Monday, January 31, 2011

"Go into all the world and preach the good news..."

Sunday, January 23rd  This was Sanctity of Life Sunday. Part of our ministry went one way and the other half went the other way on this snowy, cold day. We were God's messengers to preach the Good News to the world. We were asked to speak on behalf of life and our ministry to two different churches this day.
            We prayed for guidance, wisdom, and to touch the hearts of all those in attendance at both churches. Threatening weather was in the forecast, but people still turned out, praise the Lord. Both pastors were very gracious in their introductions of our daily ministry and work in the streets of the City of Slaughter. Once in the pulpit, we “gave 'em heaven!” Daniel brought a lot of scripture in his opening remarks and then went into our work with the ultrasound van outside the Midwest’s largest late-term abortion mill. Angela gave her testimony and how the Lord was using her to do God's work; how this vital ministry began over 18 years ago from their home; how she volunteered at the local crisis pregnancy center; how they were not helping abortion-bound mothers. “Abortion minded women are not walking into pregnancy centers. They’re going into abortion mills. Jesus didn’t sit and wait for the lost to come to Him. He went out into the streets to meet them where they were at.”
Sitting in offices collecting money is not stopping abortion or saving babies; it’s building a financial ministry. Let's face it: there are a lot of “cash cows” in the pro-life arena. Go to Guidestar 990 and check out some of the tax forms of these pregnancy centers, if they are not buried under another name i.e.: Metro-East Crisis Pregnancy Centers. It's unbelievable the income they pay themselves and how they discriminate against pregnant girls. Hope Clinic is eager to help these discouraged and frustrated pregnant girls. That's what got our ministry onto the streets. There was a need in Granite City and it was not being met. We actually were catching pregnant girls being instructed to come to Hope Clinic from these cash cow centers. When a pregnancy center accepts government money they are required to inform them of their option of abortion and where the abortion mills are located. Unbelievable! That is why we have made so many enemies on both sides of the movement. When you stand for righteousness, you will be attacked, slandered, and persecuted.  
We spoke on the stats and babies saved through our vital ultrasound van where we are a window to the womb as well as on the conversions of many former employees and clients. We shared the beautiful testimonies of our recent saved and adopted babies in our large family and how they are a blessing to all. “When you do the talk, you have to do the walk. Our ministry has also helped other couples adopt over 39 saved babies from this abortion mill,” (applause). We shared how God continues to move through this ministry and all the victories we have won in the courts. We also informed about the underbelly of abortion: how this is the most unregulated and lucrative industry in our nation; how the world is telling the church to, “Shut up and sit down;” how we need to run to the battle and make a difference in the lives of others and our nation. What works in saving babies and touching mother's hearts is being Jesus to them, not screaming Jesus at them.
We both brought several picture boards displaying the “fruits of our labors” and saved babies from this deathcamp. Many in the audience were touched and weeping; hands went up to ask questions, even the pastors! We tried answering them all. One pastor exclaimed at the conclusion of our talk, “We really needed to get this all on audio tape. It was powerful.” Both churches took up a love offering for our ministry. We were very grateful. They were very generous to our mission. At both churches we had a long receiving line as good seed was sown and many were encouraged. Many agreed with us on the pregnancy centers’ “red flags” that we mentioned and had no idea of our work until now. They wanted to congratulate us and express their thanks. We are the pioneers and, “Only the pioneers get the arrows,” (laughter). We prayed for our pastors and shepherds to lead us into the battle and not wait for those once-a-year sermons. The sanctity of life must be heard everyday to turn from a culture of death into a culture of LIFE. As Pastor Flip says, “Abortion will come to an end in America when the Church of Jesus Christ says it will come to an end and not one second sooner.”

"Hello Sunshine..."

