Wednesday, May 25, 2011

"TRIPLETS",OH MY"! "It was those graphic signs that changed my mind", I'm so glad you were here"..

Saturday May 21, 2011

I had 20 seconds to read her right after she got out of her car. God was telling me some "stuff". I could tell that the guy who brought her, wanted the abortion more than she did, as she brushed by me. He accepted the brochure to quiet me, but my attention stayed on her. “We can help you if you want to keep this baby”. It was my last call as we ended our day. The next morning the calvary arrived with our imported footsoldiers,standing in the gap and singing God's praises. It was an awesome sight outside this abortion mill. Church Without Walls made the pilgrimage. Pastor Todd along with several other real ordained pastors led the charge. We had no sooner set up our pregnancy outreach to the abortion bound and greeted the prayer warriors when my eye caught the young girl from yesterday, parking on the emergency room lot. Daniel was talking to her as I walked up on them, "Hi remember me?” she asked “Yes, yes I do.” I replied. “May I have that ultrasound you offered me?” “Absolutely”! As we ushered her through the throngs of silent witnesses I thought this is not the guy who brought her , but praise God she didn’t abort.
   Once inside I quickly scanned as she was explaining her situation and how she walked out of the abortion mill looking for me. Her male companion was fuming and threatening to end their relationship if she didn’t go through with it. I was half heartedly listening as my eyes were catching something extraodinary on the ultrasound screen. I blinked to make sure and scanned a different area," oh my" I thought, big swallow. I continued to scan, I took my eyes off the screen and looked into her's, "Sara, I have something to show you”. She looked and said "I’m pregnant right?. I rescheduled my appointment for the 31st." I then pointed to the screen, “here is baby A and here is baby B, and right behind baby B is Baby C", long pause..breath.  "Triplets," she asked. "Yes, Sara, I’m pretty sure there is three". The next five minutes were tears and joy and unsureness and second guessing. "Here is their heartbeats", and I pointed. They were approximately 6 weeks, I grabbed her hand and promised we would get through this with the Lord's help and our ministry, "I promise”. Oh my, I then asked her, "please tell me you are not going to keep that appointment?" "No, not after seeing them, but I am overwhelmed". That would be normal with just one baby..after composing and hugging we came outside and Sara wanted to share with the large church group the good news. I summoned Pastor Todd and the other pastors. I whispered the situation and Pastor Todd gathered the troops, they surrounded Sara in front of our van. The abortion mill volunteers and staffers looked on. Sara spoke softly, “I..I ...I’m pregnant with triplets”. She then looked at me and with a shaking voice she said “I want to thank this lady so much”, and with that she buried her head in my shoulder as the crowd cheered and applauded. I hugged her and others touched her, Pastor Todd asked her and her friend a few questions and then explained the situation. She then told everyone “I’m not going to keep my appointment with the abortionist”. They clapped louder. We then prayed over this couple and Pastor Mike began taking up a love donation for them and their babies as they would be needing lot of supplies and help. We exchanged contact information and physician follow-up preferably with a high-risk obstetrician. This couple was expressing how thankful they were for our ministry and the outpouring of love from Church Without Walls. All the pastors pledged to stay in contact and help them with their needs. We want to get right with God and get back in church”, Sara commented as we walked them to their car. “That is great!”
     After disinfecting the van and re-launching, we were summoned to speak to the church group gathered on the parking lot. We were giving a charge and update on our ministry when Fr. Chris came over apologizing for interrupting our talk, but it was for a good reason. He pointed to the front sidewalk and there she was, Cathy a sidewalk counselor was standing with a young lady that we pleaded with earlier. “Montayne" was wanting an ultrasound and came back out of the abortion mill”. I excused myself from the group and ran to the front walk. The rosary warriors looked on. “Hello, I’m Angela”, she was beautiful. “My name is Montayne”. “Pleased to meet you” I said.  I then brought her inside the van. After preliminaries, I quickly scanned. There to her surprise was an approximately 7 week old baby. She smiled, “please tell me you’re not going back in there”. “No, that is why I came out”, she said. We went over resources and follow-up with her physician. She hugged and thanked us as she left.
    We joined the troops posted on the main sidewalk giving the City of Slaughter “heaven”, there were many honks of support as they silently stood holding their prolife signs, reminding this complacent town of the atrocity in their own backyard. Through the morning we confirmed another baby saved, and the buses eventually loaded up with the churches. We were tired and it was getting hot, we loaded up the van for our trek back home, as we were done for the day, or so we thought. We just began climbing in the van to pull away from the curb, when a mother and daughter we remembered from earlier in the morning came around the corner looking for us., Daniel reached them first, “we need the baby lady”, the mother said. I got out and went to them “Hi, can I help you?” “Yes we need help, but we see you’re packed up and leaving, we don’t want to bother you”. “You came back out?” I asked. “Yes”, the girl said. “What changed your mind?” I asked her. As we began walking inside the van, she stopped and pointed to the graphic signs resting against the ultrasound van. “It was those pictures, they’re horrible, I kept thinking of them as I filled out the paper work and I couldn’t get them out of my head. I told my mom, I can’t do that to my baby”, and we walked back out looking for you”. "Praise God", I said. Tanna’s mother kept thanking us for staying and helping them. “No bother”, I told them. “It’s our life, it’s what we do everyday”. As I scanned they asked about our ministry and when we told them how many children we have, they gasped. “REALLY?” I then asked “Are you ready to meet your baby?” “Yes”. They turned to the screen and there she was, a beauty, holding her left hand up by her face waving. I improvised “Here I am mommy”. They gushed “oh look its moving” I said. “She is auditioning”. They laughed. We listened to the heartbeats, “Oh they are precious”, the mother commented. Tanna asked, “Do you know what it is?” “It appears to be a girl”.
   We exchanged contact information and all the resources we can help them with. They were so grateful. The mother said “I am so glad you were here today” As we hugged and walked them outside the van I asked if we could bless them with some late breakfast or lunch money. They turned and the girl reached inside envelope full of money. My heart jumped, I thought that must have been the abortion fee money. She tried to hand me some of the money, I graciously thanked them but declined. “No, we want to give you something for helping us”,  she replied, “No, no, we want to bless you ," I said,"But you’re the one who helped us" her mother chimed in, "Tanna, by you saving your baby, you blessed us today”. They smiled and hugged us again and Daniel walked them to their car. We packed up again. "Thank you Lord! Thank you for making us a blessing in others lives and for all the hearts touched and little lives saved this day, to You be the glory.” Amen

