiessling.

    "The Salvation Army is all about rescuing treasures and trading beauty for ashes with the used clothes and household items people donate to them, but they can't seem to do the same for rape victims and their children," Kiessling said.

     Salvation Army Commissioner M. Christine MacMillan was contacted by WND and asked to respond to three questions: (1) Does the Salvation Army fund abortions in any way? (2) Does it lead women to abortionists in any way? (3) Why does it cite and link to the Guttmacher Institute, which is affiliated with the abortion chain Planned Parenthood?

    She declined to answer, saying instead she might call back. She didn't.

     Leticia Velasquez, a mother of three, including one child with Down syndrome, is an author and founder of Keep Infants with Down Syndrome or KIDS. She said, "The Salvation Army should re-consider their position on this critical issue, as it is not consistent with a pro-life stance.

    "An abnormal prenatal diagnosis does not lower the God-given dignity of a baby. We believe that all human life is sacred from conception until natural death. If a baby is destined to live only within her mother's womb for a few brief moments or days afterward, then we must give that child the full span of life and not end her life by abortion."

     Likewise, Stephen Phelan of Human Life International told WND, "The 'International Position Statement on Abortion' from the Salvation Army is seriously problematic, both for its interior contradictions and for the fact that it explicitly links itself with the Guttmacher Institute, which openly promotes unrestricted access to abortion around the world. Indeed, the organization is named after Alan Guttmacher, the abortionist who was a transformational president of Planned Parenthood and who was a tireless advocate for abortion."

   Alveda King, director of African American Outreach at Priests for Life, expressed similar suspicion.

   "Good organizations become 'infiltrated' by forces that promote abortion, the breakdown of marriage, sexual immorality, etc. They come as wolves in sheep's clothing and appear to be harmless and even helpful. Then they begin to reveal their true or basically untrue colors. This is sadly maybe what is happening to the Salvation Army. Not for sure, but maybe."

     "So much of the Salvation Army statement is commendable, but parts of it read like it was written by the Guttmacher PR department to ease the conscience of those who are not yet in support of unrestricted abortion. These contradictions are irreconcilable," added Phelan, HLI's communications director. "The mere appearance of support from Salvation Army can be used by the huge international abortion cartels to justify their work."

     "My first pastor was a Salvation Army officer. The Army has long been an uncompromisingly strong witness of Christian truth, but they have got it terribly wrong here," said Rev. Rob Schenck, a minister on Capitol Hill and chairman of the Committee on Church and Society for the Evangelical Church Alliance.

     Schenck and his twin brother, Paul, now a Catholic priest, were targeted by the state of New York and the Clinton administration for defending unborn babies and their mothers outside abortion clinics and other public places, including places where President Clinton appeared. In 1996, the twin brothers and all pro-life demonstrators were vindicated by the U.S. Supreme Court when eight out of nine justices ruled in favor of Schenck v. the Pro-Choice Network of Western New York.

    Wendy Wright, interim executive director of the Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute, agreed with Schenck and HLI about the Salvation Army.

    She said, "The Salvation Army has an admirable history of reaching the most outcast and shunned in society, the broken and destitute, the hardest of cases. This policy treats the most shunned and broken of unborn babies, the hard cases, and shuts them outside humanity's house. Simply put, it violates God’s commandment that 'thou shalt not murder.'"

   "Not only is their position weak and unbiblical, but it's contrary to historic Christian moral instruction and to the good work of the Christian Holiness movement that is their heritage. This is an aberration that must be corrected immediately if the Army is to maintain its Christian integrity," said Schenck.

    Wright said the Salvation Army's stance on abortion "denies the humanity of a child to say she can be killed because of the crime of her father. Or that deliberately taking a child's life is somehow better than allowing God room to work, to do a miracle, and to shower that child with love for as long as possible. Following the Salvation Army's counsel would mean that the only touch that some severely disabled babies would ever feel is not the loving arms of her mother, but the sharp blade of an abortionist."

     Considering the Salvation Army ad and its good works in urban minority neighborhoods, Day Gardner, president of the National Black Pro-Life Union, said, "I'm very disturbed if they support abortion in any way, especially because I always give money to the bell ringers I see outside stores before Christmas. I find the whole thing rather disturbing because they are doing this in the name of Jesus Christ, Who came into the world under very difficult circumstances – as a poor and homeless baby.

     "I have been working with a mom, a young black woman in Chicago, who had conjoined twin boys that shared a heart. People told her she should let them die because they wouldn't live long. Their mom is very strong in Christ, the boys lived 18 months and she said she would not have traded her time with them for anything."

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Forward by Angela Michael

        A familiar staple will no longer be conveniently accessible in between the colorful packages of chewing gum and sweet treats at the grocery checkouts. Praise God! It appears a light came on within the minds of the Health and Human Services Secretary and President Obama. The aborticant, the Plan B Pill, will no longer be available to little girls without a prescription. It makes sense. You wouldn’t hand a gun to a 12 year old and tell her to learn how to use it without proper supervision and instructions would you? Would it be asking too much if the former senator, now President, from Illinois would go one step further and protect little girls in Illinois by placing parental rights back into the hands of the parents that are raising those underage teens, and lift the injunction a federal judge placed on this law that has been on the Illinois books since 1995? The ACLU and abortion industry in Illinois think they make better parents than those who are footing the bills and are held responsible for those children when it comes to sex and abortion. Ensure it’s passage by enforcing the law, immediately. Let’s go back to Plan “A” as in abstinence. Better yet, there is always Plan “C”, as in Christ.