Wednesday, January 26th   We were on our way to another speaking engagement and presentation in our Special Forces van. It was not too long of a drive into the night, and suddenly we were there. We parked the ultrasound van up close by the entrance doors so all attending could view. Once inside, the room was almost full. We glanced around the corner and there was the master of ceremonies. He greeted us as we walked into the room with, “Hello Sunshine,” and gave us a big hug. The other gentlemen showed us our seats and offered to take our wraps. We gingerly placed the ultrasound machine upon a large table for all to view along with our literature and brochures on our ministry.
After a few other organizations spoke, it was our turn. We were introduced and talked a little on our ministry, the importance of having the ultrasound to be a window to the womb  outside this infamous abortion mill, and how many babies have been saved through its use. We shared how many saves we had the night before at midnight abortions, and the prospect of doing a live ultrasound for everyone who supported this endeavor to witness this very evening. We didn’t know it until after we spoke to the audience that she was waiting outside the doors so as not to interrupt our meeting.
As we were ending and greeting people, she, her mother, and her young daughter came inside to our delight. We quickly introduced them and invited everyone to come outside to the ultrasound van and witness a saved baby through our ministry. We knew something this crowd didn't know; this was the young lady we were able to talk out of abortion and into bringing her “TWINS” into the world the night before! They were so surprised and stood out in the freezing temperatures to take turns entering our van while performing a live ultrasound. They were impressed with the van. Many of the men came up afterwards and thanked us for our devotion and commented on how much they enjoy our letters and reports from the frontlines.
After the speech, we were presented with a generous donation and a round of applause. We were so humbled. We thanked all those who stepped up to the plate on a cold January night and made it possible for us to continue being a voice in the wilderness and a window to the womb as the last line of defense for little babies that are being led to their slaughter in Granite City. As we walked the mother and pregnant daughter to the door, the mother whispered in my ear, “I want you to know something...when I found out she was going to the abortion clinic, I told her I didn't agree with her decision, but that it was her choosing.” I thanked her for sharing that bit with me, but I told her, “She has a tender heart. I'm glad she listened to us and came inside the van; that we were able to show her those innocent babies growing inside her and share our baby Isaac's testimony. God is still in control; those babies are a blessing.” Her mother replied, “And so are you.” With that we hugged them and thanked them for coming.
            How blessed is he who cares for the helpless.” Psalms 41:1

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Pro-Life Rally Marks Roe v. Wade Anniversary « CBS St. Louis

Saturday, January 22, 2011---38th Disdainment of Roe vs Wade
Pro-Life Rally Marks Roe v. Wade Anniversary « CBS St. Louis
            What an AWESOME day to serve the Lord and stand for LIFE! Pastor Todd Griener, leader of Church Without Walls, along with several other pastors from southern Illinois and Lawrenceville, Indiana led the charge as we set up our pregnancy outreach to the abortion-minded mothers. And the weather was merciful on the pilgrims in the gap this beautiful day! Yes, it was still cold, but without howling winds and frigid temps : ). Channel 5 and KMOX were on their way to cover our pro-life rally on the 38th anniversary and disdainment of Roe vs Wade. There were a few deathscorts led by gay activist Jeff Farris. However, when they became intimidated by the swell of proclaimers surrounding the perimeters of this slaughterhouse, they sent for reinforcements from across the river at St. Louis “Planned Barrenhood.” These kids looked like they were 15 or 16 years old. The abortion and homosexual industries are indoctrinating kids at an earlier age.
            Praise and worship broke out on the sidewalks. It was very convicting to the abortion-minded clients and their accomplices. Some of the cars were from yesterday; these were late-term babies being dismembered. “Mandy” came over. She was a save from this past summer. We helped load baby supplies and a brand new bassinet into her car. She is due this week with a baby boy.
Pastor Todd spoke to the group on abortion and the importance of the Church standing for life. A Jericho March ensued around this abortion mill as the deathscorts looked on. Daniel spoke to two young girls from Illinois who came back out. They confirmed they were 7 weeks pregnant and keeping their baby. They accepted our literature as they drove off. The reporters took pictures and interviewed as the prayer warriors sang God's praises in the background.
Two black American girls from Missouri came back out, and we met them in the alley. They rolled their window down and accepted our literature as they confirmed they were 5 weeks pregnant and keeping their baby. I asked them what changed their mind on the abortion. Marissa, the driver, smiled and said, “I knew it was wrong. I got convicted.” I asked, “After you saw all the people out here?” “Yes ma’am,” she replied. I prayed with her and thanked her, and she thanked us for our help and being there.
We then gathered and gave a charge to the imported foot soldiers. Pastor Todd introduced us and our ministry as there were new faces in this large group. We updated them on the daily operations, the death toll remaining at an all-time low (praise God!), and the fruits of our labors. We encouraged them with what the saves are reporting to our ministry team as effective in saving their babies: not only technology, but a peaceful, prayerful presence outside this abortion mill, “pricks their conscience.”
Pastor Todd then led the brigade over onto the main thoroughfare to stand for life and remind the apathetic townspeople and the churches of the abomination that lies undisturbed in their midst. Well, except from the daily prickings from our relentless ministry : ). Praise God! Loretta remained behind on the sidewalk and sang God's praises with her powerful voice to the check-ups and deathscorts remaining. Sidewalk counselors Judy and Nancy confirmed another save in the alley as they were pulling out. Praise God! 
  Breakthrough: we had two local pastors join our forces today on the main thoroughfare and outside this abortion mill. They were so impressed with the mission outside these gates of hell. And thank you to all of the foot soldiers who traveled to stand in the gap. Galatians 6:9 “Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.”   I almost forgot...we received a generous drive-by donation from a man who is following our ministry outside these gates. He gave us words of encouragement and thanked us for our presence. Alleluia! But the biggest blessing was no troublemakers, no screamers, or schemers. There was PEACE on the sidewalks surrounding this slaughterhouse. Amen! 

