Friday, December 24, 2010

"Thank You for making our Christmas a better one and all the times you have helped me..."

       Only two days before Christmas and a distraught new mother left a message of despair on our phone. She had recently given birth to a baby boy and had nothing for him or his other siblings under a "Charlie Brown" Christmas tree. We phoned her back and found out that she had contacted other agencies and was too late to receive any toys or help with gifts for her children.  She was in need of basic baby supplies and some food for Christmas. It was getting late, but we would call her in the morning. Yes, we were busy preparing for last minute Christmas plans and family arriving to spend the holiday with us.
       By morning, we prayed and the other kids agreed that we could still get everything done and go where there is a need. Half of our team went shopping; the other half wrapped and baked. By late morning, we had everything packed and ready to deliver to this young mother. Our daughter Isabella volunteered to ride along and bless this family with a little Christmas cheer. We drove for a while and met at a halfway point off the highway. To our surprise, she brought the newborn baby for us to view and delight in. "Oh, he is precious." Sound asleep. It was too cold to take him out of his safety seat. Another time we will get to hold him. We then began placing some gifts in her car for under the Christmas tree for her children to enjoy on Christmas morning. With tears in her eyes she thanked us. She told us she had nothing to give them as she had to take off work when she had the baby and lives paycheck to paycheck. "But praise the Lord, at least you have job." She smiled. We gave her a gift card and some baby supplies. She hugged us and we watched her drive off. 
       It was a good feeling to be able to help someone in need who thought there was no hope this Christmas. It is not so much a hand out as it is a hand up. And in doing so they see and feel the love of Jesus at this special time of year. God asks only that we drop whatever we're so busy doing to accept one loving gesture. All it takes is a willingness to let another hand take ours.
       "The only gift is a portion of thyself."- Ralph Waldo Emerson
       Be encouraged ~Angela

Monday, December 13, 2010

"Blessings come in small packages"

       She turned the corner, and from a distance  we could see a small child in her arms. "I saw the van; I knew you'd be there." As she approached us, I remembered this face. "Oh my gosh, it's Brittney!" I exclaimed. I looked at the baby she was holding and asked, "Is this the baby girl?" "Yes, her name is Cassie." I asked if I could hold her. "Yes Ma'am," Brittney said, and I smiled as she looked into my eyes welling up with tears of joy. Brittney's were as well. "My goodness, you're so beautiful and such a big girl." She closed her eyes and rested against my chest, and I told Brittney, "She's so precious. And to think where she almost ended up. God is good."
       I then explained to our photographer that when we first met this little angel, she was approx 18 weeks pregnant and inside Hope Clinic preparing for the two day abortion. Brittney's mom came out, and Daniel convinced her to go back inside and bring this pregnant daughter out to us so we could save the baby. He offered to reimburse them the cost of the ultrasound fee the abortion mill had already charged them. A few minutes later, the mother and daughter came back out and into our van where we were able to view little Cassie where she was auditioning for her life. We convinced them not to kill her and took action. Daniel set up her physician appointment and took them to our staff obstetrician to reassure them the baby was okay from the prepping of her scheduled  abortion. We continued to support her and made sure she got to her doctor appointments and had clothing and much needed baby supplies.
       This past 40 Days for Life campaign, her mother even came back and spoke on behalf of how effective being outside the abortion mill with help and the right people was in her life. Her granddaughter was saved in the ultrasound van and about to make her arrival. "She is a blessing Brittney. Do you ever regret keeping her?" She replied, "No ma'am! She is my life. I can't imagine the world without my little Cassie. I can't thank you and Daniel enough for all your love and help. You got us through a difficult time in my life. I will always tell her how you saved her." With that I hugged her. "Please keep in touch if there's anything we can do to help." One more long hug and we handed her back to her mommy and they walked to their car.
       Thank you Jesus! Every time we are blessed to see the fruits of our labors, we know we are doing the right thing in being that voice for those without one. "How blessed is he who cares for the helpless." Psalms 41:1

Sunday, December 12, 2010

"Thank you for your service, your ministry, and your dedication; we had no idea..."

