Wednesday, March 30, 2011

"Spring Called In Sick, But the Messengers Went Forth..."

Saturday, March 26th- What a day! Spring called in sick, so ole’ man winter arrived with a snowstorm just in time for our big speaking engagement. Half of our ministry was arriving outside the abortion mill in Granite City. We headed out for the long drive to our conference in hopefully the “last hurrah” of winter : ). We arrived and tip-toed inside the darkened room as the first speaker had just begun by showing projector clips of their work with pregnancy loss. We remained seated until the speaker had finished. Then, we were quickly greeted by the chairpersons and Pastor who was putting the event on this day. They called a short break while we quickly set up for our speech; we were next. The room was full of many faces and various informative booths. We recognized a few familiar faces and smiled. It was show time. Pastor gave us a gracious introduction and went over our ministry biography handout. He then turned the microphone to me.
            We began by thanking the host, committee, and pastor for inviting us to speak. We thanked everyone for coming, especially in the inclimate weather. It was about that time. I looked at the windows and the big snowflakes were coming down heavy. We went into the history of our ministry and what brought me to the Midwest, my background and education, how we and our large family started in the pro-life movement, my volunteer work, and what motivated me outside the abortion mill in Granite City over 18 years ago.
            “I volunteered at a local pregnancy center. The problem was a valuable lesson. We unfortunately were not seeing a lot of clients. We barely did a pregnancy test. Once in a while we handed out some diapers. These women were not seeking abortion. The only time we were called was for fundraising. So I went to where women were killing their babies: the Midwest’s largest late-term abortion mill dubiously titled Hope Clinic.”
            I told them of my relationship with the chief abortionist and how shocked I was to learn of his fall into the dark side of this so-called “medical field.” We went over the history and daily operations of this abortion mill. I filled them in on: the baby body parts industry and how our ministry exposed that atrocity; the criminal activity inside this abortion mill unreported unless our ministry pursues; the underage abortion abyss and all the national stories we have provided by exposure. Hands were going up in the audience. I went ahead and took a few questions, but tried to persuade the audience to wait until our Q and A session after our speeches.
            I gave them statistics and we went over the legislation and political aspects of abortion. We told them how there were no resources in this town to help these pregnant women on the spot, and so we turned our family van into a pregnancy mobile unit and eventually advanced to an ultrasound van. “By being a Window to the Womb we can show a mother the humanity growing inside her womb. Once they see the heart beating or fingers and toes, the love story begins. Our motto is, ‘We do whatever it takes to save that unborn baby,' such as driving our "Special Forces" ultrasound van through East St. Louis to provide transportation to a pregnant girl for her prenatal visits; or being the birthcoach for a middle of the night delivery of a saved baby; or helping pay rent and ultility bills."
            This led into the heartfelt testimonies of our youngest children we recently rescued, saved, and adopted from this abortion mill. “We have thirteen children who all pitched in at one time or another to help us raise our family and run this ministry. Many babies have been saved and hearts touched due to our diligence and perseverance outside this abortion facility. We have enjoyed many employee and client conversions. We are to be Jesus to the lost and needy, not scream Jesus at them."
            We touched on the importance of the 40 Days for Life campaigns we have led and their results. One woman in attendance stood up and gave her personal testimony and experience of being at the abortion clinic with our ministry; it was very positive. She referred to us as warriors on the frontlines bravely intervening and saving lives right in front of her. She recommended for others to come join us.
            We pointed out to the audience how precious and full of endless possibilities each person in this room is and we express this to each abortion-minded mother as she approaches the entrance; we prayerfully and softly let her know how precious her life and her unborn baby’s life are to God. The pastor who hosted our engagement shared his personal testimony of having been adopted and went on to become a pastor who honors the sanctity of life. In between each speaker this day, the pastor expressed what I called, “Little nuggets of wisdom,” honoring life along his life’s journey. In our speech we pointed that out and how endearing his testimony and faith is, especially today. We then pointed to different individuals in the audience and asked, “Where would the world be without Pastor or Angela had our mothers aborted us? Would we be having this event? Can you imagine there would be no one outside the Granite City abortion mill with the ultrasound van saving babies for the past 18 years? ‘Every baby born is full of endless possibilities,’ is what we try and communicate to the abortion- minded mothers.
            We then darkened the lights and viewed a video showcasing our ministry outside this abortion mill. Applause was given when the lights came back on. In closing, we shared a praise report and testimony of how God continues to have His hand on our ministry and our personal lives. It brought tears to some eyes. We broke for a delicious luncheon and entertained with  praise and worship musicians and came back for a short Q and A period with Pastor fielding questions from the audience. We seemed to be getting more of the questions. The other two speakers at different times took some questions, but then turned to Pastor and said they had a question for Angela. Both speakers’ questions were very positive and complimentary. The audience was in awe of how we look so young and how we manage such a large family. The doctor asked if I was 5 when I began having children. Ha! Laughter roared from the audience. The other speaker commented how all week long the media has been all over the now deceased Liz Taylor and her beauty. She said, “Liz Taylor has nothing on this gorgeous speaker and mother of thirteen.” More applause and laughter from the audience. I was blushing at this point.
            It was really snowing pretty well by the looks of things from the windows. We thanked everyone for their hospitality and graciousness. Several attendees asked for us to pose for a picture with them; we then did a group pose with chairpersons, the host, and other speakers this day. We were unexpectedly presented with a nice donation from the committee president. More people from the audience asked if they could get involved and help us with baby supplies or other needs. We gladly accepted. We exchanged our contact information with others who wanted to help us and keep in touch as we packed our things up and made our way into the snow covered parking lot.
          We cautiously drove back home. Along the way, we stopped to help a young girl who slid off the highway. We finally got back home to our family where they were anticipating getting out to play in this white stuff. We made snowballs to our youngest daughter's delight, and gingerly placed them in our freezer for those hot sultry days in July to remind us of the blessings of winter: As each snowflake is wonderfully made, no two are alike. Even snowballs have a purpose. Just like babies, they are fearfully and wonderfully made.