“We make a living by what we get; we make a life by what we give”. Winston Churchill

Be encouraged ~Angela

Monday, May 16, 2011


Saturday May 14th
   It was a morning full of dreary weather and rain showers but by mid-morning we were standing in 
a room full of beautiful pregnant women for a HUGE baby shower.We were drenched from head to toe from our duties outside the abortion mill in the City of Slaughter, where three precious babies were rescued and saved earlier this morning: two with the help of our ultrasound van. Two saves from our ministry accompanied us this day about to be blessed.The host of this special event and both pastors greeted us as we dripped from moisture. It was all good! We changed from a soggy hoodie to a dry lab coat.   The participants were at various stages of their pregnancies. This event was to benefit needy or destitute women who chose life for their babies. It was like a giant "thank you" to the girls for doing the right thing by keeping their babies.
   As we went into the cafeteria we noticed tables covered with baby gifts and supplies, all kind of wonderful things you would see at a baby shower. The host made us feel right at home and also with our introduction to others. We helped our two guests to some delicious hot food and sat at the table going over our materials we prepared for our talk  that we were asked to give at this baby shower. It was pouring down rain outside. Daniel pulled the ultrasound right by the large windows for the participants to view as we spoke. The host introduced us and emotionally shared how much she admired and was blown away by our vital "trench-work" ministry. "They're on the frontlines in all kinds of weather everyday reaching out to abortion bound women who feel they have no other option or choice." What really impressed her was the thought of the millions of babies that have been killed and how their voices cry out from the ground. Whoa goosebumps moment. That is exactly what got us started.