"An evening of HOPE!" and this was just one of the many positive comments from the audience for this evening's event. We were invited to come speak on behalf of our ministry and pro-life at Holy Childhood Church and School where a large gathering of parents, children, and youth was underway. Monsignor Hartlien and committee members welcomed us as we were seated at the head table. We were treated to festive surroundings and a delicious Christmas potluck dinner. AWESOME! It was hot and I didn't have to cook!  We quickly set up our ultrasound van for small group tours and eventually after our speech, we planned on viewing an ultrasound on an expectant mother for all to see. We brought some of our children and our most recent saved and adopted baby. "Ooohhs" and "ahhs" could be heard. We handed out literature, factual stats, and took many questions after our talk. Many were unknowledgeable on abortion, let alone the abortion mill in Granite City. We spoke in detail about our dedication, what got us involved, and that, "In order to save lives you can't just say you're pro-life; you have to do pro-life. We go to where children are being murdered daily. We are the frontlines on the battle and the last lines of defense. We are the Red Cross in a war zone."
        We spoke of our successes, victories, and adoptions. Many did not know that the only prerequisite in gaining employment at Hope Clinic is that you had to of undergone an abortion at least once. Also that in Illinois, "We are known as the dumping ground for underage abortion and a child predator's paradise, as no parental consent is needed as long as the pregnant girl has a ride home. We have witnessed girls as young as nine years old undergo an abortion in Granite City. Many parents' rights have been trumped due to the lack of enforcement of parental notification. It's the law; it has been on the books since 1995. Hope Clinic thinks it makes better parents than you, the ones footing the bills for your underage minor."
       After our Q&A session, we were whisked out into the ultrasound van where we performed an ultrasound on a willing participant. Small groups of the audience kept coming inside to view. "WOW! That's amazing! Thank you for your inspiring ministry," were more complimentary comments. We gave God the glory in all this. Fr. Abraham came inside the van and was so impressed with our work. He kept saying, "This is amazing! I've never seen anything like this." I asked where he was originally from and he replied, "Nigeria." I then told Fr. Abraham that in his native country, if a woman tried to get an abortion or killed her child, the village leaders and officials would, "Stone her to death." He agreed whole heartedly. "Yes, abortion is not allowed in our country," he added.     
       After the last group of  participants visited the womb service van, we returned back inside the hall to a reception line where we were hugged and thanked by a lot of attendees, and where the committee leaders blessed our ministry with generous financial donations and baby supplies. Several asked for our contact information to speak at other pro-life events and churches and we obliged. This evening's celebration of LIFE was well received and good seed was sown. "But the seed on good soil stands for those with a noble and good heart, who hear the word, retain it, and by persevering produce a crop." Luke 8:15 

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Another One Bites the Dust!

Hope Clinic Director of Nurses...QUITS!
 “Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them.”
Ephesians 5:11
November 6, 2010

            Praise the Lord, the “Name Them and Shame Them” tour has exposed another worker of iniquity inside this slaughterhouse. We have been praying for years for this young man since we first laid eyes on him at the tender age of 17. Ryan Goskie, a Granite City home-towner and former Catholic altar boy, began volunteering at this abortion mill as a deathscort and was being groomed by former long time education director and assistant counselor, Allison Hile, until her firing three years ago. Ryan was the only male employee inside Hope Clinic surgical abortion center other than the abortionist.
            Recently he has been sighted at the St .Clair County Regional Educational offices in Illinois. During the past few weeks we have been asking the public to please pray for him. We posted a sign on our ultrasound van with this request in front of the abortion mill where he worked killing babies. In the past he has boasted of his ability to train residents over in St. Louis at the Barnes Jewish Washington University School of Medicine on how to dismember little babies in the womb. We have held several prayer vigils witnessing to the public--and the hospital--of this abomination concerning medical residents having to train to do abortions at this hospital and teaching institution.
            Reportedly, Ryan has taken a position at a local hospital, hopefully saving lives rather than taking lives. “Lord, create in Ryan a new heart. Guide his hands to save and preserve all life. We pray for the medical community and workers of iniquity. Lord, may they cease to do evil, learn to do good, seek justice for the oppressed, and defend the fatherless. God, help us to appreciate the wonder and beauty of Your creation, realizing that they too have a purpose and a destiny. In Jesus’ Name we pray, Amen.”     
            “And if a wicked man turns away from his wickedness and does what is just and right, he will live by doing so.” Ezekiel 33:19