Morning After Pill Not Allowed Over The Counter Because Girls Allegedly Won’t Understand It
Plan B came this close to being offered in drug stores without a prescription until Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius overturned the ruling. She claims that young girls under the age of 17 won’t understand how to use the emergency contraception.

The Food and Drug Administration was entirely prepared to lift the age restriction which currently permits the pill in pharmacies to girls 17 years old and up should they have identification proving their age. The New York Times reports that Sebelius overturned the decision because a 17 year old is more capable of understanding how to use the pill properly than say a 13 year old:

“It is common knowledge that there are significant cognitive and behavioral differences between older adolescent girls and the youngest girls of reproductive age,” Sebelius said in a statement. “I do not believe enough data were presented to support the application to make Plan B One-Step available over-the-counter for all girls of reproductive age.”

But the FDA Commissioner Dr. Margaret Hamburg tells the Times that she and her agency’s drug-safety experts did very much take into consideration the safety of young girls. She said:

“There is adequate and reasonable, well-supported and science-based evidence that Plan B One-Step is safe and effective and should be approved for nonprescription use for all females of child-bearing potential.”

A simple pill that can prevent you from becoming pregnant following a rape, a broken condom, or poor choices doesn’t seem all that complex to an eighth grade girl — if not completely mythical. Having those options right along with condoms could have put a serious dent in the number of unplanned pregnancies in the States, as well as abortion rates.

Our daughters need more education about safe sex practices and options, not restrictions.

-Koa Beck

Thursday, December 1, 2011


November 30th   

      We received her distress phone call last night and promised to meet with the girl the following evening.  After her shift, she would meet us on a parking lot and talk.  We had a commitment  before our appointment.  We were invited to a church sponsored concert, the guest musician and singer was a devout Christian, Mitch McVicker.  He was formerly with Rich Mullins before his untimely death.  He was performing in Highland this evening, what a blessing.  A one man show. He loves the Lord and was so talented.  His songs of worship and praise just encouraged us for the task at hand. We were about to save a baby.     We had to sneak out before Mitch was done, but, we expressed our gratitude to his entourage and his Dad.  We exchanged contact information and purchased a CD.  His Dad heard we were running for office and we acknowledged and he wished he could vote for me, but,  I said, "You can do something even better, I need your prayers, we have to leave early as we are meeting a young pregnant girl, we're going to save her baby, we need prayers." "Yes ma'am", he answered "God bless you both",  he said as we left.  
       Fast forward:  on a dark lit parking lot we quickly set up our ultrasound van.  Brr.  It was cold. The generator kicked on PTL!  We were off..a few minutes later she parked her car and came inside our van.  Oh my!  I remembered this girl..from behind her back, a little girl appeared rather shy.  "Chanel"  then reintroduced me to this little one. "You saved her seven years ago.. My mother was making me go to the abortion clinic, but, you met with us and you calmed my entire family down and helped us so much,..  When this happened, you were the first person I thought of as you helped me so much last time". I asked her, "What does your mother think of your daughter now?"  She replied, "She is her world!"  I responded, "I'm glad things worked out for you."  
     I asked her daughter if she would like to help me with the scan. Up and down she nodded. We gloved up and quickly scanned, and there on the screen an approx 6 week old baby appeared,. "Chanel" started gently weeping, while her daughter watched in glee. "Look mommy there it is". She shared her plight and we went over a strategy, especially since her mother was pushing for an abortion last time. "It's seven years later, you are standing on your own two feet, and these are the resources we can help you with."  We advised her for a physician follow-up and answered her immediant needs.  She was feeling better about her situation.  We viewed the baby swimming in an ocean of fluid.  "It's so active ", she said. "Your baby is auditoning for it's life," we said.  She then sat up and gave me the tightest hug. "Thank you so much. I'm so grateful there are great people like you that help people like me at all hours and unconditonally", she said. "Wow, that means alot to us, as the thanks are few and far inbetween." "No, I really mean it", she said"You guys are so busy with your kids and stuff  and you come out on a cold night to help me.  Thank you just doesn't seem enough", Chanel said. I replied,  "No, you blessed us tonight, saving your baby is our reward."  

    We handed her some more mom-to-be literature and a treat for her little girl who was enjoying the whole experience.  The little girl turned to me, hugged me and said, "Thank you for saving me." WOW! We watched them get into their car and drive away. Daniel helped me tear down and place the signs back into the van on this chilling , cold night. "You see Daniel, that's what is all about. You have to love and help pregnant girls unconditonally, at all hours , even in the dark of night. Jesus went out to the lost and needy. He knows that where there is love, life will grow." ..                "Thank you Lord for guiding our feet and living through us and blessing us with the fruits of our labor's."


Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Welcome to the Michael Thanksgiving 2011

      Our family just loves this somewhat forgotten holiday between Halloween and Christmas. It is the day to give thanks for all our blessings and gather round the table for a delicious festive feast. It is a day to cherish those whom we hold dear and remember how we got here to enjoy all our freedoms; a day to remember the pilgrims and the sacrifice they made for future generations to go on in this new land; a day to give thanks to the Lord, for without His divine hand we could not be here; a day of traditions…but this year we did something a little different; we honored the sacrifice our 30 lb fowl made to be the honored guest and delicious centerpiece on our dining table. His journey began Thanksgiving eve (history in the making!) as the children kept arriving and toting their laundry baskets, the chefs and apprentices were in the command center (that being the kitchen) prepping and praying over our main guest and loading him with stuffing and garnish. We placed him gingerly in the warm oven, and all through the short night, we could smell the aroma of turkey.