Friday, March 18, 2011

"Holy Cow.. We Were Treated Like Rock Stars!" To God be the Glory!

      "But by the grace of God I am what I am, and His grace toward me has not been in vain." 1 Corinthians 15:10. It was another quest, another great opportunity to witness to area pastors, youth, and youth leaders. After a long morning of witnessing to the lost and abortion-minded mothers in Granite City, where four precious babies were rescued and saved, we headed out to our evening speaking engagement. With very little rest we arrived to a parking lot full of cars. Once inside, it was spiritual chaos! Kids were everywhere with a peppering of adults. We looked for people with tags. BAM! Found one. A young male with a walkie talkie radioed that we were there. Two other escorts arrived to carry our things and lead us through the throngs of kids. : ) It was beautiful sight. As we passed the group of youth, one young female voice said, "Oh my Gosh..that's her, that's her." Kids started turning and looking as we being led to the "green room". One young male stepped out in front of us and said, "You're Angela Michael," and held his hand out for me to shake. "We just watched your video. I think what you do is awesome."
       They rushed us inside to a waiting room full of beverages, light snacks, and a comfortable seating area. It was the waiting area by the stage where we could hear Christian rock music being played. We met the host and leaders of tonight's event. They were very gracious. The next thing we realized was that it was showtime; we were being ushered to the main stage. We walked onto a dimly lit stage with a spotlight following us waving to the crowds' cheers and applause as we went up and made our way to the center when they announced our ministry. We didn't waste any time and thanked our host and the Lord for making this all happen.     
       We gave a brief overall view of how the Lord called us to the streets to save babies and their mothers, and for the past 18 1/2 years we have answered the call. We shared our praise reports from today's witnessing outside the abortion mill. (Applause). We touched lightly on our B.C. beginnings: how God had His hand on us and we didn't even know it, but He was there by our side guiding us even before we accepted Him as our Lord and Savior. We told them of our successes, shared how to save a life, and how many we have helped to adopt. (Applause.)
       We then gave them a challenge: "You know years ago, it was my stupid generation that created this monster called 'abortion.' I was only a kid back then. I couldn't really do anything about it, but it's your generation (and I pointed to every aisle in the auditorium) that can do something about it!" They started standing up and applauding. "It's you that can take back what the devil has stolen. We need your ideas, your energies, your faith and perseverance... and we can return this nation from a culture of death to a culture of LIFE!" Standing applause.
       It was then that we handed the microphone back to the host, and they blew us away by presenting our ministry with a huge donation to continue saving babies. We gave a heartfelt thank you to the kids and everyone involved. The host then asked us to remain on the stage as he wanted to lay hands on us and asked others, pastors, and leaders to come onstage to lift our ministry up in prayer as they know how fierce the battle is and the enemy is always waging war on our ministry. They prayed on us and over us. They hugged us and thanked us for our work for the Lord and the babies. Many adult leaders and pastors came up to us, thanked us, and asked us to speak to their group. One woman took our information to host a baby shower for our ministry. Praise God! We are always needing supplies.
       We gave our contact information out to many, and many of the kids came up to us and thanked us. The most touching moment was when a youth leader came over and pointed to a young girl, who after seeing our video and listening to us, wanted to, "Be like Angela and follow in her footsteps." She said that God really touched her heart with our ministry, and she wanted to dedicate her life doing what Small Victories does. Praise the Lord! I never knew we could have such an impact on a young person as we did tonight. Thank You Jesus.
       The band began playing as we shook hands and thanked as many as we could standing along the way as we headed out. It felt like being a "rock-star"... forgive me. : )
       Daily I am blessed; and what a difference it makes to say so.
       Be encouraged ~Angela