Monday, November 1, 2010

Abuse of Power in Granite City

October 30, 2010
“The greater the power, the more dangerous the abuse.” ~Edmund Burke 
Meet the Hope Abortion Mill Meter-Maid
Lance Reynolds
 Now meet home-schooling mom and prayer warrior Christa Owens and some of her six children.
She looks pretty dangerous doesn’t she?
            She is so dangerous that Granite City Police Officer Reynolds decided to embark with lights flashing in full pursuit of Mrs. Owens (who had just left the abortion mill) to give her a $20.00 parking ticket for being parked halfway in the yellow area. This was all very upsetting to her young children. When faithful pro-lifer Stan came to her aid, meter-maid Reynolds threatened to arrest him for jaywalking and ordered Stan to stay on the curb. This campaign of intimidation and writing $120.00-$750.00 tickets against the Small Victories Ultrasound Van and their peaceful supporters is outrageous.
            This past Tuesday, the Ultrasound Van was parked 80% within the parking zone. Only four minutes after parking, Hope abortion mill employee Ryan Goskie summoned the Granite City Police. Meter-maid Reynolds pulled alongside the van and began writing another outrageously priced parking ticket. When the Small Victories director attempted to back the van up another foot, meter-maid Reynolds sprang from his car, thrust open the ultrasound van door, grabbed her arm, and threatened to have the van towed. We explained, “We’re not going anywhere; we’re backing up.” There were witnesses to this account and they, too, thought this was over-kill. And this meter-maid has been issued a firearm?! God help us!
Isaiah 1. Woe to this once great city, it has now become a desolate town full of innocent blood and injustice. Its officials rule as roaring lions and take no correction. They oppress the righteous and take bribes. They deprive the poor and innocent of justice. They call evil good and good evil. Its inhabitants have become slaves to complacency and have fallen under a curse of what is evil. The shepherds are leading their flocks astray and their foes have become their masters.
When God’s remnant stands against evil and is making huge inroads by saving hundreds of babies and taking innocent blood away from Satan, they are a target. The devil will come hard after you for righteousness’ sake and you will be persecuted. In the past two years of our 18 year daily ministry on the streets of the City of Slaughter, we have seen hundreds of babies saved and adopted; we have seen conversions of employees, moms, and dads from this abortion mill. On a typical Saturday, Hope abortion mill would kill approximately 45-60 babies. This past Saturday we witnessed the killings of 15 babies and the saving of five babies scheduled to be slaughtered, including a set of twins. God is rejoicing and the devil is angry. Our prayers and daily witness have been powerful.   
  The ultrasound van is being targeted as it has been a source of truth to the abortion-bound mothers and their accomplices. It was so effective that this past Saturday, a Hispanic couple pulled onto the abortion mill lot and listened to us as we called over, “No aborto, no aborto.” They looked over at the Special Forces with the free help sign and came inside. Little did we know that all HELL would break loose as the portly male deathscort would pursue them and actually attempted to break into our ultrasound van where we were performing an ultrasound. Alleluia! We were able to view a set of 8 week old twins as the prayer warriors used their bodies to block the deathscorts from grabbing the door handle and entering our pregnancy van. “This is private property; you have no right to go inside,” they told the deathscorts.
The devil was fuming. Yet, this shows you the arrogance of those who love death.  The abortion mill brazenly thinks it can walk right inside our life-saving van without a thought to the contrary, whereas if a pro-lifer walked up to the slaughterhouse doors and attempted to go inside they would be arrested on the spot, hauled off by local Gestapo, and sitting in a cell at the “Granite City Hanoi Hilton.” You see, there is a double-standard in this City of Slaughter where injustice reigns;For,instead of "protecting and serving" equally,local law enforcement, through harassment and intimidation, has chosen to side with the abortion mill against our ministry and anyone who would dare stand with us in the cause of saving the innocent.Understand,the abortion mill brings a lot of bloody revenue into this deplorable town. Not the steel mill, but the baby killing mill keeps this city afloat financially. It’s called “blood-money.”
            Just last week during the Fall 40 Days for Life campaign, Christa and her children were praying on the front sidewalk when a young girl came back out of the abortion mill and decided to keep her baby. She came into Christa’s arms for a loving embrace and heard words of encouragement and thankfulness from this precious prayer warrior and her dear children. BAM! Little did Christa know then, but she instantly became a target of the devil. She just helped save a life.Like so many, she didn’t stay at home or in her comfortable office and fight the battle for little boys and girls destined to be slaughtered from her lazy-boy; she was with us in the trenches. That makes one dangerous in the fight for life, good versus evil. We should all be living that dangerously: living in such a way that through love and commitment and simply "being there",we are a threat to Satan and his kingdom of evil.Until that final day when we hear, “Well done my good and faithful servant.”  Keep praying for a conversion of hearts, especially Officer Reynolds’ and those who take part in killing babies; but until that final day, we will see you at the gates.

            Be encouraged ~Angela 

Monday, October 25, 2010

"I'm tough. I'm not a huggy person; it takes a lot to make me cry..."

SATURDAY, October 23, 2010
      In today's intention: May we absorb the truth that GOD IS PAYING ATTENTION to us, and to each human life, individually and personally. Candy and her sister Tiffany pulled onto the adjacent parking lot to the abortion mill; deathscorts and Mary and the youth group followed. I urged Donna to join them. Then God said, "It's okay; go on over." The deathscorts were at bay as God allowed a divine appointment with the facade of a hardened woman. Deathscorts tried to interrupt us, but we had protection. "Just give us ten minutes." Candy replied, "I'll have you know my mind's made up; I'm tough,.." but she agreed to come inside the ultrasound van. She had to walk through the groups of prayer warriors who were signaled to "pray harder" at the possibility that we may save a baby scheduled to die this day.
      Once inside, she kept up the front of being a self-made woman, making it on her own, raising two daughters already, and no man in sight; the government is not the "daddy" as most are, plus she is holding down a job. "Let's see how far along you are." "I already know," she said as she lay prone, twelve weeks. We scanned. There, an approx 12.3 week old baby appeared with his hand up by his mouth. "We may have a thumbsucker." "Thumb-sucking is not allowed," she answered.
       Donna talked about Jesus and His plan. Candy told her, "I believe in God, but science also." "I don't see any gills on this one," I replied. "Look! He is dancing." They focused on the screen. It seemed like we talked forever. At one point, Candy told us she was abused and victimized for most of her life. "I'm tired of struggling." "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. It empowers you to be a strong woman. Nothing in life worth having comes easy," we told her. "You don't have to be a victim; you can be a victor, an overcomer."
       She heard the heartbeats, 142 per minute; our guestimation was "a boy" but will be confirmed with her physician. We went over resources and mentors we could help with. "Just ask," we told her. She then began opening up a little and shared how she has no support, and never did, from her family and didn't depend on anyone. She doesn't trust anyone, especially after the abuse she and her daughters have been through with a former husband, which would explain why she doesn't like hugs. "It's okay Candy. I've been there; I know how it feels to survive that kind of abuse. That is why you don't like touching. I understand." We were exacerbated, running out of words. I asked her, "After seeing your little boy, are you still going to go in there and go through with his execution?" Her face was poker straight, and she asked, "Why do you say it that way?" "Because it's the truth of what the abortion mill is going to do to your child. He doesn't get a trial or jury; he won't get any pain medication, but you will." The van was quiet. When our words failed, "Let's pray," and we did.
      I then looked up and said, "I've done all I can do inside here. What are we going to do?" She began sitting up, and for the first time I noticed tears in her eyes.Tears! They fell to her cheeks. She softly announced, "Well, I won't be going in there." I sat next to her as she wiped the tears, and I patted her leg, "It's okay." We took a few breaths. "I know you are not a huggy person, so I won't hug you, but could I please buy you breakfast?" We then exited the van. As I extended my hand out to her,and helped her down the steps, she grabbed it and asked my name again. "Angela," I answered. She replied, "Thank you Miss Angela. Yes, I will accept breakfast."
       As we walked through the prayer warriors, I handed her some money to buy breakfast and explained where McDonald's was located. We made sure she and her sister got to their car unscathed; the deathscorts had gone by now and the troublemakers silenced their mouths from screaming. God was in control. I thanked her sister Tiffany for all of her help and support. "Call me, Candy. Be careful on your way back home." She smiled and got in the car. I returned to the sidewalk and felt a mountain lifted from our shoulders as they pulled off the lot. That was a hard one. We prayed again thanking God for allowing our hands to reveal the handiwork of God that lay nestled in this abortion-bound mother's womb. We also prayed for what appeared to be a hardened mother's heart, to be softened after listening to God's plan for her life and how much He loved her. Oh, how God cares for life and calls His people to to give of their time to appreciate, to care, to protect, and to love. Guide our hearts, Lord. In Jesus' Name we pray. ~Angela