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Abortionist Charged in Grisly Murders

January 19, 2011
             This little “House of Horrors” can be added to the list of substandard slaughterhouses. Real medical professionals know that abortion is not healthcare. Rather, it is considered the “red-light district” in medical care. “Back alley” abortions and those who perform them have not gone away with the legalization of abortion through the infamous Roe vs Wade decision almost 38 years ago. It just costs more and the abortionist comes through the front door. Unsafe, common, and unregulated…
Roe vs Wade was built on lies and survives with lies and emasculated state officials who look the other way. The “back alley” abortion cover-up will continue to claim more women’s lives by the silence of those who profess to be their voice and are entrusted with their reproductive health care. Abortion has never really come back out of the alley. This is just one more serial butcher that got caught. How many more are out there?    ~Angela

Granite City’s Little House of Horrors
Granite City’s Slaughterhouse Sued Again!
Back Alley Abortions Cover-Up
Woman Found in Pool of Blood

Philly Abortion Doctor Charged in Grisly Murders
FOX News
Jan 19, 2011 3:10 PM EST
       An abortion doctor who catered to minorities, immigrants and poor women was charged with eight counts of murder in the deaths of a patient and seven babies who were born alive and then killed with scissors, prosecutors said Wednesday.
       Dr. Kermit Gosnell, 69, made millions of dollars over 30 years, performing as many illegal, late-term abortions as he could, prosecutors said. State regulators ignored complaints about him and failed to visit or inspect his clinic since 1993, but no charges were warranted against them, District Attorney Seth Williams said.
       Gosnell "induced labor, forced the live birth of viable babies in the sixth, seventh, eighth month of pregnancy and then killed those babies by cutting into the back of the neck with scissors and severing their spinal cord," Williams said.
       Williams said patients were subjected to squalid and barbaric conditions at Gosnell's Women's Medical Society.
       Authorities went to investigate drug-related complaints at the clinic last year and stumbled on what Williams called a "house of horrors."
       "There were bags and bottles holding aborted fetuses were scattered throughout the building," Williams said. "There were jars, lining shelves, with severed feet that he kept for no medical purpose."
The clinic was shut down and Gosnell's medical license was suspended after the raid.
       Workers, some of whom were also charged with murder, were untrained and unlicensed, including a high-school student who performed anesthesia with potentially lethal narcotics, Williams said.
       Gosnell and nine other employees are in custody, authorities said.
       Gosnell has been named in at least 10 malpractice suits, including one over the death of a woman who died of sepsis and a perforated uterus.

The Associated Press contributed to this report 

"You guys are our heroes..." "It is surmounting difficulties that make heroes"