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Still Sick, But We Still Stood.... Four Precious Babies Rescued And Saved..

Tuesday, March 15th- "Who forgiveth all thine iniquities; who healeth all thy diseases." Psalms 103:3

       With barely a voice, we ventured to the City of Slaughter in Granite City, Illinois. The weather couldn't be more depressing as it was damp, cold, and very dreary. Midnight abortions were underway. We quickly set up and met fellow prayer warriors. We began in prayer and read from the 40 Days for Life devotional, and then stood strategically. Counselors tried softly speaking to the abortion-minded mothers standing in line. They came from Indiana, Kentucky, Texas, Iowa, mostly Missouri, and a few from Illinois. It was cold; we kept moving to stay warm.
       Our first save was from Illinois: a mom and daughter. They came back out and confirmed to us. and thanked us. Then a sullen young man, "Ashton" from Kentucky, came over and spoke to us. He told us the young woman he brought was being forced by her parents to abort this baby. “They would physically beat her if she were to come back home pregnant,” he said. We gave him our literature to try to give her and asked him to tell her that there was another way, and that we were willing to take her in. We then asked the young man if we could pray for him and the young girl. He prayed with us and then thanked us and went back inside. It was so disheartening to see so many moms and daughters going in there, but that's because our society for the past 38 years has been spoon-fed that “abortion on demand” is the cure-all for society’s ails. Sadly, it couldn't be further from the truth.                                                                                                                  While I was inside the ultrasound van showing a young girl her 13 week old baby boy, another girl and her boyfriend walked right up to us on the sidewalk and told us they saved their baby. They took a brochure from us; they were from Missouri.
       The cold, damp air was not helping my voice because I was straining to talk. I had to walk over to the young mom in the alley so she could hear me. “Amanda” came into my arms, and then showed me a picture of an ultrasound of what appeared to be a 6 week old floating in an ocean of amniotic water. I told her, “Congratulations.” She said, “I'm not having the abortion; I’m keeping my baby.” “If there's anything that we can help you with, please don't hesitate to call.” She replied, “I will.” Her mother was not as happy; it showed on her face. I saw them to their car. They had at least a two hour drive back home to Missouri.
       I rejoined the prayer warriors and shared the good news. We kept praying. “Ok, now I'm chilling.” Doctors and nurses make the worst patients; they don't even follow their own advice. I should be at home resting and drinking hot tea and here we are. Hannah-Noelle phoned her daddy to tell us she was having a blast bowling with her big sisters and that she missed her mommy and wished she was with her. "I won't be long honey. Big kiss.” She is a "Momma's girl." Thank goodness, Daniel brought me a hot cup of coffee. It doubles as a hand-warmer. I prefer tea in the afternoon anyways.
       We kept praying. BAM! Another couple from Edwardsville, Illinois we spoke to earlier came back out. The girl was beautiful with long blond hair. The young man  confirmed they kept their baby as they pulled out to Judy, who was thrilled at this point.
       Throughout our vigil, we were entertained with the sounds of crashing concrete and earth movers as the old VFW building we once tried to buy for our maternity center (they were asking $400,000.00 and all the place needed was a match!) was being demolished by a wrecking crew. “Oh,” I thought, “they must not have gotten the memo. It was this structure (pointing to the abortion mill) that needed to be demolished.” We laughed. : )
       "Father, we come to You rejoicing with the precious babies that were spared today, the hearts that were touched, and the lives that will be changed. Lord, we pray for the abortionist, for those that would do harm to our innocent children, and for all those involved in this abortion facility. Prick their conscience and trouble their souls regarding their works of iniquity so that they would seek the truth. It breaks God's heart to see the abortionists and abortion workers in bondage to sin. He is giving them an invitation to meet a Savior and serve a real KING who can set the captives free. You desire that we bring them the message of truth and hope found in Christ. We pray for those in the abortion industry that You would trouble their souls so much that they would cry out in hunger for the truth and freedom that their redemption in You can bring. In Jesus’ name we pray.” ~Angela