Friday, October 1, 2010

"I'm 30 weeks pregnant. I didn't know you guys would be out here or you could help me..."

TUESDAY, September 28, 2010

Little children, let us love, not in word or speech, but in truth and action." 1 John 3:18

     Thank you Jesus! It was midnight abortions; abortionist Erin King had arrived early. As the abortion-bound mothers walked quickly up to the purple doors, it was so obvious they were advanced in their pregnancies as their swollen bellies were hanging over the lip of their pants. We pleaded mercy and offered other options. Cars were driving by; many cursing us this day. We knew we were on target with the devil.
        We had just confirmed our third save for the evening when the two college girls from St. Louis University came back out and looked over at us. God was answering prayers. We met them in the alley; the passenger was in tears as she told us her situation. We tried to soothe her and dry her tears as her friend  looked on. Her name was "Hannah." "That's our daughter's name!" We briefly shared her testimony; they smiled. "We would be willing to adopt another baby in order to help you out and save this precious one's life." She looked at me with tears and said, "I' m 30 weeks pregnant. I didn't know there would be anyone out here that would help us or that cared." "Did they show you your baby?" I asked. She handed me a paper. On it was the typical view mothers only get, that is the measurement of the crown  part of the baby's head, "So they know how long it will take to kill your baby and how much to charge. We could show you your baby if you like?" She looked at her friend, "We really don't have time. I just want to get out of this place." We handed her our brochure,  pointed out resources, and quickly prayed with her. She promised to call us.
      As they drove off the lot, we gathered in prayer.We remembered today's 40 Days for Life intention: "May we have a heart and a zeal to save the poor and release the oppressed." Just then Andrea, a recovering addict we spoke to earlier, came out for a cigarette break. She had shared with me her plight. She was in rehab; this was baby number 4. She prayed to God to give her peace and to let this one in her womb come back to her another time as she was trying to get her life back on track. I pleaded with her and said that, "Our God is a loving God; a God of mercy and grace. But God hates the shedding of innocent blood. That baby is innocent. There are other options such as adoption." I shared about the post-abortive depression many women have gone through after their abortions, but Andrea was willing to take this risk. "I'm not here to judge you; that is up to God. But as His messenger, I'm offering you another way out, no matter the circumstances."
       The abortion mill workers were eyeballing us and getting irritated. Finally, the guard came over and scolded Andrea that the staff has called her twice upstairs. 'There is still time to change your mind. God loves your baby, and He wants the best for both of you. Who knows what this child can grow up to be? He is full of endless possibilities. All he needs is a chance." She hugged me and whispered, "Thank you for caring. I will think about it and I will take your literature." With that, she walked back inside.

       We prayed once more, "Lord, touch her heart. Let that innocent baby stir in her womb. In today's prayer You empower Your spirit to do Your will on earth. Send us the poorest, the most broken, the most captive, the most blind, and the most oppressed in the world: the innocent pre-born children in their mothers' wombs that are scheduled for destruction. Help us to bring them healing, liberty, sight, and justice through Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen."

Monday, September 27, 2010

"WE SHALL OVERCOME" Small Victories marches with Alveda King

     Under beautiful, crisp autumn skies we gathered at the steps of Blessed Sacrament Cathedral in Springfield, Illinois along with Bishop Paprocki and Alveda King, niece of slain civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr., to stand against evil and march for life. We held onto our sign: "Babies are a blessing" and pushed our stroller for LIFE.