Those voices many years ago just would not go away we thanked our host and pastor for  this wonderful event and went right into our ministry It was the cries of babies we heard several nights I couldn't figure it out. As a nurse, we volunteered at a local pregnancy center but we were not helping many girls, let alone abortion minded ones, so we went to where abortion minded mothers were going, Granite City. I asked how many were familiar with Hope Clinic . A few raised their hands We then went into what we  saw witnessed our first time out. Like cattle we viewed approximately 30- 40 girls a day going inside to kill their babies. I got off my knees to help to see if I could do anything to change their mind. With no resources available outside this mill, we equipped our family van into a pregnancy center then we upgraded to a used RV with a used ultrasound machine. Girls were seeking help everyday in Granite City we were appalled that no local churches or help was available in their crisis. We don't make girls jump through hoops or take classes in order to obtain baby supplies or get support through their pregnancy, we help them on the spot. We don't selectively help girls, we help everyone and then some. It was time to introduce our guest we brought.
       The first girl explained how we first met her on the coldest and most fiercest winter weather she has seen, there on the sidewalk, as she parked was this lady with this obnoxious hat trying to keep warm. She thought "oh no don't let the protester talk to me". It was freezing as she got out of her car and then this lady extends her hand over this three foot frozen snow drift and says "May I help you, take my hand"..The girl repeated with a  shaken voice."there was her hand", she broke into tears I patted her back, "it's okay" and "here I am", she finished. Loud applause went up. I briefly finished her testimony and told the audience how no matter the cost we save babies, we take our van where and when needed. We've parked outside restaurant lots or shopping malls in order to help distressed pregnant mothers and get them and their families through difficult times.
    We then invited our next guest to share her testimony of what she has experienced through our 18 year ministry. As soon as she walked up, her three year old toddler ran up to my leg and pulled on my pants to hold her as her mother spoke on our 18 years of daily witnessing outside the abortion mill. She shared how her children would not be here had it not been for Angela and her years of  unconditional love and support we  have provided to her and other pregnant girls she knows. "There were utility bills and food that Angela has paid from her own pocket to help me and my children. When I couldn't get help locally with baby supplies or diapers, Angela took the need away. She bought my other kids clothes and made them feel special. She has put gas in my car and helped me with doctors, whatever i needed she has helped me. My babies would not be here now (she choked up) without her." I thanked both girls for their testimonies and went into our daily struggles with raising a extra-large family and ministry work.I briefly shared the rescue and adoption of our two youngest children from this abortion mill in Granite City, and showed their pictures ooh's and ahh's went up.When I come home after a hectic or discouraging day, to hear the tiny patters of little feet and the sound "mommy" makes it all worth it". 
     I gave some encouraging statistics on this abortion mill since our years of devotion in the trenches.(Applause) In closing , I pointed out how important everyone in this room is and how all it takes is for one person to roll up their sleeves and make a difference in the lives of others, I can't imagine the world without each one of us in this room not being in it, or the endless possibilities each baby born brings to the world. With every baby rescued and saved, I see hope(Applause). I then thanked everyone and we began distributing all the collected baby gifts and supplies through a lottery system. It was fun. The pregnant girls faces beamed when their numbers were called out. They were so grateful for all the attention and being blessed this day in such an unexpected way. Many of the attendees came up to us and thanked us for our ministry and efforts outside the abortion mill.Some of the girls stayed behind and selected gently used clothing from a table for their babies.

    It’s so refreshing and encouraging to witness what was once considered a “hopeless” situation transformed into a rewarding and beautiful experience by one act of kindness we are restoring these young mothers faith and trust in humanity, one heart at a time. Jeremiah 29:11 “For surely I know the plans I have for you” says the Lord,” plans for you welfare and not for harm, to give you a future with hope”.

“Thank you Lord, for this awesome opportunity to witness to these precious mothers. You have given them real hope by placing the right people across their paths when they can not see the end of the road, but still trust in You and Your servants to lead them there.”