    At the crack of dawn, Hannah joined me to surprise everyone with homemade donuts and rolls as we began the morning full of baking and cooking. When asked if she wanted a donut, Hannah looked at the large baked turkey on the counter top and said, “No, I’d rather have that chicken leg.” We laughed as she was referring to the over-sized drumstick protruding from the foil. It’s so good to have the kids’ home with us. So many beds and bodies in one house. Soon, all were up and helping out. Of course, when we asked for volunteers to help with making the “Michaels Melt-in-Your-Mouth” chocolate chip cookies, Hannah was first in line with her stool. As we measured and mixed, our three year old was in charge of adding the chocolate chips to the batter. More chips ended up in her mouth than in the mixture.

     As I looked around our kitchen, I was so thankful for all our blessings each day. The love and care they showed to others and each other, means that we must have taught them something right. Finally everyone was home and we gathered around our plethora of steaming dishes and garnishes adorning our oversized table. It was so rewarding to see all those faces and hear the chattering. As we prayed over this feast, this year we asked each family member to mention something they were thankful for. It was touching. Most mentioned “family.” Of course our youngest daughter said, her kitty cats and Mommy. Aside from that, we all acknowledged the Lord as the centerpiece of our family with grateful hearts. Our family is a circle of love, with every birth and every union, the circle grows. Every joy shared, adds more love. And every crisis faced together, makes the circle stronger.

    With the clanging of dishes and the roar of football games in the background some of us got to nestle down into our “turkey coma’s” as the Thanksgiving Day wound down into night. Our daughter Savannah then submitted an offering of “thanks” for all to enjoy! O, I don't have to look far to see how blessed I am and what I'm thankful for; breath in my lungs, a heart that beats, eyes that see, ears that hear; food, shelter, clothing; the things we can take for granted every day; things that millions of people don't have; a family, true friends, and a relationship with a very real and very faithful God. God's love and grace is so real and evident to me, I would be lost without him and have him to thank for every good thing in my life. So then, just as you received Christ Jesus as Lord, continue to live your lives in him, rooted and built up in him, strengthened in the faith as you were taught, and overflowing with thankfulness.”Colossians 2:6-7

    As another Thanksgiving Day shows itself I am able to enjoy it at home with my family. Traditions are carried on throughout the day, and it's never dull around here. It's all hands on deck for cooking, cleaning, baking and enjoying each other. Watching my little sister eat more chocolate chips than she put into the cookie dough. Smells of a cooked turkey traveling throughout the house. Little things like laughing and sharing hugs and having a family to do that with. I do have so much to be thankful for.

    I bet you can say the same thing. I hope you can. Yes, life isn't usually a basket of sunshine, but being grateful for the blessings we have while enduring the hardships will be well worth it. They say nothing good in life comes easy. Maybe you have to dig down deep to see what you're grateful for, and how God has blessed you. That's okay; it doesn't mean He is a less faithful God. Take the time to thank him, especially in the midst of hard times. This Thanksgiving remember the littlest to the biggest blessings in your life and walk with a grateful heart.

Thank you Lord, and Happy Thanksgiving !

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Scissors, Suction, or Blunt Trauma

Children continue to be an endangered species, born and unborn.

We no sooner arrived home in the dark of night after our vigil outside the Midwest largest late term abortion mill, Hope Clinic in Granite City, when our daughter called us to mention a baby was missing from a family in Afton, Missouri. His name was Tyler Dasher and he was the same age as our youngest son, Isaac. Of course the news of the death or murder of a small child is always shocking and riveting, but, consider this; had that child been three months younger, it would have been perfectly acceptable as far as American society is concerned. You see, we have allowed murder in the womb for over 38 years inside abortion facilities; all the way up to 9 months, for any reason.

                                                          Reportedly, like a thief in the night this sleeping child was snatched from the security of his crib while his mother lay sleeping in the other room. When she awoke in the morning she discovered his disappearance and law enforcement soon lined the streets of this neighborhood. By the dusk of evening his tiny body was found less than a mile from his home, cradled underneath a pine tree in a small walking park; his blue blanket lay with him. Wailing could soon be heard from the crowds gathering outside this innocent child’s home. Yes, the medical examiner confirmed it was the missing little boy; he was dead. The lead investigator told reporters, “Only a monster could do this to a small child and leave him in that condition”. He died violently.

BREAKING NEWS: Local media is now reporting that an arrest has been made early this morning. The mother of little Tyler has been charged with his murder. “Shelby” led authorities back to the crime scene and back to the tree where she disposed of his small beaten frame. In most murders investigators say the perpetrator is usually someone in the family or someone closest to the victim. But if you think about it, there’s another reason we should have suspected the mother; you see, we have allowed mothers to pick and choose which child is worthy of life… for decades. Noticeably, reporters behind the news desks were outraged when first reporting this missing child and finding his lifeless body. Now that a suspect, the child’s mother, has been arrested and named, their demeanor has gone apathetic. As if to say, “Oh well” just another day. In other news…

You see this is how we treat children in society; like garbage. This past September we reported the horrible deaths of two East St. Louis, Illinois children ages 4&5 at the hands of what was considered their greatest protector, their mother. But instead of a scalpel or suction tube, this mother used a shotgun to relieve herself of the responsibility of motherhood.