Abortion Protesters March to Springfield Planned Parenthood
by Molly Beck
The State Journal-Register        
Singing “We Shall Overcome,” hundreds of people marched through the streets of downtown Springfield Friday afternoon led by an heir to the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr.- not for race relations, but to protest what the walkers said they see as the U.S.’s foremost civil rights infringement: abortion.
            Alveda King, a niece of the slain civil rights leader and an anti-abortion activist, spent her second day in Springfield with Bishop Thomas John Paprocki at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception. They asked about 400 people in attendance to help efforts to curtail abortions in the United States.
            “Will you be able to say that you defended life?” King asked during a prayer service Paprocki held at the cathedral. “Let our dream that every man, every woman, every girl…that we do all we can.”
            Paprocki’s ecumenical service promoted a peaceful march to Planned Parenthood’s health clinic at 1000 E. Washington St. Marchers included groups from area parochial schools.
            Charlie Brown, 17, one of four Sacred Heart-Griffin students asked to participate in the service, read a quote from Martin Luther King asking for those in attendance to be concerned with “the nonviolent affirmation of the sacredness of all human life.”
            Brown, who is black, said the significance of the day’s event for him was the promotion of anti-abortion efforts, not Alveda King’s appearance.
            King, who lives in Atlanta, GA, spoke about her uncle’s, father’s, and grandfather’s work as pastors and said she knew they would support her years of work to end abortion.
            On Thursday, Planned Parenthood released a statement saying King is using her uncle’s name to “further her position in the anti-abortion movement to the detriment of the health and well-being of women.”
            The walkers headed out on foot about 2 p.m., going east on Lawrence Avenue and Cook Street, north on 11th Street, and then west on Washington Street. The group, some holding signs, settled in front of the clinic with a black pickup truck as home base.
            Paprocki and King addressed the crowd again, asking Planned Parenthood to “bear witness to the truth” and offer women who seek their services the option of seeing an ultrasound.
            “You say you want to give (patients) a clear choice- let them see their babies,” Paprocki said.
            Pam Sutherland, vice president for public policy for Planned Parenthood of Illinois, responded that the organization does just that.
            “It just shows how clueless the bishop is and Alveda King is about medical services that we provide,” she said. “Any patient who is considering abortion gets an ultrasound, and we ask if they would like to see it.
            “I ask (Paprocki) to work with us to help reduce the need for abortion by making sure women have access to comprehensive birth control,” she said.
            Sutherland said she also was concerned that Springfield police hadn’t notified clinic officials in advance of the rally, which blocked traffic to the Planned Parenthood building.
            “Ninety percent of our services are general health-care services, so I find it interesting that (protesters) would want to protest and block access to our patients,” Sutherland said. “They blocked women from getting good health care services today.”
            Police deputy chief of criminal investigations Cliff Buscher said police are not obligated to notify businesses of protest marches, but to provide traffic control.
     Blogger's noteIf Ms. Sutherland's ultrasound practices are anything comparable to Hope abortion mill in Granite City, they ONLY show the mother the crown of the unborn baby's head in order to calculate how much to charge for the abortion and how many days it will take to kill the baby. They don't show little fingers, toes, or a profile view so the abortion-bound mother doesn't see the humanity and fall in love with her unborn baby and walk out. Also, abortion is not "health care;" it's the deliberate, violent destruction of a human being. It's the most unnatural act of a woman's reproductive and mental health. Go to your local courthouses where abortion mills exist and look up all the lawsuits filed against the facility or the abortionist. Safe & legal?

Thursday, September 23, 2010

"I didn't know people would be out here..."

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Over 100 imported foot soldiers made the pilgrimage to the City of Slaughter to stand in the gap for the least of these. Not one local church out of the approx 78 dormant Granite City churches stood against the stronghold in their own backyard. The marquee outside the abortion mill should read: “This abortion mill stays open by permission of the local 78 churches.” Pastor Todd Griener, along with several other pastors in attendance, led the charge. We opened in prayer and quickly surrounded this deathcamp with bodies singing God’s praises. Many cars gave us honks of support as they drove by. The celestial voices of God’s people soon filled the air.
            Just then, I looked up in time to see two young women walking back to their car parked by the rosary tree. God told me what to speak to them as the passenger looked at me with tears in her eyes. I then opened my arms where she ran into them with her friend soon following. The church group looked on; some came over to help me comfort this girl. We brought her into the ultrasound van where the first words out of her mouth were confirmation, “I didn’t know there would be people out here.” Thank you God! I quickly scanned. There, to her surprise, we viewed an approx 12 week old baby auditioning for his life on the screen. She said “I knew it was wrong once I walked inside.” She was convicted.
            A Jericho March ensued on the sidewalks surrounding these gates as we rescued and saved this precious baby inside our van. We went over resources and listened to her plight. Her friend commented, “You all are angels. We didn’t know there were people like you out here.” She then added, “I plan on thanking God at church tomorrow.” After listening to our counsel, they were relieved and at peace. We came out of the van and into the prayer circle of the various church groups waiting to lay hands on this pregnant girl and pray for her situation. Pastor Todd led in prayers. We then took up a generous love offering to help them, and handed them a gift bag full of baby supplies. They hugged and thanked most everyone as we walked them to their car and watched them drive off.
            The rosary warriors witnessed all this and were very encouraged. We stayed behind on the sidewalks surrounding the deathcamp as Pastor Todd led the proclaimers over to the main thoroughfare in the City of Slaughter to hopefully wake the inhabitants and the shepherds in this deplorable town up to the abomination they co-exist with. 

            Anyone can scream scriptures, but it is what is in your hearts that determines life or death. Matthew 23:33 “You snakes! You brood of vipers!” Does standing outside an abortion mill where children are scheduled to die do any good? Just ask Lindsey, one of today’s saves; or the over 3700 babies that have been spared through our efforts and daily vigil over the past 18 years of faithfulness. Matthew 21:16 “From the lips of children and infants you have ordained praise.” Saving babies from the jaws of death is easy; finding the RIGHT people to do it, now that’s hard.
"For it is God who is at work in you, enabling you both to will and to work for His good pleasure"Phillipians 2:13 Throughout our daily toils, God blesses the work of our hands, inspiring them to do good, spread love, to lift up, and to help out.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

"One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish..."