Saturday, March 12, 2011

"I Didn't Do It!"...and she ran into the arms of Jesus ...

Saturday, March 12th- My back was turned from her, but I heard a commotion and looked to see her literally running into the arms of the Bound for Life youth group crying and telling them, “Thank you for being here. I didn’t do it!”  I walked over to her and said, “You saved your baby. Praise God!”  “There you are,” she responded and came into my arms.
            Only hours earlier, she pulled onto the parking lot. When I asked them if I could show them a beautiful picture of their baby or help them with adoption, she greeted me with the middle finger. We then disheartenedly noticed the Christian fish pin on their car as they parked. She continued to hiss and spit at us as she stood in line to sign in to kill her baby. “That is a covenant baby you are taking in there.” We didn't give up; we kept praying and working the sidewalks.
            The BFL group’s numbers swelled as we gave an update on another baby that was just saved throughout the busy morning vigil. They smiled and looked more encouraged as they placed the red tape across their mouth. An hour later, Casey came back out with her friend and smoked a cigarette. She kept looking over at me, and I offered to show them a free picture and help them through this emotional time. She asked me, “What is that across their mouths? What are they doing?” I answered, “They are praying for your baby and all the mothers inside this abortion mill.” She flipped her cigarette at me and returned inside.
            Only another hour later would this angry young lady come rushing out into the loving arms of those that represent Jesus. Casey tearfully and angrily told us that her father was forcing her; her mother told Casey that she would not help her raise another baby as she already had a 3 year old at home. “My dad is the biggest hypocrite. He’s a Christian, and he’s forcing me to kill my baby.”  “Where is he now?” I asked her. “He’s inside the abortion clinic getting counseling,” she replied. “Really? Well that is why we are here.”
            I then asked the youth group to lay hands on her and, “Let’s lift her and this situation up in prayer.” We prayed: “Father, You know the situation. We bring our needs and our problems before You. We ask for Your guidance and special blessing upon this mother and her baby. Place a hedge of protection around her and help us to make a way for her to bring this unborn baby into the world. Keep her always focused on You, Lord, and to know Your ways. Thank You for letting her hear our words, come back out, into our arms, and for saving this baby today. In Jesus’ name we pray.”
            Casey then let us know that her father would be putting her and her daughter out on the streets for not going through with the abortion. We told her of our resources and how we could help her to find shelter and get back on her feet. We exchanged contact information, and she hugged us again and thanked the group for being there. Her father came out and Casey and her friend walked over to him, following him to their car. We bowed our heads again and gave God all the glory.
            We then noticed another woman sitting on the stoop and crying. We went over to her and offered prayers and assistance. She accepted the loving arms of one of the BFL leaders and began tearfully sharing her story. We backed off and let the girl share one-on-one as we prayed for the situation.
            Throughout the fourth day of our 40 Days for Life vigil, four precious babies scheduled to die this day were confirmed saves. ALLELUIA! Just try and tell me prayerful bodies don't save lives : )  Yes They Do!

