Wednesday, July 28, 2010

July 27th midnight abortions -Dog Days of Summer "We can't leave our dogs in here", they closed the hatchback.

     Today's witness outside the gates of hell in the City of Slaughter, was just more confirmation of how society treats and views the weakest in society.The mercury was close to the century mark with the heat and the high humidity made it feel worse. Pregnant girls slowly were trickling up to the front doors of the slaughterhouse. Two Black American girls pulled in front of us and we offered to help them, they declined and walked out the doors the driver walked back and got two dogs on leashes out of the back of car and walked them to the entrance. We thought "does she think they can take the dogs inside too?"
 5-6  minutes into it, they both walked back to the car upset and trying to figure out what to do with the dogs, another five minutes past by, one girl said, "We can't leave them inside the car", Only after the driver opened the hatch back struggling to put the dogs back inside did we notice a carseat with a live baby in the back seat."Oh my God, there's a baby in that hot car!" the girls began laughing. "It's not funny, you care more about those dogs than your own child!" This is selfish stupidity.It's no surprise and you understand with this lack of compassion and irresponsible attitude why this mother is at the local extermination camp. You can't pick your parents can you? Poor kid..After confronting this foolish twosome they got into their car and drove recklessly off the parking lot, back to Missouri.
     On a positive note, the young couple we spoke to and gave our literature too earlier, came back out and confirmed they saved the baby and thanked us as they pulled off the lot.
     Not only were the outdoor temperatures rising, so were the tempers of smoking abortion bound clients as they snapped our pictures and screamed at our witness "No one likes to be caught in their sin let alone at a crime scene." Then they had to drag Jesus into it. One girl yelled, "Jesus wouldn't stand out there".We replied "Jesus would not kill a baby".We are living out the Bible, in the last days the Israelites did as they saw fit.We in America are doing the same If it feels good,just do it.We can't keep killing God's children, and expect God's mercy and continue blessing this nation. 2 Chronicles 7:14

July 24th "Thank you for leaving this awful killing place" she replied.." I should be thanking you".

Approx 15 killed KY-1, MO-11, IL-3 1 save As the hot sun was dawning over the City of Slaughter, we set up our pregnancy outreach to the abortion- bound mothers. Only two cars from the day before were parked on the lot waiting for the belly of the beast to unlock their doors so they could finish the grisly deaths of their children.
God blessed our ministry early on during this year’s soon-to-be hottest day on record. A former Hope Clinic employee, “Mary,” walked from the hospital and opened the door of her car while Daniel spoke with her. He thanked her for leaving this awful killing place after working there for so many years. “I should be thanking you,” she replied as she got into her car and drove off the lot. A great start to the oppressive day!
Several pregnant mothers from previous days returned to finish the late-term dismemberments of their large babies. It was so hot that even the deathscorts were subdued under the closest shade tree, as we ventured to approach clients’ cars. It was extremely hot; 107 degrees with the heat index, but we were able to speak and give much literature to those who found themselves in a place they should not be.
The young pregnant girl from Kentucky came back out, confirmed she was not killing her baby, and drove off the lot. Praise God!
God renews and strengthens us each day: Like a small piece of chocolate, His little gifts of grace and blessings such as an unexpected “thank you,” the sight of a newborn babe that was spared, or the conversion of a once hardened heart makes the wilderness all worth it. It took Moses and the Israelites 40 years; it may take us 40 years as well, but God and I are the majority. Alleluia!
When you search for Me, you will find Me if you seek Me with all your heart.” Jeremiah 29:13. Today Lord, I will look for You in all Your gifts: the smile of a child, the warmth of the sun, and the meaning of the cross.