THURSDAY, September 2, 2010-- Dr. Seuss wrote that. I think of this ditty as I'm changing the water in our youngest daughter's pet fish, Ruby & Nemo, bowls. Unfortunately, in our family  I'm the zoo-keeper. Dr. Seuss is also credited for the saying: "A person is a person no matter how small."
      We just returned from the abortion mill where earlier this morning we rejoiced with two precious saves including Monica and her friend. I befriended the driver as he went to his car and we had a nice conversation. Eventually he thanked me, even letting me hug him. I am so proud of our military and their service and sacrifice for our country. I was hoping he would go inside and protect and rescue that baby. And look at what God did...all three came out! A pastor from a Granite City Church of God joined hands with us and led in a fervent prayer for this situation. 
     "I didn't do it, but I don't know how I'm gonna do it," the pregnant woman said. She showed me the ultrasound picture the abortion mill gave her, again only the crown of the baby' s head. "The abortion mill won't show you your baby's turned up nose, cute thigh, or kicking feet. You see if they show you that, you might fall in love with your little one. Would you like to see your baby?" "Yes," she replied. All three came inside our ultrasound van. To their delight, they viewed an approx 17.5 week old baby, presumably a boy, auditioning for his life.
     "You're right, Monica. You can't do it by yourself, but with God you can do all things." She broke down; she was trying to put up a tough front and be a good soldier. "We already have one soldier sitting beside us; what is it you need?" "I have seven already," she cried. I asked her, "What are you trying to do, catch up with the Michaels? We have twelve." "You do?" she asked. "Yes ma'am," I responded. She smiled.
     We listened to the strong heartbeats, 140 per minute. I listened to her plight, went over resources we could help with, and shared our youngest daughter's testimony. "You never know what God is going to deal you, but you play your best hand. This is your eighth child. You never know what this child will grow up to be." Tears streamed down her cheek. "I know," she said. I added, "But if this baby does not get a chance, we will never know. It's like baseball...everyone deserves a chance at bat."
     We gathered on the sidewalk where we hugged and they thanked us again for being there and our help. They would keep in touch. The soldier shook my hand. "Thank you for being a hero." He smiled and we watched them drive off.  Psalms 145:4 "One generation shall laud Your works to another, and shall declare Your mighty acts."

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

“Truly I tell you, just as you did it to one of the least of these who are members of My family, you did it to Me.” Matthew 25:40

SATURDAY, AUGUST 28, 2010-- As promised, we arrived early and delivered the new car seat to the ecstatic father. He was on the sidewalk waiting for us. We quickly unloaded signs and set up our vital outreach to the scheduled abortion-bound mothers. James smoked and stood with us, thanking us and asking questions about the abortion mill. Clients began arriving only to be told that they had to wait till the doors opened to kill their babies from previous days. These were the late-term ones waiting.
The new father and mother came across the street in a wheelchair to thank us for the new car seat and all the baby supplies we helped them with. The large prayer group was delighted to have them join us on the sidewalk celebrating new life. The hospital guards then came across the street and informed them that they couldn’t be with us; they had to return to the hospital. I kidded them saying, “We’re so dangerous you know.” They laughed and thanked us before the gestapo took them back in the hospital.
    The rosary group signaled and we noticed the single mother getting out of her car and Franklin the deathscort standing by her car. We walked over and introduced ourselves Franklin interjected by telling her my name and how we have differing opinions on the issue of abortion. I handed her a brochure and told her of how we could help her with other options. I also explained why we are there, our free resources including ultrasound, and how God had a plan for her life and the life of her baby. She had already been tearing up. As they walked onto the property of Hope Clinic, someone from the rosary group asked her to save her baby and I told her there was still time to change her mind. We prayed and continued with our reconnaissance mission.
I thanked him and continued ministering to the clients pulling onto the parking lot. I then noticed the single woman walking back out and followed her to the street. She turned to me and broke down crying, “Everything is gonna be okay.” I asked her if these were tears of joy. She whispered, “Yes ma’am. I can’t do it,” and we hugged. I gave her another brochure and told her to call me. She thanked me and got into her car and drove off.
 A few minutes, later I turned around to view a couple of ladies walking to the car in front of me. The passenger looked at me and said, “I didn’t do it! I didn’t kill my baby!” I opened my arms and she came into them crying and telling me she was 13 weeks pregnant. I handed “Shonna” a brochure and went over resources we can help her with. I then asked her in front of the seminarians and Fr Chris, “What changed your mind?” She responded, “The fact I’m 13 weeks pregnant and all you standing out here.” I turned to Fr Chris and smiled I asked her, “What about the people screaming at you in the alley?” She said, “Oh, that is horrible! It just makes you want to run inside.”She complained she had to pay $138.00 dollars for her ultrasound" " I told you I would do it for free" I said, and added "did they give you a picture?" she showed me a picture of the crown of baby's head.."That is the only view they give mothers, so they know how much to charge for the abortion" we said.. I asked Fr. Chris and the seminarians to pray with these lovely ladies and we did. Fr. Chris blessed them with some breakfast money. Thank you all for helping us, and they drove off the lot.
    If I can throw a single ray of light across the path of another, if I can aid some soul to clearer sight of life and duty and thus bless my brother or sister, if I can wipe from any human cheek a tear, I shall not have lived in vain while here.