            Be encouraged ~Angela

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

"Do You Have To Be Here On Wednesday?"....

Wednesday, March 9th- Just one of the fabulous comments passer-bys screamed at the wonderful sight of peaceful witnessing outside the Midwest’s largest, late-term abortion mill on the opening day of our Spring 40 Days for Life rally.
            It was blustery and raw as winds were bearing down on the gathering. We held our banner, passed out 40 Days for Life signs, and stretched out on the sidewalks surrounding this deathcamp. “Get a life!” was yelled at us from another passing car. We stood prayerfully as the media arrived and began taking in the opening ceremonies and shooting pictures. Fr. Chris Comerford led the charge and read from the 40 Days devotional. Our intention is to use these next 40 Days to plead for God's mercy and grace for all those involved in the sin of abortion. Joel 2:15-17 “Blow a trumpet in Zion! Proclaim a fast, call an assembly. Gather the people, notify the congregation, gather the children. Let the priest and ministers of the Lord weep and say, ‘Spare, O Lord, Your people.’”  We are called to be God's messengers. We are ambassadors for Christ. We are to be reconciled to God. 2 Corinthians 5:20. This is the true message to all we encounter at the abortion mills and in our communities who have been deceived by the Culture of Death. We don't bring condemnation; we bring God's good news.

            Angela introduced herself as the Granite City 40 Days campaign coordinator and director of Small Victories, a daily ministry that has been standing outside this abortion facility for over 18 years as a pregnancy and adoption resource through their ultrasound van and as an advocate for mothers and their babies. There were many new faces on the sidewalks.
            We then gave an overall view and brief history of Hope Clinic for Women through the years. We specifically noted that in the past three campaigns of 40 Days, God really began moving in Granite City and the number of abortions inside this facility has dropped from an annual 13,104 to less than 4,000. Over 3800 babies have been saved from abortion through our witness, and over 39 babies have been adopted from those 3800, including two little babies scheduled to die inside Hope abortion mill that we saved and adopted recently.
            We informed the participants that we are to be Jesus to the abortion-minded rather than scream Jesus at them. Not only is ultrasound technology saving babies, but when we asked our most recent saves, they told us what changed their minds was, “Seeing people standing outside this abortion clinic praying,” for them. Prayer works. That is all God is asking from us. Just show up; the results are up to Him. It’s not easy standing our here in all kinds of weather, but we are making a difference inside and outside this abortion facility and in this community. We then did a 40 Days for Life Jericho March around the abortion mill, praying for those walls to come down. Reporters then interviewed and took pictures of our assembly. We noticed that most of the vehicles were from the evening before. Almost all the cars were from Missouri, and there was one Mississippi
            Lord, we ask for the strength, courage, wisdom, determination, and stamina to carry out this mission according to Your will. Guide us, we pray, as we go forth and proclaim Your truth, always doing so with a spirit of love and compassion, as was demonstrated to us through the work of Your Son, Jesus Christ. In His name we pray. Amen.”

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

WINNING! "I shall not die, but live, and declare the works of the Lord." Psalms 118:17.