Be encouraged ~Angela

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Triple digit heatwave at the gates of hell One precious baby saved July 20th

      Morning storms led way to a tropical heatwave by afternoon as we reached the City of Slaughter.Running late, as we were wrapping up several interviews on latest article on Hope Clinic. Stericycle pulled onto the lot and retrieved several large, heavy boxes of medical waste. It was a sizzler as the sun bore down on us. Missouri laws continue to be bad for Illinois, as the floodgates continue to be wide open to obliged abortion-bound women.
      The deathtoll this evening: 1- Kentucky, 5-Illinois, 8- Missouri. If it were not for Missouri residents crossing state lines to kill, this late-term abortion mill would be bankrupt.Midnight abortions were underway.
      There was one precious save, as a young girl came inside our ultrasound van and viewed her precious 25 week old baby auditioning on the screen. We brought her friend and the children accompanying her inside to get out of the heat. They were very hot and flushed; they have no air-conditioning. We gave them bottles of water to cool down. They have called several agencies seeking a window air-conditioner. Catholic Charities in Granite City refused to help unless they have a medical conditon. The girl is 6 months pregnant. Isn't that considered a medical conditon? There is not much help in this town, but we are seeking either the funds or anyone who can help us with a unit for this pregnant mother during this heatwave. Matthew 4:19-20. God works through His children to help, heal, and change a needful world.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thursday July 15th

 Two babies were saved and only six were killed.

1- Oklahoma
1- Mississippi
3- Missouri
1- Illinois
 In triple digit temperatures with the heat index it was like standing in a furnace as the heat hit our faces
A mom and daughter from MO came back out and decided to keep their baby. Another Mom and daughter from IL had an ultrasound done by Angela. They took a brochure from us and will be keeping their baby. They were very happy in deciding to keep their child.As we were saving this baby inside the ultrasound van, the Granite City Police were issuing us yet another parking ticket. That's how powerful the presence of the ultrasound van is outside this slaughter house More confirmationn we are doing God's work and many babies are being saved.The best part is hell is hemmorrhaging Hope abortion mill continues to lose employees and revenue.
  Insiders are telling us their are rumblings inside this chop shop with the skeleton crew

Safest place for a baby in the womb is Granite City, today!

Wednesday July 14th

 SHUT-DOWN! The killing machine was inoperable due to lack of hired serial baby killers NO abortionist
 on duty.Thank you God You are dealing with the baby slayers The quaking inside, the killing numbers continue to be at an all time low, lack of team spirit among employees,lawsuits, lawsuits, lawsuits,.Hope Clinic is about to pay another big one off.This 2 million- dollar state -of -the art bloody dynasty is crumbling under the weight of
  the truth and Almighty God.The past month this slaughterhouse has been experiencing problems with the air-conditioning.One unit is completely broken down and the other is leaking on the flat top roof.Usually this mill has to keep this inside as cold as a "meat locker" to perserve "dead and murdered things".Now , the temperatures are rising inside just as they are outside It may be uncomfortable sweating and killing babies inside, but not as hot and uncomfortable as it will be in hell.This is just a little taste of what is to come Can you hear God now?

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Saving babies is easy, finding the right people to do it is the hard part.

What a glorious day the Lord has made. Midnight abortions were underway,.it was blistering hot in the afternoon heat  But 4 precious babies were saved at the Hope Clinic in Granite City, Illinois today. As Jess, Stan, Kathy,Mike,Deacon Brian, Daniel and Angela stood for the unborn in the sweltering heat. Angela performed three ultrasounds on expectant mothers today, as Julie and Ashley and another mother decided to keep their babies and not go through with their abortions A young black man that had brought his girlfriend (over 20 weeks) for an abortion from Missouri came back out after a half hour and went over to Jess and asked him for a rosary.Jess handed him a sapphire blue one. They said "thank you for being here, we're going to keep our baby". That's why we stand in the gap where babies are scheduled to die, to be a caring voice and minister to the lost and needy with our pregnancy outreach by being window to the womb. One of the couples drove over 4 hours to kill their baby, but changed their minds after viewing that life sucking it's thumb in her womb.

Contact us at  as we have 2 babies up for adoption.