January 18 in the year of our Lord 2011
            If there was a picture of “depression” in a Funk & Wagnall, a picture of today, outside the abortion mill in the City of Slaughter would best describe it. It was “raw” with the dismal weather conditions. Our main goals were trying to save babies scheduled to be slaughtered this evening and to stay warm. We quickly set up our pregnancy outreach and noticed the extended van parked on the abortion mill’s lot and emblazed on the side with “Tomorrows Builders Youth Build Program” was sponsored by the St. Clair County Intergovernmental Grants Department. There you go; another pork- funded project with St. Clair County grant monies in action. Oh and our taxes are not paying for abortions. Right? As the messenger, we put the call out. Surprisingly, within an hour or so, they returned our call. The woman on the other line told us, “We get money from all over. We get grants. You all can just mind your own damn business.” Click! And you wonder why our economy is in such despair.
            We kept praying and engaging with the abortion-bound mothers and their accomplices pulling onto the lot. One male came out and told us that he, “Tried talking her out.” He wished the walls would come down on this place. He took our literature including information on “Black-Genocide.” The passenger came out and we tried talking with her; she was huge. It would take several days to kill her baby. She was cold hearted and had her mind made up. They sat in the SUV and smoked before they walked back in. God was still in control. We offered more prayers.
            Then, a white pickup truck stopped in the middle of the main street in front of Hope slaughterhouse containing an older male driver and a young girl. They spoke to Daniel. The male was tearing up, “Hey, are you the guys that are out here everyday with the ultrasound van?” “Yes,” Daniel replied. “Hey, I want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You guys are our heroes,” he said. The young girl then proceeded to share her story, “When I was 12 years old I got pregnant. Everyone around me was pressuring me to have an abortion, but I didn't listen to them. I gave my baby up for adoption.” Praise God! Daniel told her, “You did the right thing. The most loving thing a mother can do is to give life to her baby and place that precious one in the loving arms of a couple who can’t have their own children.” Cars were piling up behind this pickup truck. “You guys keep up the good work. You are our heroes,” they repeated as they drove off. Thank You, Lord, for putting a little sunshine in our hearts today when all looks dismal.
            "Not the glittering weapon fights the fight, but rather the hero's heart."
Amen ~Angela

Monday, January 17, 2011

"Oh No, I'm Not Gonna Kill It. My Dad Was Making Me Go Through with the Abortion..."

       SATURDAY, JANUARY 15--- It was obvious; the leather faced man was disgusted and conveyed that to the front sidewalk proclaimers as he came out of the slaughterhouse with his middle finger. The girl had tears running down her cheeks and walked in the opposite direction away from him. We followed her as did Children's Hospital deathscort "Auntie KiKi," of the Suicide Girls fame, in pursuit to her car. She was from Indiana. We asked the girl if we could help her. “No, I’m okay. I’m not gonna kill it. My dad was making me have the abortion.” “Is that why he was so angry?” “Yes. He told me to get rid of it.” I looked at the deathscort as she stood within inches of our conversation and replied, “Nobody can force you to kill that baby. We can help you.” Cathy was at my side. “We can help you; we can show you an ultrasound of your baby.”Amber” then explained that they did one inside. She was 6 weeks along, but they didn’t show her much. We encouraged her to come in our van for more counsel and another view to show her the entire baby. She declined as she already saw her baby it at the emergency room days earlier. She must have detected the concern in our voices, but Amber assured us she was not going back in there to kill her baby.

       We asked her about support and where would she go. She told us that she had friends who were aware of the tense situation and would support her, even a family relative who would be willing to adopt the baby. By this time the deathscort had returned to the slaughterhouse. I then knelt by the car and held her hand, “Amber, what can we do to help you right now on the spot?” “You guys have helped me enough.” I asked her what changed her mind on the abortion. She answered, “Seeing people out here praying.” She went on to say that she knew this was wrong and she already has a 4 year old daughter at home; how could she kill this one? I asked about the angry screamers in the alley. She replied, “Oh, I think that's terrible. It just makes you want to get in there faster.”
       She then informed us that she only had a quarter tank of gas to get back to Indiana. I asked her if she would take some gas money from us. “Yes, thank you.” I ran over to Daniel and retrieved some money, and Stan chipped in too. We had enough to get her back home. She accepted the money, gave me a hug, and promised to stay in touch; she would not let her dad pressure her into an abortion. Her cell phone kept ringing this entire time. She answered it, and I could hear her father on the other end angrily yelling at her.
       We watched from a distance and kept praying for God to put a hedge of protection around Amber and her unborn baby, and safely get her back home to Indiana where supportive friends and family would meet her and be a blessing to her in her pregnancy. We prayed for her father, that his heart would soften and he would see the important role he has to lead; that he would be a hero in his grandchild’s eyes and to others in doing the righteous thing. Finally, she drove past us smiling and waving headed towards the interstate. Praise God!
       We shared the good news with other prayer warriors who were keeping an eye on the situation. To be standing in this bitter weather everyone needs a little encouragement, so we spoke to the groups with the good news. Felix stood up and said, “No, Angela, it's you that is our hero. I drove by this abortion mill Tuesday, the coldest day, worst weather, and I saw you and your husband standing for the babies. You are our hero,” he repeated. “Thank you Felix for the kind words, but it’s the Lord. He just uses us.” I then shared how we had three babies saved with ultrasounds that fiercely cold day, which is quite unusual. Most abortion-bound mothers just want to run inside to get away from the cold. I went on to thank them all for being here. “We are a team in being lifesavers.” I repeated to them what the saves told me what works and what makes them run inside. The “chest beaters” in the alley will never save a baby. Larry said, “I just wish they would shut those guys up. It's horrible.” “They are not here to save babies; they are here to destroy. We have to pray for them too.” I went on to share how many babies were confirmed saved this day
       As we were packing up, a homeless man appearing to be talking to voices he was hearing walked by us. We watched him earlier get stuck in the quagmire of “chest beaters” in the alley. The man stood there for a couple of minutes listening to them preach at him. He then broke loose and passed us by laughing and exhorting that, “They’re crazier than I am.” We had a good laugh. God can use the simplest of things. “They are to do good, to be rich in good works, generous, and ready to share.” 1 Timothy 6:18
       We are to, “Make all you can, save all you can, give all you can.” -John Wesley