It all goes to prove; when citizens allow bloodshed in the womb, we will reap it in the streets. Everyday babies are barbarically ripped apart inside abortion mills. They too die violently. Understand, we are not being insensitive of this terrible tragedy, but, the increase of violence on the streets, our homes, and our jobs, is a symptom of what is being sown in the womb. We have become a nation of savages. Life is cheap. No respect for life. That is why mothers and their accomplices don’t even blush at the sin of shedding innocent blood, or its ramifications. Child-killing has become so acceptable, it’s just another day. I’ve often repeated a saying, “When you make the monster, you have to live with that monster”. We have polluted our land with innocent blood for over 38 years, why should we be shocked when a mother decides to kill her baby outside of the womb? It’s just a different weapon, and location.

If this tragedy hasn’t broken your heart enough, as we close, breaking local news is reporting that two young children, ages 1 & 3, have been found wandering the streets of Granite City, Illinois in 40 degree temperatures with no clothes on. Parents are no where to be found. God help us!

Innocent children don’t stand a chance. This is the “monster” the chief investigator referred to. Who is most responsible for child killing? We need only look into the mirror.

“If our American way of life fails a child, it fails us all” `- Pearl Buck

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Babies for Adoption

November 2011
Written by: Angela Michael

          Over this past fall weekend we did some fun family activities with our children. We were really enjoying ourselves watching the little ones discovering things and asking a million questions. As we picked the perfect pumpkins to carve for our harvest-fest, I looked into the beautiful faces of those little ones who almost didn’t make it because they were slated for abortion; but because there were people who cared, they are here today to enjoy life and be blessings to so many others.

          We are turning a page of the calendar and going into the month of November. We would like to encourage you and others that November is also National Adoption month. Our ministry is actually working on our 42nd adoption; A baby that was rescued and saved from the jaws of death. But, aside from adoption, there are also many babies and children sitting in the foster care system that would love to have a family to enjoy stability and the simple things in life.

         We want, therefore, to encourage other pro-lifers to get into programs such as Big Brothers and Big Sisters or the foster care program in your area. Visit Unfortunately, we have a drug and alcohol epidemic going on in our nation. The numbers are staggering. Since so many addicts and unable to be parents, their children become wards of the state. I ask you, as Christians, isn’t it our duty to be our brother’s keeper? Are these children not worthy of our love and time? Yes, we can make a difference in their lives, just like those babies being led to their slaughter at the abortion mill but, as prolifers, let’s not limit our dedication and passion for life only to unborn babies, but let’s also extend it to those who have made it past the abortion mill. Just a motivating thought. : )

Proverbs 23:25 “May she who gave you birth rejoice!”

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

“Truth” is the Eyesore in Granite City

Power corrupts the few, but weakness corrupts many
October 9, 2011
Written by Angela Michael

    This town of approx 31,000 and dwindling is so full of evil and corruption that a book listing Granite City as one of the “Absolutely worst places to live in America (by Dave Gilmartin),” has been written detailing its deplorable cultural conditions. Concerning the local hospital (at the time, “St Elizabeth”) many years ago we exposed the relationship and collusion between this former Catholic place of healing and the abortion mill. The “Christian” organization actually retained the main abortionist as the hospital’s chief of obstetrics! We invoked the scriptures at a pro-life function to the former bishop, exposing the heresy: “You cannot serve two masters.” We requested that they do one of two things: Take Catholic off their hospital sign or get rid of the abortionist. They eventually chose the first option. Unfortunately, it appears the collusion and corruption between the abortion mill and the hospital has elevated. Instead of attacking the message…they attack the messenger.


     I had to hold my laughter on that one. It was one of the many comments yelled at us by the CEO who informed us of how much he hated us and absolutely detested our ultrasound van. This occurred this past Tuesday afternoon as the midnight abortions were underway inside the slaughterhouse located less than 100 feet across from his pristine hospital.

     It all started as the two of us, a 91 year old prayer veteran and I, stood on the edge of the main sidewalk in front of the abortion mill praying. We noticed this very tall male walk up to our ultrasound van. All of a sudden, he looked inside our van. “Excuse me, can I help you?” “Oh, I’m just checking to make sure you’re parked legally.” I asked, “And you are…?” “The CEO of this hospital,” he finished. “What business is it of yours?” I inquired. “Because I don’t want this eyesore parked in front of my hospital. I hate you, but I detest that thing!” he yelled pointing at the ultrasound van. “I can’t stand the sight of it in front of my beautiful hospital.” I replied, “Shame on you. That ‘thing’ has saved over 4000 babies, which has brought a lot of revenue into your hospital.”

     He retorted that he had saved 3500 jobs inside the hospital. I corrected him, “No, you didn’t. God did. That stimulus package from the federal government saved those jobs.” That’s when his jaw hit the floor. He didn’t intimidate me, and I didn’t back down. “That’s (the abortion mill) the eyesore; that’s the blight that has brought all of the problems on this city. God is never going to bless that hospital or this city until the shedding of innocent blood stops.” 

     I showed him the pictures of the two saved babies we have personally adopted. “These babies were saved and born in your hospital. I brought money into your hospital. How dare you talk to us this way and have such disregard for that ultrasound van.” He replied that we were the problem in Granite City and that I have given Granite City a black eye. “The rest of the town feels this way too,” he pouted. He went on to say that he has tried everything to get rid of us.

    I responded, “You do not own that street. The taxpayers paid for that street. There is so much corruption in this city. You and the mayor put your heads together, and you turned this street into four blocks of handicap parking. Really? Really, you need four blocks of handicap parking?”