In Jesus Name we pray,


Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Saturday May 7th
            On a bright and beautiful morning one day before Mother's Day the prayerful witness outside the abortion mill was soon pierced with the frightening screams from the angry religious man. He was decked out in his fake collar again hoping for a good audience this day. We had just brought a save inside our ultrasound van to show her a picture of her unborn baby when all hell broke loose on the front sidewalk. The youth group and several leaders tried to calmly ask the impostor pastor to stop being mean and to stop condemning the women. “We are here to save babies, not kill them,” one young girl said.We brought the pregnant girl inside our van. She was frightened by the screams and sat up. We assured her the man would not come inside the van. It was a terrible witness to this save.
            Then something miraculous happened. A new prayer warrior walked onto the abortion mill parking lot and came up to the angry man with tears rolling down her cheeks. She said, “Sir, this is my first time here praying. Please stop screaming hate at those women. It's very frightening and you are scaring me.” John B just ignored her and continued with his tirade as others pleaded, “Love them John, love them.” Their pleas went unanswered as usual. He then walked back over to the alley to join the other troublemakers who encourage this demonic spectacle outside the abortion mill.
            We were finishing the ultrasound and going over resources and physician follow up, when  some of the kids from the youth group felt the Holy Spirit telling them to confront this angry man with the damage he is doing outside the abortion mill. We came outside and shared the good news with some of the prayer warriors on the sidewalk eagerly waiting. Alleluia! 26 weeks baby girl! It was then that a few of the men from the Christian prayer group joined us and commented on the troublemakers and the screaming man. I distinguished our ministry from the" scream team". One gentleman took his hat off, shook my hand, and introduced himself. He said, “I have read about you and your wonderful ministry and now I finally moved here from New Jersey and I am honored to meet a real hero"., he said, “Not me, it's God. He just uses me.”I answered. Another prayer warrior came forward and said, “We know who’s doing the work, and now we realize what you’re battling down here on the sidewalks. Those people are horrible. They are terrorizing those women.” “I know, but they think they are doing the Lord’s work.” I quoted a scripture, “For such men are false apostles, deceitful workmen masquerading as apostles of Christ. And no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light.”  2 Corinthians 11:13-14
            I explained how many women have come out and former employees have told us that the angry screaming man is a running joke inside the mill. He just gets the abortion- minded inside faster. You don't need deathscorts with him screaming. At about that time several teens from the youth group walked back from the alleyway with these expressions on their faces of disbelief and shaking their heads. Jordan and Brigette shared their confrontation with the troublemakers. “We tried conveying to the man that he was doing more harm by screaming and making the women feel bad.” The troublemakers Donna Westenberger, Peggy Dresden, and John Baliff replied, “We're are here to make the women feel bad and shame them with their sin.” Jordan responded, "You should be here to help the pregnant girls and love them like the Michaels do. How many babies have you saved?” “Uh...uh…” Peggy answered. “Well, we know we have.” Jordan said,“Small Victories has been here for many years and they have saved thousands of babies,” Brigette spoke up. “You are scaring the women and you are scaring me.” Jordan said that they took their Bible, pointed to scripture, and twisted it to justify their actions. They took things out of context. We answered, “Osama, Hitler,Westboro Baptist,. there are a lot of radicals that their ends justify their means.” “It's stupid,” Jordan said. "We see the fruits in your ministry."
            The leader of the men's prayer group then spoke up and said, “We want to support you. We need to have a  banquet for you and help your ministry to continue the good work you are doing outside this abortion mill.” The screaming man started up again; he was attacking a woman who brought someone for an abortion. We calmly called over to her and said, “Those without sin cast the first stone.” She looked over, and we proceeded to explain, “Those people in the alley are here to argue and make women angry. They do the work of the devil.” “I'm not killing my baby,” she responded. “We know you brought someone, but please, these troublemakers feed off your energy. Don't give it to them. They want to make you argue with them. Just ignore their taunts. If anything, go inside and tell your friend that there is free help and another option outside in our ultrasound van. We care about her." She finished her cigarette and thanked us as she went back inside.
            The men's prayer group then asked, “Why don’t their pastors stand with them?” We told them, “Most of them have been kicked out of their churches, lost their churches, or don't even go to church. They are rebels and every pastor that stands with our ministry has rebuked them for their demonic actions.” “Now we understand what you have to go through to save babies. We really appreciate you Angela.” Jordan and Brigette both chimed in with, “We're glad you are here too.” “Just think of how many more babies would be killed if you were not here,” Jordan said.
            "Mary," the lady who confronted the angry screaming man earlier, finished her prayers and came over to thank us and look at the pictures of our babies we have saved and adopted. “They are beautiful," she said. “You should show them to that angry man.” “He hates babies, Mary. He is angry and bitter. That is why he will not take correction. That is why they are here. If Jesus Christ came back today and told them they were wrong in their treatment of pregnant women they would call Him a liar. Jesus would never confront the adulteress at the well in anger or by screaming hate at her. Jesus loved on her and brought her to true repentance by winning her with LOVE. Remember, the fruit of the spirit is: “Love, joy, peace. patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.” Gal 5:22-23
  "It's God's job to judge,the Holy Spirit's job to convict, and our job to love" -Rev.Billy Graham
 Be encouraged ~Angela

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A CRY FOR HELP,.." PLEASE HELP ME " I Would of Given Up, Had Angela Not Been There".

