Tuesday, August 25, 2020



  August 2020

Hope Clinic for Women LTD. has lost approximately 3 million dollars in revenue and over 6,000 babies have been saved from abortion through our daily ultrasound /pregnancy outreach ministry.   In our 27.5 yr. history of being on the sidewalks surrounding “America’s Abortion Capital,” aka “Hope Clinic” we have experienced several threats coming from these anti-life advocates, but this time it’s different. Yes, Hope Clinic in Granite City, Illinois is now forced to “build the wall” to stop Small Victories from saving babies and the “revenue bleed” that has been happening for years, and even more so  now with our new upgraded medical unit with its attractive appearance which appeals to unsure abortion minded women.  Over the spring and summer we have documented women, notably Black

women, being threatened by the Hope

deathcamp guard and deathscorts. “If you go in her van, Hope Clinic will never help you, they say, which is, of course, a lie; Hope Clinic will never turn money down and, since they go out of their way to intimidate and target Black women into using surgical abortion for “birth control,” it’s also racist. In fact, if you want to see “systemic racism” come stand outside Hope Clinic and just watch how they treat women of color. Remember, it was the dream of the racist founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger, that abortion be used to control the black population. And although this clinic is not affiliated with that wretched organization, 80% of the babies murdered here are black. Eighty percent!

 Not only has our ministry been a voice for the unborn, but for the mother’s too. And the abortion mill doesn’t like that, either. And, although there are other pro-life groups that come and go, Small Victories is here, day after day, year after year, and so the clinic keepers are up to something new.

This past week, the slaughterhouse manager Allison Drieth has been sighted several times outside the abortion mill, in our afterhours, helping contractors’ measure the walks and parking lot. They don’t like it when we circle back and catch them in the act of transporting an injured abortion client in an ambulance or when they are measuring the property line for a wall. But they were hoping to do this in secrecy as the “Mega Planned Parenthood

“in Fairview Htgs. Illinois, did last Fall. See article.. https://illinoisbaptist.org/abortions-likely-to-increase-in-illinois-due-to-new-clinic/?fbclid=IwAR1kcPXzp2zDJEYE1R6gkB-vrP1PY7tZ3iQyJ5CPAhcI5eae7b2jDvzkbM8         


You see, Hope Clinic is a fallacy, they offer nothing but death. They don’t help find jobs, pay bills, or housing, or empowering women; they focus on their weaknesses and magnify them as “problems,” and murdering their babies is the best way to deal with problems. That’s it.  Oh, and they encourage clients to write a letter to their aborted babies that the abortion mill proudly displays in a big binder book for others to read.


Small Victories is just the opposite. We celebrate motherhood and offer solutions and another way out of their situation, other than murdering their innocent babies. With our new “eye catching” medical unit more abortion bound women have been coming inside  to receive quality care and follow up with our staff physicians or one of their own choosing for prenatal care. We follow up on their needs in order for them to thrive.  The best part is viewing their unborn babies in our unit, as early as 4 weeks gestation.

 Of course, most women who come to Hope Clinic are further along in their pregnancies, as they specialize in late term abortions. Most are told it’s “just tissue” and to get to the clinic before it “turns into something.” Inside our medical unit we show them that “something” and its unique tiny features made in God’s image. In just the past few months we have saved so many women and their babies that, as was said earlier, Hope Clinic makes it a practice to threaten women who dare come to our van or enter our van by saying, “Hope Clinic will never help you again.”  I thought reproductive rights were about a “choice”?            

   This pattern is very concerning for the Black women Hope Clinic is threatening. Where is their choice to receive FREE health care and other options? Abortion was and continues to never be about a woman’s choice; it’s about money and the abortion industry’s power and control over women, PERIOD!

 The state of the art 2-million-dollar Hope Clinic erected in 1999 was proposed to take on an “open and airy” look by one former director Sally Burgess.   But now, entrenched with walls, Hope Clinic will take on the real “deathcamp” look. The modern-day Auschwitz West. At least that’s more honest.

~Angela Michael