    This was just more confirmation of the collaborating between the mayor, the hospital, and the abortion mill including tactics of outrageously priced parking tickets by the local gestapo and kicking us off of the hospital parking lots. Understand, it takes busloads of imported foot soldiers to pray with us outside this slaughterhouse. Some drive over three hours to get here, and then hospital goons harass them and kick them off of their spacious parking lots. Yet, abortion staffers and abortion clients are allowed to park on the very same lots without tickets or being threatened. Why, if the hospital is not collaborating with this abortion mill?

     Over the years, this hospital has done nothing to rid itself of the real problem in Granite City; serial killer, Yogendra Shah, continues to be on staff at Gateway. “You have habitually covered up his botched abortions (aka medical complications),” I informed the CEO. “We have helped women that have been butchered by this abortionist and others inside Hope Clinic. You’ve given aid to the enemy, and yet you persecute us who save babies, save women, and help women file lawsuits against the abortion mill. You deliberately undermined us along with the corrupt officials in this town.” He mentioned that he and the mayor were working on another project. “I am not the problem. That,” I continued, pointing to the abortion mill, “is the problem. We stand for the truth and we show women the truth. You do everything to cover it up and try to destroy a ministry that is down here standing for righteousness and helping women in this deplorable town where there is no help. How dare you.” 

      As my confrontation with him was ending, a crack addict from across the street came from behind and began calling me all sorts of filthy labels. She asked how she was going to explain the graphic picture of Baby Malachi to her four year old son. I replied, “If you will quit screaming obscenities, I will try and talk. That sign is not bothering your child as much as it is bothering you. If that sign is so horrible, then why are you allowing it to happen just across the street from your house?”

     Then, the belligerent death camp guard “Absalom,” aka James Lewis, joined the attack. I felt like a gladiator in the Coliseum. I had a trowel in one hand and the sword of the spirit in the other. I gave them the truth, and truth is the problem in Granite City. That’s why we are hated. “Mr. Lewis, I have done nothing but be polite to you in the five months that you have been employed here at this slaughterhouse. Today, you are showing me your true character.” He held both of his middle fingers up as he called me a M....F……B…. a racist B…. and he would take care of me if I was over in Missouri.

     One woman was being attacked by all of these bullies! We still ended up having two saves throughout this contentious afternoon. A supposed pastor was sitting under a tree taking this all in. After the dust settled he walked over and said, “Well, thank you for coming today.” I noticed the earring in his ear. I replied, “I wouldn’t have it any other way. Thank you, too, for being here.”

     I felt like a gladiator when I got into my life-saving ultrasound van and drove all the way back home. I kept asking God to touch their hearts, let them hear the cries of the innocent and wake the churches up from their slumber because the innocent blood is crying for justice.

     The following Friday morning that same CEO was spotted parking on the relocated physicians’ parking lot and made his way to the front sidewalk of the abortion mill where he ran into Daniel who snapped his picture. Mr. Bethell asked why he was taking his picture. Daniel replied, “You were the man harassing my wife the other day.” It took the CEO a few moments to recollect. “Ah yes, that lovely creature,” he stated and continued his walk inside the hospital.

     I think it says a lot when one woman can persevere no matter what the enemy throws her way. When you are being attacked on all fronts, you must be doing something right, or else you would not be a threat to Satan and his demons. “If I perish, I perish”.

    This crumbling city can throw paint on buildings and create million dollar makeovers around city hall, but the blood of over 400,000 innocent babies fills their streets and washes up to the churches’ doors. It’s time to grow some guts and stand up to this tyranny in Granite City. Killing innocent babies is evil and the most heinous act in God’s eyes, and it’s time to say so and do something about cutting off Satan’s bloodline in this spiritually and economically starved city. Only then can God bless and turn around the City of Slaughter into a City of God. In Luke 19:41, Jesus wept over the sin and corruption that devastated Jerusalem. The same is happening today in the City of Slaughter as He witnesses the havoc in our world and the injustice and inhumanity that sin brings about. God delivered the Israelites; He can deliver this city.