Friday, January 14, 2011

"It's a girl! See, I told you this lady will help you..."

            Gosh, what an unexpected surprise as we set up our outreach in the City of Slaughter. We're having a heat wave! Temperatures were near normal for this time of year unlike the arctic blast we endured earlier this week ministering to the abortion-bound mothers.

 As we arranged the ultrasound, Daniel met a young couple in the alley. They were Hispanic from Fairmont City which has turned into a "sanctuary city" for illegals. “Rita” and her friend could barely speak English, but they did understand what little broken Spanish we knew as we handed them a brochure. They indicated she was 12 weeks and would be keeping their baby. We could use a Spanish interpreter at times as we are slowly witnessing an increase of Hispanic abortions coming from this area. Once they have an anchor baby they kill the rest, unfortunately.

     We rejoiced with the good news and moved to the front sidewalk. Doris and “Lacey” came inside our ultrasound van, and to their surprise viewed an approximate 21 week old baby girl appearing to be sucking her right thumb. Ooohs and aahhs could be heard coming from the van. We invited some of our pro-life prayer warriors inside to see a picture of this child auditioning for her life. They, too, were blessed to see the precious image on the screen. Very encouraging! “It's a girl,” and we listened to her little heartbeats: thump...thump, 152 per minute. Lacey exclaimed, “I told you this lady would help you.” We went over physician follow-up and resources we can assist with. They grabbed some snacks on their way out that we provide from our kitchen area in the ultrasound van as pregnant mothers are  always hungry. The abortion mill tells them to be N.P.O. in the morning for their appointment. They both turned and gave us a big hug and thanked us for being there and helping them.
            A car drove by and screamed, “Blow the place down.”
Let us pray. “Thank You, Lord, for this beautiful day.” A wintry day is a good time to plant flower bulbs or good seed for the God of contrast. i.e.: cold and hot, light and dark, winter and spring, life and death : ). It guarantees that new life and spring will bloom.
            Thank You, Lord. ~Angela

Thursday, January 13, 2011

"The devil is not gonna steal my joy..."

           JANUARY 13, 2011---'s so cold outside. It takes hours, sometimes half a day, to warm my tired bones from standing in the gap for the little boys and girls scheduled to die. As we thaw out from our watch, we don our multi-tasking cape and face the challenges of tending to not only our ministry but our home front. The cleaning, the cooking, the laundry, the errands, groceries, paying the bills, manning the phones, picking the kids up from school, and dropping them off at their practices and/or games. Aaahhh. The luxury of just a little time for myself. It starts out with a tiny, “Wahhh,” then gradually progresses to a 3 alarm, “WWAAHH.” Up the stairs I run. The baby is up from his nap; way too short. I thought, “All they do is eat and poop and sleep the first few months.” : (  
            A quick diaper change and well, we're back at where we started as I slide back into my office chair, look out my window, and shutter at the dead of winter and the frozen snow. “It sure feels better in here,” I whisper to baby Isaac. I look in his face and he tells me with his big blue eyes, “Momma, you’re my world.” I hold him closer to my chest, kiss his tiny forehead, and think of where he could have been a few months ago. My eyes are filling with tears. “I’m so glad you’re here with us. I love you Isaac.” All the troubles of the day and week go away when I look into his face. I hold him up and say, “The devil's not gonna steal my joy,” and little Isaac laughs. I'm telling you he laughs! I smile and say, “Do that again.” He just looks at me and smiles. I repeat, “The devil’s not gonna steal my joy.” Isaac laughs out loud again. “He's laughing, he's laughing!” I shout. “That's your name Isaac; full of laughter.”
            By this time some of the kids have come into the office to see what's going on. “He's laughing,” I tell them. “Boy, we sure named you right.” I think God knew what He was doing by sending us our valiant baby Isaac. He will be a blessing to our family and all whom he encounters for the Kingdom. Thank you Jesus for making us worthy.
            Father, what a joy to serve You and the joy I receive through my children by being a mother. Open my eyes to the sacredness of this vital calling. I pray for continued strength and loving guidance that I may walk worthy of the name “mother”. The suggestions, support, knowledge, and hugs of tenderness we offer are footprints for our children to follow into their own abundant lives.
           1 Samuel 2:1-2 "My heart rejoices in the Lord; in the Lord my horn is lifted high. My mouth boasts over my enemies, for I delight in Your deliverance. There is no one holy like the Lord; there is no one besides You; there is no Rock like our God."