SATURDAY, MARCH 5TH- We no sooner returned home from the abortion mill where the weather was bone chilling raw, when we had to prepare for this afternoon’s speaking engagement at an area youth conference. We were still praising the Lord for today’s inspiring turnout of pastors and their churches that drove over 2 ½ hours to stand with our ministry. Church Without Walls and Pastor Todd Griener led the charge. Pastor Gavin led the worship on the sidewalks. It was awesome. Three precious babies were spared from abortion throughout the peaceful vigil. Pastor Chris prayed them up behind the building.
      Later, we arrived at our speaking engagement and the parking lot was full. We unpacked our equipment, and aides for the conference quickly helped us set up in an oversized room. We even had "baby wranglers" for our second youngest who begged to accompany us to today's event. I have to admit, we were fighting fatigue from this morning’s vigil where battling the cold, damp weather really drained us in addition to coming home to our normal large family chores: cleaning, laundry, groceries; our ministry doesn't stay at the abortion follows us home :) 
        Anyways, we looked so forward to speaking to today’s youth and sharing our not so average pro-life ministry. We were graciously introduced by a selected youth leader. Around the stage we posted several of our picture boards full of the fruits of our labors and had a projector and screen ready to go to add to our seminar. When I looked out into the crowd I was flabbergasted. We had an overflow of attendees and ran out of chairs; many adults were sitting on the floors surrounding the aisles of chairs. Beautiful! We thanked them for coming to today's event and we asked how many were familiar with the Hope abortion mill. A few hands went up. We then asked how many have actually stood and prayed outside this abortion facility with us. More hands went up. AMAZING! We recognized a few.
        We then gave a history of the abortion mill and our 18 ½ years of daily ministry. We spoke on the atrocities of abortion inside and outside of this mill and on the breaking news stories due to our daily witnessing and expose articles. Many raised their hands with questions: “What got you started?” “How do you do it?” We spoke on the rescuing and saving lives aspect, the death toll numbers at an all time low, and the saves and adoptions of babies since we began 18 ½ years ago. We told of how abortion-minded women are not walking into pregnancy centers, “They are walking into abortion clinics. That is what makes our pregnancy support and adoption ministry so different. We are a ‘Window to the Womb’ where babies are scheduled to die that day; the last lines of defense for the mother and her innocent baby. We do whatever it takes to save a baby and support a mother.”
        We shared how humorous it was and a little scary when we made sure a pregnant mother from East St. Louis had a ride to her doctor appointments in our Special Forces van. (Laughter from the audience.) “Whatever it takes to save that baby you do, just like the firefighter or the police in a burning house fire. You rescue that child. Anyone can say they are pro-life, but doing pro-life saves babies. You have to win them by love; not by screaming Jesus at clients seeking abortions, but being Jesus to them in their time of need. Miss Norma McCorvey, the infamous Roe of the Roe v Wade decision which made abortion legal, was converted from running an abortion mill into running into the arms of Jesus by love, not screaming. She is pro-life and a Christian.” (Applause.)
        We took more questions and Daniel spoke briefly to the young men in the audience. Our pregnant volunteer arrived and we took her behind the secluded area and performed a LIVE ultrasound for the audience to see. They were so surprised to visualize a baby in utero, waving and auditioning for the audience. This little girl was “ham-ing” it up to their delight. “Ooohs,” and, “Ahhs,” could be heard. We thanked our volunteer and ended our program with a poignant and brief personal testimony. It brought tears to many eyes, but we felt God was telling us to share a little bit to encourage the youth and their leaders. “We can defy the odds and be overcomers no matter the circumstances.” (Applause.)
        Many in attendance came up to us and expressed various comments. One man kept shaking our hands and with tears welled up said, “I didn’t realize how special your ministry is and all you do.” One man came up wanting to support our ministry and gave us a generous donation, “We are amazed at all the time you put into your ministry.” One woman came up and told Angela how touching her testimony was to her and began crying and gave Angela a hug. “Thank you for all you do. I didn’t know how much love and kindness you dedicate to the unborn.” Some of the youth came up and told us, “That was the best seminar at this event.” WOW! Praise The Lord!
      Our little one was dancing the night away with the sweet girls who cared for her during our speech to the loud Christian rock band next to our room. “Yes Lord, yes Lord, yes, yes Lord…” It was a great night for Life. We thanked our host for the wonderful opportunity to share our lifelong ministry.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