May 7 2011
To whom this may concern:

            My name is Tiffany. I am 5 months pregnant and have 4 precious children who have all been helped by Angela prior including this pregnancy. She has given me money for food out of her own pocket if needed on several occasions. She has provided me with clothes, diapers, food, etc. If it was not for Angela helping me, I would have given up by now. I have went to Mosaic pregnancy center several times and other Granite City agencies such as Catholic Charites and have not received anything due to lack of funds they told me. Over the last 5 years Angela has paid my electric bill when Catholic Charities turned me away. I know of several girls who have received help through Angela when they were turned away from other agencies. I am willing to testify to what I have written.  


Editor's note: It's mind boggling how many agencies reportedly receive over half a million of dollars in donations (according to the Guidestar 990 tax form listed under Metro-East Crisis Pregancy Care centers) to help pregnant women and their babies and received  $600,000 in goverment grants last year alone, but tell desperate and downtrodden girls that they don't have funding in order to help them.You understand why our sidewalk ministry of over 18 years has turned into the safety net outside this abortion mill catching hopeless pregnant girls who feel they have no other options than abortion. Why would a pregnancy center only offer ultrasounds to first trimester pregnant women who must meet their criteria and only offer them on Tuesdays, when abortion minded girls are pregnant in their second and third trimesters also? Unplanned pregnancies happen everday of the week.

That is why Hope abortion mill is there with open arms (so to say), to help these frustrated and distraught abortion minded women.  Hope Clinic is laughing all the way to the bank. Unfortunately, some pregnancy centers, just like churches, have lost their focus and main objective, that is to prevent and stop abortion. Rather, they have turned into financial ministries or growing churches and social networking. That is why our hands on ministry is there as the last lines of defense for both the mother and unborn child, and even other children already born.When the director of the Midwest largest late term abortion mill refers to our ultrasound van as "special forces" and "relentless", you know we are on target with the devil. If a  pregnancy center or agency makes it hard enough for these pregnant women they will always turned to abortion as their answer . One has to ask, " Are we preventing abortion or perpetuating it"?  

Thursday, May 5, 2011


“Take courage! Do not let your hands be weak, for your work shall be rewarded.”
II Chronicles 15:7
May 1, 2011

            I don’t know about you, but I just relish this time of year and this special day. Mother’s Day is far too short, so enjoy it moms while you can. I never knew how important a mother was till I began raising a family. It was then that I appreciated the recognition and joys of being a mother: the ho-made gifts and smudged tokens of love; breakfast in bed with runny eggs and small clay pots where more dirt ended up in bed than with the seedlings. A picture of a bouquet of dandelions, though crudely drawn, reflects love overflowing from even the youngest heart and the world breathes a sigh of relief. Yes, goodness is growing. For some mothers this day may be one of heaviness and separation. Many have prodigals who have brought heartache and pain, but hang in there. Dwell on happier days and know there is hope. Children need love unconditionally, but they also require discipline. Broad shoulders and a bit of humor help. Whatever we write on the heart of a child never washes away. Some stories may perish, some songs are forgotten, but time does not change the engraved record in the heart of a child.
            Happy is a mother’s heart when she can laugh at herself realizing the awful taste in her coffee is the baby’s formula she mistakenly poured as creamer due to sleep deprivation; or when she endures interruptions while typing as she whisks her demanding three year old away to do the Mickey Mouse “hot dog dance;” or as she interrogates her 16 year old’s first boyfriend requesting a urine and blood sample before their date. Treasure these days as they will be just a memory. A mother’s love means a life of devotion and sacrifice. Happy is her heart when her prayers are answered and her children feel they helped contribute to her temporary insanity, her noble purpose, and in some measure repaid her unceasing, unwavering love and life-long purpose as a “mother.” We don’t have to wait until Mother’s Day to thank our mothers for giving us the best gift: the gift of LIFE!
            Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!
                        Angela Michael