Thursday, November 4, 2021

Jerry Kapp & 40 Days for Life Granite City,Illinois are FRAUDS & LIARS


We are exposing more lies of the 40 Days Granite City, IL. and the facilitators Joan Kane, Luncheon for Lies, Jerry Kapp, Sidewalk of Hope Advocates org.,  Donna Moore and Springfield, Illinois Diocese Office of Pro life Activities. Over 95% of "baby saved" listed on 40 Days for Life calendar (above) were saved by our ministry/volunteers or inside our medical unit. Not one mention of our ministry of 28.5 yrs, throughout this campaign. We acknowledge that God ultimately does the "saving", but he uses our ministry to save them. When confronted Kapp admitted he committed the "sin of omission". A young woman came forward and also reported Jerry Kapp was charging volunteer prospects $150. 00 to learn how to stand and talk to women outside Hope Clinic, she turned him down as she couldn't afford it. This young woman learned more from standing with our ministry (FREE) for two days than she would of paying Jerry Kapp 150.00 $.  QUESTION; What abortion bound woman wants or needs to talk to a MAN outside Hope Clinic?  Right! But, this is what the prolife movement has turned into.  A financial business, full of frauds.  Looking forward to the next " MONEY PIT" fundraiser, sadly. Not ending abortion.  Instead of passion it's  "profit" that drives Kapp and others. Have you checked out the salaries big box prolife organizations draw? They are definitely NOT ABOLITIONISTS! Kapp and others would not know what to do if abortion came to an end. They would be jumping off their buildings, as they would be losing their salaries, job titles, social club. etc.  It is a shame others have to covet our hard work, to look good. It's our ministry that paved the way for others and fought the battles and continues to DO the work. 40 Days in GC is nothing more than a photo op for PR for those mentioned. They want to look pro life, part of the "clique". 40 Days for Life National campaign shouldn't be charging 200-300 $ to stand outside ab mills across our nation, either. Just show up and pray! It's FREE! #prolifeleeches