"Spring Is Coming!" JOHN 16:33

Saturday, February 26th- Ole Man Winter was not loosening his grip quite yet with us as it was gloomy and cold on the sidewalks surrounding this abortion mill as we set up our pregnancy outreach to the abortion-bound mothers. Yet, our morning was a little brighter with the Bound for Life prayer warriors who made the hour pilgrimage from Indiana to stand and silently pray with us for the least of these. Our numbers kept swelling with the additions of area church groups who joined us to save some babies this day. It was peaceful except for the screaming in the alley. We do a lot of explaining and damage control on Saturdays due to the troublemakers. The BFL group were appalled at this spectacle, but it  caused them to pray harder for this situation. A hospital visitor stopped at the sight of these red-mouth-taped prayer warriors. She patted arms of the youth group, thanked them for being here, and smiled at Angela as she walked by her. St. Mary’s youth group soon joined us and was encouraged at the sight of the prayer warrior. The girls were frightened at the screams coming from the alley. We explained.
            It was cold as we did our reconnaissance mission around the slaughterhouse. We intercepted a couple whose eyes were red from crying and spoke at length to them offering them another way out of the situation. They hugged us and took our brochure saying they would think about it as they walked up to the doors.
            Two different times abortion-bound mothers walked back out, and we intercepted them. They confirmed that they changed their minds and were keeping their babies. Back on the front sidewalk the Kendrick seminarians arrived and we greeted and briefed their leader. They, too, joined us peacefully and prayerfully as they knelt on the cold sidewalk and in the mud by our ultrasound van to try and intercede for the babies and their mothers.
A family from St. Peter & Paul representing the youth group walked up to us and blessed us with a financial donation to help our life saving efforts in rescuing babies. Praise God! We expressed our appreciation to them.
We then noticed the two girls parked on the hospital lot surrounded with the deathscorts and the religious bullies trying to shove Gideon bibles on them. We quietly approached their car, and they had their fingers in their ears. The passenger took our brochure and we pointed to the ultrasound van; they eventually pulled away.
  We then walked to a car parked on the medical lot with two girls. The deathscorts walked back to the slaughterhouse. "Leticia" and her friend came to the abortion mill. She said she was scared of all the craziness and the screaming in the alley. That was when we noticed the King James bullies stalking us. I offered to help her and show her a free ultrasound as the slaughterhouse charges $200.00 for them. Sensing her timidity, I promised I wouldn’t let anyone come in between us if that meant locking arms. I would protect her to get her inside the van. She agreed to come inside. A lady from St Mary's offered to help me get her to the van.
            As we approached the van, the BFL group removed the red tape from their mouths and began clapping in witnessing a possible save coming inside our van with all the chaos in the alley. It was nice and quiet inside the van. We scanned. BAM! To her surprise I announced, “You’re not just a little pregnant; you’re a lotta pregnant.” She covered her mouth and looked at the screen. We viewed an approximate 22.5 week old baby boy. She was very surprised along with her friend. We watched the baby moving, and he appeared to be waving. “Look Mama, I'm here!” the little one appeared to convey to us. We went over resources and asked if she was still going to keep the appointment. “No ma'am, I’m keeping this baby. You all are a blessing for being here.” Thank you Lord! We gave them some breakfast money and shared the good news with those in proximity. The seminarians were delighted to witness a rescue and save. We got them safely back to their car and watched them drive off.
            The BFL group then surrounded us and asked us to give a report of today’s witnessing and a charge to the foot soldiers. Many in the large group conveyed their disgust with the screaming in the alley and were shocked at how late-term some of the abortion-bound mothers were, but all in the group were so grateful for our dedicated 18 year old ministry outside these gates. We then had a communion and wine service, and the churches laid hands on our ministry as they prayed for us.
            In closing we gave a charge to the prayer warriors and youth groups: “It’s cold, supplies and people are few, sometimes it’s depressing to witness what we see everyday outside these gates, but spring is coming. Yes, I said spring is coming. The tide is turning slowly but surely. God is not sleeping;He is not going to take much more, but until then we will continue standing, rescuing, and taking dominion until the Lord returns.. Spring is coming!” Applause.
           Thank You, Jesus, for blessing us with these kindred spirits. I thank You for every heart touched, changed, and saved this day. Lord, this is Your war. You only ask Your people to show up for the battle. Put a hedge of protection around our brothers and sisters as they forage the long trip back home. Keep that fire in their belly so that they hunger and stand on Your word and keep coming back for more in helping us to prayerfully rescue, change hearts, and save lives in Jesus’ name.”
            John 16:33 “These things I have spoken to you, that in Me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.”