"I know this is wrong, and here I am..."

       JANUARY 11, 2011---It was like a frozen tundra with winds and - 3 with the wind chill. Brr. Just Daniel and I. Special Forces. I felt sorry for him as snow was filling up his worn shoes; he needs boots. But we were a team. As soon as we pulled up to the crime scene the body parts man was leaving.   
       No troublemakers, of course. I think the pregnant girls somewhat felt sorry for us, so, they did hesitate to go in and took literature from our frozen fingers.  Our phalanges were actually burning from the cold and winds. Only one Missouri convicted woman told us to, “F*%# off!” They did about 20 abortions. Throughout the afternoon, we cleared the drifting snow from the van door and kept moving.
       BAM! One precious lady gazed over at us as she drove by then pulled onto the parking lot, got out and listened to me. The guard came out and yelled at her, “Hey, you have an appointment inside!” Can you believe it? I then told her that we could help her for free and it would only take a few minutes. She started to walk over the snow drift when I told her she needed to move her car as  the guard was yelling again. She asked, “Why is he so angry?” Once inside I told her, “Because we cost them a lot of money.” : ) Woo-hoo!
      Once inside I covered her with an extra blanket till the van was  nice and toasty.  I scanned, and hidden in the secret place was her baby. Daniel even took her across the street to relieve her bladder, as she was too full, so we could get a better view. She then explained how she didn't know if she was going to keep it, etc. I listened to her plight and she has one child: an 8 year old girl. She is a nurse and knows, “This is wrong,” (most medical professionals do too.) But she said, “And here I am.”
       Daniel waited outside; he was a popsicle by then. After 45 minutes, I assured her we were there for her, that she could do this, and that this was a blessing from God. I knew she knew the Lord. I told her about Hannah and Isaac. “Whatever it takes, we will help.” She then sat up, peered at our brochure, and pointed to a saying on it while reading aloud, “Children are a blessing, a gift from God.” She had tears in her eyes and said, “I can't go in there. I know what I'm doing. Thank you for all your help.” She gave me the biggest hug. We gingerly walked her to her car on snow-covered icy walks and streets and she promised to keep in touch.
       We were rejoicing when Daniel told me that another couple came back out and told him they were keeping their 7 week old baby. Monica and her friend took our literature. They were one of the early clients we spoke with as they waited in line.
       A three-some from Tennessee came back out, told us they were still thinking, and sat in their car. We still waited another 20 minutes for them to come inside our van or drive off, but as it was getting dark we had to leave. They did take our literature. I prayed they would drive back home and not go inside. In all, possibly three saves, but it was frigidly cold. The winds were trying to penetrate our several layers of clothing to get at our core.
       Many of the cars drove by turning their heads from our watch; some looked in awe of us standing there holding our signs. A young man we spoke with on Saturday needing clothes for his 3 year old son came back by. We didn't have clothing that big; the little boy was not dressed warm enough. The man's wife left him and took their belongings. I have helped her with her past pregnancy. She had a drug dependency in the past, but got clean.
       We felt sorry for the situation. They prayed and then Daniel reached in his pocket and gave him part of our grocery money to go get some underwear and clothes for the boy. The man promised he would pay us back at the end of the month. Daniel told him to not worry about that and, “Take care of the little boy.” It was too cold to be out here. This went on while I was doing the ultrasound. Daniel had tears in his eyes; he felt sorry for the man and the little boy..
       "We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give." John 13:35 “By this all men will know that you are My disciples, if you love one another.” Staying encouraged, “We overcome evil by doing good.”
   Editor's note: The Tennessee car did leave and never returned to kill their baby. Praise God!