Saturday, September 17, 2011


Written by Angela Michael

            Is it a badge or a gun? Or a Bible and some pro-life literature? A helmet or a sonogram machine? Any one of these represents someone who tried to save a life. And some were successful as we witnessed on the evening news this past week. There were several televised stories on this subject of heroes and rescuers in what could have been a tragic outcome. Only, the people with the sonogram and the pro-life literature were not viewed by the eyes of our nation as the others, but all saved lives this past week.
            A group of students, construction workers, and passer-bys witnessed a motorcyclist get rammed and pinned under a BMW in Utah. The car burst into flames and the cyclist lay unconscious and injured under the car. Normal people didn’t even think about it. They responded. It took several of them to literally lift the burning car off the injured cyclist and pull him to safety as paramedics arrived. He should have died several times, but from his hospital bed he thanked those selfless heroes who responded and saved his life.
            Another incident: two little boys, approx 9 years of age, rescued a paralyzed and drowning victim who hit his head as he dove into a pool. He lost the use of his arms and legs as he sunk deeper to the bottom of the pool. The boys saw what happened and knew something wasn’t right. They dove into the water and struggled to lift this man who outweighed them. He was over 200 lbs., and they swam with him, pulling him to safety until medics could arrive. They, too, didn’t even hesitate to help save a life.
            This past week a young mother drove over 3 ½ hours from Indiana to Granite City, IL to kill her unborn baby. She was shocked to have to pay $245.00 in cash for an ultrasound inside the abortion mill. All they told her was that the baby was “messed up,” it would take three days to kill it, and over $2000.00 would be the fee. They would let her look at the screen as they covered it with a curtain. She was mortified and kept sobbing into the cell phone.
            Daniel and I kept taking turns to softly speak to her as she sat smoking and crying. “Honey, no matter what it is, there is nothing too big for the Lord to get you through. Trust in Him. We can help you for free.” When our words failed, we prayed out loud for the Lord to touch her heart. “She needs You, Lord. Let her know we care and how much You love her and that innocent baby.” Finally as we gave up and walked away to the front sidewalk, she stood up and started walking towards the mill entrance. Stan called over, “Would you like to see a picture of your baby on the ultrasound?” We looked up to hear her ask, “You can do that?” Stan replied, “I can’t but,” and he pointed to Angela, “she can.” That was when all three first responders kicked into action.
            We met her in the alley. Her shirt and face were wet from tears. “It’s going to be okay honey. I told you we would help you.” She wiped her eyes as we had to walk the block over to our ultrasound van due to the preventative baby saving parking between the abortion mill, the collaborating hospital, and city officials. “Kelly” came inside and we immediately went over preliminaries and scanned. She was apologizing for not listening to us earlier. BAM! There to her shock was a perfect approx 24 week old baby, presumably a girl, auditioning for her life on the screen. “Is it okay?” she asked. She then began confessing that she had been drinking a lot of alcohol and was worried. “Does it have everything?” she asked, and right on cue the baby held its tiny hand up for us to count all five fingers. “Oh my God, I can’t do it! I can’t go back in there!” she screamed. We calmed her down.
            At about that time, her girlfriend came inside the van and looked at the screen. “Is it okay?” she asked. “It appears so.” We measured and viewed different parts of the baby. She then asked if we could tell the sex. “Is it important?” we asked. “No, not really. I just want to make sure it’s okay.” Again, we reassured her and instructed her to follow-up with her physician. We checked all four chambers of the heart, counted the ribs, and viewed a closed spine. We even snapped a profile picture pointing out the tip of her nose. She listened to the heartbeats, approx 160 per minute. “They’re so fast,” she said. “Your heart would be racing too if you were a baby in the womb and realized where you were.” She finally smiled at us. “Thank you all so much. You are like angels,” Kelly said, and her friend chimed in. We handed her a baby bag full of baby gifts and a few outfits. “Now, you let me know what else you will need help with. Promise?” “Yes, of course.” And she hugged me tight before she got into the car headed back to Indiana. We watched them drive off.
            We never know if we will hear back and they follow-up with us, but two nights later after I got back in, a heartfelt message was on my machine. It was the f.o.b. He called and said, “Hello. I don’t know if you are the lady who did the ultrasound on my fiancĂ©, but I wanted to thank you,” and he started crying. I could hear Kelly, the girl from Indiana, in the background. “I wanted to thank you for helping my Kelly and for saving my little girl. I really appreciated you being there for her. God bless you,” and he hung up. WOW! Praise the Lord!
            Thank You, Lord, for helping us to heed the call as Your chosen ones. Thank You for putting those in need across our paths, and for giving us the strength and the courage to forage on and rescue and save more lives. In Jesus’ name we pray.
            Heroes are not made. They’re born. For such a time as this. You don’t have to seek them out; they will find you. 1 Samuel 14:7 “Do all that is in your heart. Go then; I am with you.”

            Be encouraged ~Angela

Monday, September 5, 2011

“Go Get ‘Em Angela!”