It’s a boy! "Snips and snails and puppy dog tails...that's what little boys are made of"

Wednesday, August 25, 2010-- One half of our ministry was keeping watch on the wall in the City of Slaughter where death dwells; the other half was ministering to a young lady who chose to save her baby. We were about to witness an in depth view of her baby. With much anticipation in a darkened room, we held hands and turned to the screen. The technician pointed to several cross sections, and before she said a word, I recognized a feature on this baby. I smiled, and she announced, “It’s a boy!” My heart fluttered.
            The pregnant girl looked over at me to see my reaction. With tears in my eyes, I fell in love once again with this tiny, yet perfect image on the screen. A tear fell from my cheek. “He’s the most beautiful baby,” I softly whispered and squeezed her hand. “Look! He’s waving at us!” I exclaimed as his small hand came closer to the screen. I thought about our first meeting…this little one’s destiny was being contemplated inside the abortion mill. Thank God she came inside our ultrasound van where little lives are saved and hearts changed. Psalms 139:14 "I praise you for I am fearfully and wonderfully made"..

Sunday, August 22, 2010

"Let each of you look not to your own interests, but to the interest of others" Philippians 2:4

Saturday, August 21, 2010--  Now this is what I'm talking about, being in service to others. This precious little baby girl was saved last fall inside our ultrasound van. These are the "fruits of our labors" that we toil and sacrifice for. Praying, educating, exposing, standing, showing the truth, and sharing God's love by being a blessing to others who find themselves in a place they should not be. We are the Lord's army embedded on the frontlines as the LAST HOPE in the battle for LIFE!
      Imported foot soldiers drove over three hours in the wee hours of this morning to join forces with our ministry and peacefully stand, pray, and intercede for the least of these. Throughout the hot and humid morning vigil, we confirmed four precious babies' lives spared through our prayers and efforts. We rejoiced by sharing bread, wine, and fellowship with our kindred spirits.We closed in prayer.
      We rest in the comfort of knowing that the Lord guides our footsteps and destiny. Every time we look into a saved baby's face, we see real HOPE. Proverbs 23:18 "There is surely a future hope for you, and your hope will not be cut off."

Friday the 13th "Over 3,000.00 dollars walked away from this slaughterhouse"

      If you believe in superstitions and the occult I think this is considered a “high day” where bad things happen? Black cats and all that junk…But this was an EXTREMELY good day! By quittin’ time (or day’s end) over $3000.00 walked away from this deathtrap. Praise God!! Our ministry with the help of our Lord took over $3000.00 from the devil’s wallet. Yeah, we’re going to take some hits on this one, but it’s all good!
     Much later in the morning as we were packing up, we witnessed a car pull onto the lot looking for a parking spot. We met them at the edge of the lot and began speaking to them. The passenger accepted our literature. We pointed to a parking space available, but continued offering to help them with another option. I could tell they were uncertain on the scheduled abortion. They went ahead, parked, and got out. We continued speaking on the Lord’s stimulus package and how He works through our ministry. They agreed to come inside for a free ultrasound and BAM! God really began speaking.
   We went over preliminaries and quickly scanned. To their surprise, we viewed an approx 20.5 week old baby girl. Tears welled in her eyes. The father’s heart turned to his daughter auditioning on the screen. “Is that my baby?” he asked. “Yes.” They both began asking me to describe various body parts and functionings. “Look, there’s a foot!” She smiled. We inquired why they felt aborting this baby was the answer, and they proceeded to share their plight: jobless, struggling with one child already…She then turned to the father and said, “It’s not all up to me.” “How about it daddy? What are we going to do?” I asked. He rubbed the back of his neck. “Listen, that baby is over halfway here; all she needs is a little more time. What can we do to help you keep the baby?” He offered, “I want to get into the Air Force. Can she join me?” After smiling up at the heavens and thanking God for wisdom, I offered to put them in touch with military personnel we personally know that could better assure and inform them of the opportunities and benefits in the military. We went over physician follow-up and resources. He then turned to  me and asked, “Why do you want to help us?” “Because God told me to. He gave me my marching orders over 18 years ago to be our brother’s keeper and defend the defenseless. This is my passion, this is my joy: to serve others.”
      It took 55 minutes to save that baby! But God was watching our backs and provided. Alleluia!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

“It’s not a baby right now, and we can put a stop to it before it becomes something...”