Labor Day Parade 2011
September 5, 2011
Written by Angela Michael

            It felt more like autumn as we set up our signs and banners along the prestigious parade route. The heat-wave was broken; God blessed us with much appreciated fall-like weather. It was beautiful. As the crowds began trickling onto the route, it appeared numbers were down a little, but moms and f.o.b.’s soon filled the spaces. The parade hadn’t even begun yet, and one irate, foul-mouthed young woman crossed the street and began verbally attacking us for being there. I told everyone, “Just ignore her.” A lone policeman stood in the distance watching. I told her to go back across the street. She did eventually after spewing her filth. We hadn’t even unfurled our message yet. Oh boy!
            With a loud BOOM! the 31st annual Granite City Labor Day parade began rolling down the street. The politicians and parade Grand Marshal came first, including Mayor Hagnauer who groaned as he came by. We no sooner took our strategic places, when one politician and his entourage came by us. From his car he yelled, “Go get ‘em Angela!” and flashed us a thumbs-up. I don’t need to mention names, but most of the politicians walked over to us, shook our hands, and told us they were with us. Some thanked us for standing this day. “You need to be here,” one said.
            Thank God for our children. The scripture Psalms 127 came to mind, and they were a great blessing to us this day. They know how important getting the message out in this public forum is. Our signs were not the problem. The problem was the truth of what this deplorable city houses and allows to happen to innocent children. We held banners, one stating: “Stop Abortion in Granite City,” and signs depicting what happens to babies inside Hope Clinic only two blocks over from us. I held Baby Malachi and a ho-made sign around my neck stating: Granite City’s Shame.”
            The fire truck pulled in front of us trying to cover us up. Three jackbooted firemen folded their arms and used their broad bodies to block Angela. They began a tirade of cursing and telling us that their kids shouldn’t have to see this. Our son Hunter grabbed his big sign and came to his mother’s aid. He is over 6 feet tall and held the sign up over his head. “You can’t block the truth.” The firemen then surrounded Hunter, and one clenched his fist. They put their faces right in our son’s, and I yelled, “You put one hand on him and there will be a lawsuit.” They retreated and joined up with their group.  
            A steelworker woman yelled, “This is a children’s parade.” More pitiful looking floats came by. The children were told to turn their heads, but they could have cared less; the children were more interested in throwing candy or receiving it. It was the parents that were being convicted and spewing their hate, “F*** you’ all!”    
            The Granite City High band came by, and for once they didn’t attempt to block us because they knew our banners reached high over their trailer. One woman brought her children to view the graphic signs, telling them the truth of what the signs represented. These children didn’t seem to be terrified or negatively affected.
            “That’s bull***! This is supposed to be a parade,” said a float-rider as two young girls sat next to her more focused on throwing their candy rather than on the signs we held. The children around us concentrated with glee on collecting the pieces of candy scattered about them; on the other hand, their parents were the ones infuriated at the graphic truth of what Granite City allows. More foul language filled the air as the parade continued. “That’s f******* beautiful!” commented another angry laborer as children stood nearby.
            All of a sudden the Coors Light beer truck rolled by. One of our helpers questioned, “I thought this was a children’s parade?!” They were advertising alcohol in it. I looked over and replied, “Well, this is Granite City. There wasn’t much in the procession this year except for a few photo-ops of steelworkers’ and spectators’ kids posing with a wooden rocking horse they assembled.
            As the parade drew to a close, a local Granitonian came by. He thanked us for standing and said that he was proud of what we do. Every year he encourages his congregation to join us, yet they shrink back. “I ask them to come down to the abortion clinic and stand, and they shrink some more.” He went on to tell us, “Just this week I saw a young girl at McDonalds that told me she was going to get an abortion, but she saw you guys out in front of the clinic. One of you talked to her, and she decided not to do it.” We rejoiced, gave God the glory, and ended in a closing prayer.
            I thank God for my quiver because we were not put to shame this day. The truth went forth; even the fire department could not drown it out. No matter the cost, we will continue to be faithful. We will not be quiet and passively exist while the slaughter of innocent children goes on just two blocks away. “What I have failed to do,” is why legalized abortion goes on. I commit to follow in the shadows of those who have gone before us overcoming injustice and oppression by their courage, sacrifice, and confrontation that it took to end slavery, segregation, and any holocaust. Through the Lord we have completed everything and then some that we have set out to do and set the bar a little higher.
            Psalm 127:3-5 “Sons are a heritage from the Lord, children a reward from Him. Like arrows in the hands of a warrior are sons born in one’s youth. Blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them. They will not be put to shame when they contend with their enemies in the gate.”

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Scissors, Suction or Shotgun

         This past week we listened to a shaken detective describe two children, a four year old little girl and a five year old little boy, murdered by a shot gun blast to each child’s head at the hands of their protector: their mother, Yokeia Smith, 25, of East St. Louis, IL. The only survivor was an eight year old boy who ran for his life. He described the crime scene as very graphic, and his officers “saw evil in that room and will never be the same.”
        The same crime scene can be drawn inside abortion mills, quite often referred to as “slaughterhouses,” where children are barbarically tortured and graphically dismembered. The detective went on to say, “These children died brutal, horrific deaths.” Don’t aborted babies die the same way? He ended by saying, “They died a terror-filled, frightened death and these officers bear a heavy burden for what they saw. I hope people don’t forget, because these officers will never forget the evil they saw.” Here we go again. Don’t abortion-bound babies feel the terror? Mind you, I don’t agree with child killing, but how can we continue to judge this mother and hold her accountable when our government has violated the Constitution by giving mothers the right to decide who gets to live and who gets to die? It’s crazy.
        We witness mothers doing the same thing with their family members and friends outside the abortion mill. “It’s her choice!” they scream at us. “We’re here as her support.” The same was said by Ms. Smith’s family members in front of television cameras. “We have to put our arms around Yokeia and her surviving child. We support Yokeia,” sounding as if the other two dead children didn’t matter anymore. Can we draw the parallel between abortion and child killing? It happens everyday inside abortion centers. When it comes right down to it, it’s just a matter of timing, and in Ms. Smith’s case it was just a later-term abortion, just like Casey Anthony. Anyway you view it, scissors, suction, or shotgun: two more innocent children are dead by those entrusted to their well-being and care. There is no respect for life inside the womb or outside the womb.
       When you sow bloodshed in the womb, you will reap it in the streets, and that is exactly what we are seeing with the increasing violence in our homes and in our streets. Are we going to connect the dots or stay in denial? When will our church leaders rise up and stand against what is evil and call it what it is? This is not the will of God. And our professing leaders bear the responsibility to say so and preach and act against this evil. It is the most important crisis that we face in our day. It’s not the economy or the environment; it is the value we place on human life.
       God showed us, His people, how He felt by shedding His own blood and giving His life for us. How can God bless a nation that continues to ignore the cries of over fifty million children and counting whose blood is being shed? We must confess that as our brothers' keepers we have failed, but we do not have to wallow in that failure. We must follow in the example of those brave souls who have gone before us to bring to an end any oppression and holocaust, and not worry about the loss of man’s praises or character assassinations. We must embrace courage and make sacrifices, and act on it, in order to restore full protection to the innocent child in the womb and out of the womb. Only then will the murders of innocent children end and respect for life return. It is an epic battle of good versus evil, and it is a battle that can be won.
        “I tell you the truth, whatever you did not do for one of the least of these, you did not do for Me.” Matthew 25:45

Be encouraged ~Angela

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Angela Michael Saves Another “Life”

( # 3867)

Psalms 139 13-14 “For You created my inmost being, You knit me together in my mother’s womb. I praise You because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Your works are wonderful, I know that full well."

“Isn’t she lovely, isn’t she wonderful, isn’t she precious..
I can’t believe what God has done, through us He has given
Life to one, but isn’t she lovely made from love”… Stevie Wonder

        Being presented with her picture took my breath away and brought tears to our eyes. We took her first picture back in the cold winter when her young mother was deciding her fate, and this little one was auditioning for her life. She was approximately 22 weeks pregnant and we were able to bring her inside our ultrasound van. She was scared and timid. She felt she had no hope, but we showed her the love of Jesus, and the small youth group witnessing this day spiritually adopted this pregnant mother. We promised to walk with her through her pregnancy and the Lord would supply her needs and our ministry could provide the materials.
        I thank God she was open; she listened with her heart and decided to choose life for her innocent baby. Since then, her whole life has turned around with the love of Jesus and through wonderful caring people who came up alongside her in her time of need and continue to be supportive. Even the father of the baby is back in their lives and embracing his role as “daddy” to this little one. Now this is real hope.
         Humbly, we rejoice that her parents gave her that name considering had we not been outside this family extermination center in the City of Slaughter, things would have ended with a tragic outcome.                                                                                                    
“Thank you Lord for working in our lives to make a difference every day we show up on that sidewalk. We know through our ministry that You are touching hearts, rescuing babies, and saving lives. Understandably, we may never know the epic proportions Your own arm of salvation or through our skilled hands, our compassionate words babies have been saved, but You do Lord and we are humbled at the thought of one day being able to meet those little cherub faces that we fought and sacrificed for, by being their voice. Thank You for this little victory and know that in God’s eyes they are huge victories with each one saved.” Amen

Friday, August 19, 2011

Keep the Casket…Open

by Angela Michael
August 2011
Listen to "Where is the Moral Outcry" © 2011

            History is repeating itself. Just as one hundred and fifty years ago our nation was torn apart over the issue of slavery, even so, today there is another great evil that divides the country…abortion. Back then, a whole race of Americans was viewed as inferior, less than human, chattel to be used at another’s whim and will; even so today, there is a group of Americans who are shamelessly treated as “things” to be owned, to be disposed of…unborn children. 
            The parallels continue: Back then, by a majority decision of 7-2 in the infamous Dred Scott case (which had it’s beginnings in St. Louis), the Supreme Court ruled against all those of African descent; even so, in 1973, by a majority of 7-2, the Supreme Court overturned the pro-life laws of all fifty states and declared that the humans in the womb were no better than slaves, living and dying at the discretion of another. Back then the compassionless clichĂ© was, “Don’t want a slave? Don’t own one.”  Today we say, “Don’t like abortion? Don’t have one.”
            Sadly, it took a Civil War to bring the horrid institution of slavery to an end; a war fueled by the preaching of righteousness and the dissemination of the truth that “all” men are truly created equal. And today, another war is brewing and has begun as we and many stand in the gap, being witnesses of the atrocities, and proclaiming on the airwaves the reality of these horrid acts; and very soon we will have the opportunity to bring this message, this truth, into the living rooms of many. 
            This month is the 56th anniversary of a brutal, unthinkable act. Emmett Till was a young African-American boy from Chicago who was violently murdered in Mississippi while on vacation. His funeral service was to be closed casket because his face was so disfigured, but his mother insisted the casket be opened so that the world could see what had happened to her son.
            Over four days, thousands of people saw Emmett’s body. Many more African-Americans across the country, who might not have otherwise heard of the case, were shocked by the pictures of him. These pictures moved them in a way like nothing else had. Black preachers were demanding that “something be done in Mississippi now!”
            Showing what’s in the casket is exactly what we do outside these abortion mills…and we are hated for it. Our message: If the truth of what happens to a person through abortion is so horrible, then why are we allowing it to happen?
            At first, local whites as well as blacks were horrified by the crime. Newspapers and white officials reported that all “decent” people were disgusted with the murder and proclaimed that “justice would be done”. That same attitude from our leaders and churches needs to be embodied now. It needs to be preached from the pulpits and driven into the streets where battles are won. We have no more excuse for calling unborn children “non-human” today than our forefathers did for calling blacks “non-human” then.
            Elie Wiesel, survivor of the holocaust, wrote: “What harms the victim most is not the cruelty of the oppressor, but the silence of the bystander.”
            In Emmett Till‘s mother, Mamie Bradley‘s words: “Two months ago I had a nice apartment in Chicago.  I had a good job. I had a son. When something happened to the Negroes in the South, I said, ‘That’s their business, not mine.’ Now I know how wrong I was. The murder of my son has shown me that what happens to any of us, anywhere in the world, had better be the business of us all.”
            We can no longer stand by and say, “It’s not our problem.” I ask you; are we not our brother’s keeper?  If the horrible “seen” injustice done to Emmett Till moved a nation to action, should not the unspeakable violence done to the most vulnerable Americans--the children in the womb--move “us” to action?
            There must be a crisis of the conscience. Only after seeing abortion for what it really is will we understand the controversy and end this horrible injustice. We must never, never be silent on atrocities that we find disgusting to view.”