     Straight from the pit of hell those words were told to an abortion-bound mother by the abortion recovery room nurse and butcher Ryan Goskie via the toll free abortion mill phone.
     A few minutes earlier, we witnessed the SUV Navigator parked by the fire hydrant. “Kayla” and her friend walked by the large group of rosary warriors and up to the door as we softly pleaded mercy for her unborn baby and offered free help. Kayla was at the door only seconds when she began crying and ran back to the SUV. She got inside and buried her head sobbing. We were able to speak with the driver by the car. The portly deathscorts tried to push their way up to the car; they were held at bay. A few of the brave rosary warriors, including a former grand knight, surrounded us from the deathscorts. It was a battle of life versus death.
     Kayla was a freshman entering college in another city and she felt there was no way she could have a baby on a college campus. Mary, Donna, and Cathy all helped us comfort and listen to the young girl. Her friend tried talking her into motherhood and she showed us a picture of her baby boy. She was a single parent and raising her child while going to school.
     Kayla declined an ultrasound at the time, so we gave her heaven. We spoke on God’s plan and His child. The f.o.b. was not interested in the pregnancy at all and would not pay the requested $900.00 dollars for the abortion. She was 16 weeks pregnant; that’s four months. Ryan, what nursing school did you go to?? If it’s not a baby at four months, what is it Ryan?? Do you see how the abortion mill staff LIES to women? That is why they go after our ultrasound van. It shows what is living inside a woman’s womb. The abortion mill HATES us!
     We offered several options and a strategy for her to finish school and still be a mother. We offered to adopt the baby. “Kayla, there is a reason why you did not go inside and turned and ran back to the car. God is trying to get your attention and He uses His people to do His work. We have several outreaches in the area of that university that will help you while continuing your education. But we are talking about another life here. You’re probably feeling that baby move inside you by now. That is his or her way of telling you, ‘Mommy, I love you. Please let me live.’ That baby will grow up to love and respect you and take care of you when you get older. All your baby needs is a chance.”
     We all took turns speaking and encouraging her. We told her of the many negligence and malpractice lawsuits pending against Hope Clinic because they not only kill babies, but they butcher women. We told her how much money the abortion mill will make off of her baby after they sell its body parts. We asked her if Ryan told her what they do with the dead baby’s body. She said they told her they do research on it. We handed her a body parts price list. She was shocked. “You see, this is all about making money off of a woman’s ‘choice.’ If the abortion clinic really cared about you, they would be doing abortions for free. You don’t see them buying you breakfast or giving you gas money to get back home.”
     Fr. Chris came over and prayed with her. The rosary group was breaking up, but they all kept looking over at us and indicating they were still praying for the situation. It took us two hours, but the Lord prevailed! She was more at peace with her decision. We exchanged contact numbers and gave her much information. She promised to stay in touch and thanked us. We prayed with her before they drove off.
     About this time it was like a cattle call. Late-term mothers were slowly walking to their vehicles. The North Dakota family with their young son in tow came out; she could barely walk due to the painful insertion of the multiple laminarias to dilate her cervix overnight.
     God have mercy…

Saturday, August 7, 2010

“It was your signs and what you said to me that changed my mind.”

August 4, 2010--- Flora and her mother pulled out of the lot and into the alley where I handed her a brochure and told her I could show her a free picture of her unborn baby. She began opening her door. I asked, “You want it right now?” “Yes.” We brought her inside before we were set up, but we worked together fast in the heatwave. Her mother waited in the car as Flora questioned, “Oh my God, is that my baby?” “Yes.” We viewed an approximate 15 week old baby. It appeared to be a girl.  “Were you going inside?” we asked her. “Yes, I was here to kill this baby,” she said. “I had been struggling with this decision, but felt it the best…that is until I saw
your sign. They tear them babies up, and when you offered to help me I told my mother to 'Go on over to that lady.'” Thank you Jesus!   
     We went over physician follow-up and resources we could help her with and she was relieved; she had peace. “I’m glad you were here,” she added as she gave us a hug, got into the car, and drove off.
We then tried talking with a mother who brought her daughter in a Jaguar. We asked her, “You can afford a Jaguar, but you can’t afford a grandchild?” She replied, “God gives us a free will.” We replied, “Yes He does, a free will to do the righteous thing. God also gave us scripture and a commandment that says, ‘Thou shalt not kill’; that He hates the shedding of innocent blood; that babies are made in His image.” We can’t take God’s blessings, throw them back in His face, and say, "No thanks God!" God will not be mocked. Nowadays, everyone does as they see fit, unfortunately...

Friday, August 6, 2010

Prayers answered ! Thank you Jesus!

     "Hot time summer  in the city, back of my neck gettin' dirty and gritty." You know the tune! It felt ten times worse, as if we were walking into a furnace on the sidewalks this past week. Tuesday it was 115 with the heat index, but God made a way. Jess, Helen, Stan, Cathy, Good Peggy, even our intern student nurse stood with us. "We human beings can survive the most difficult of circumstances, if we are not forced to stand alone! " Prayers answered!
      And we enjoyed 3 precious babies' lives being spared and viewed on the ultrasound in this terrible heatwave. One of our precious saves prayed with us and Daniel took a wet cloth to wipe her brow and face as she gave her testimony of how grateful she was to have met us. The couple from Illinois sat in their car for over 45 minutes listening and viewing us praying and pleading for their baby. They drove off the lot giving us confirmation that they were saving their child.
     A Black American woman pulled up to us. As we gazed at her dashboard, we noticed a King James Bible. When we told her, "'Thou shalt not kill' was a commandment, not a suggestion," she told us that God will forgive her, and walked inside.So grace.
     We sought shade when we felt our knees buckling. Stan went on a water run.We were blessed with a few drive by cursings. After a while, most of the clients were inside; no one was coming out for smoke breaks. It was too hot!
     We did it! Three hours into our watch, God made a way for us to endure and persevere for His little ones. And when we returned back home, there was a message. Someone had donated a window unit air conditoner for the Granite City mother who was 6 months pregnant sharing an apartment with another mother who has three toddlers. Thank you saints for all your prayers and the donation of an air conditoner. God is so good!