Wednesday, April 27, 2011

“What Good Is A Box Of Soap When I Don’t Have Electricity?”

Tuesday April 26th - You could feel the frustration in the young mother’s voice as she and her pregnant friend (who share a small house together) tearfully shared their plight with us today on the sidewalks surrounding the slaughterhouse in Granite City. Both women came to us out of desperation as they know there are no resources for pregnant women but a box of soap in Granite City. They have been through the ritual of local organizations consistently turning them down for financial assistance and baby supplies. The pregnant girl told us she had to take four classes at Mosaic to receive two receiving blankets when she needed a crib that she never received. The children they brought with them were complaining of hunger. They were precious; some were saves. They were dressed properly and clean.
            Judy (another sidewalk counselor) jumped into action while Daniel worked the phone beat. Stan and I entertained the kids. “Let’s get them some food,” Judy said. She went to her car to retrieve money and we began walking them down to the local eatery. While they went to eat, the remnant kept gently offering abortion-minded mothers another way. Only one organization called us back and offered to put some money towards the electric bill. Our ministry paid the rest. When the family came back with Judy, we blessed them with the finances to take them to the utility company and get it taken care of. The mothers’ faces beamed with joy. We then loaded their car with baby supplies they needed.

            At this point, the pregnant mother started weeping, thanking us and telling us how degrading it felt to be turned down or take pregnancy classes to receive two blankets for her baby. “I needed a crib not blankets. I’m trying to work and take care of my children and then have to be at four classes in order to get two blankets? I hated having to come down here and ask you guys because you have helped me out so much before, but I knew who to turn to.” She wiped her face and said, “You guys do so much to help people like me and even those women,” and she pointed to the abortion mill, “going in there. You guys are unbelievable and I wouldn’t have my babies now had you not been here. Thank you so much.” We hugged her at this point. “No, I really mean it Angela. No one else would give us the time of day, and here you guys fed us and our kids. Look at all the nice stuff you put in our car. No one else does that.” I told her, “It’s God.”
         One of the little girls pulled on my pant leg and told me she had a boo-boo as she fell on the walk back to the ultrasound van. She grazed her elbow. “Ooh that looks like it needs to be cleaned up and a band-aid.” I asked their mother for permission to dress her boo-boo. Of course, the other two toddlers followed inside with delight. We sat down by the sink and medical supply closet with the door open so mom could keep a watch on little “Mila.” I disinfected as the other two looked on with such curiosity. They peered over at the baby models and began asking questions about the babies. I applied antibiotic and a small band-aid explaining how old the little rubber babies were. I held one up and said, “You used to be this little inside your mommy.” They giggled and “Loquito” asked if he could have one. “Of course!” The other girls chimed in, “Can we have one too?” I handed all three a little 11 week old model and they admired their eyes and ears. I then took my black marker and drew a smiley face on Mila’s band-aids and she held it up for both to see. Well, that started a wildfire of boo-boos that needed triage attention. “Sure, we can do that,” although I had to squint to verify. “Loqutio” held his hand out and we cleaned and placed on a band-aid with a smiley face. “Helena” held out her forearm and she requested that the smiley face be drawn looking at her : ). “Since you all have been terrific patients, if your mothers okay it, you get a treat.” All jumped to their feet, and I placed lollipops in their hands. All three without provocation turned and hugged and asked me to bend down so they could place a kiss on my cheek; so sweet. It’s nice to be appreciated.
        As we came out of the van, Judy conveyed that the mother and daughter from Illinois that we spoke to earlier came back out and confirmed a save to her. Praise God!
        The mothers and their children were in much better spirits than when they first arrived on the scene. Both were smiling and repeatedly thanking us for all our help. Praise God, He gets the glory! We gathered and led in prayer for this family and God’s blessings and His provisions. We walked them to their car which now had almost a full tank of gas. “Thank you Angela so much,” and we watched them drive off the lot.
        I turned to the prayer warriors, “Give me your hungry, give me your tired, give me your babies.” They all laughed! I felt like the Statue of Liberty. The abortion mill was taking this all in. A few minutes later, the guard came out and motioned to me. We met him on the sidewalk. “I’m not feeling well. I need to get over to the emergency room.” We asked if he needed assistance. “No,” he answered. “I think I can make it.” We walked beside him, and Daniel made sure he got to the emergency room where they took him right inside.
        We gathered the saints and threw up a prayer for the guard and the situation. We prayed for God to bind up the murderous spirits inside the abortion mill and return our nation to a culture of life and respect for every living creature. “We thank You, Lord, for all of the babies saved this day and the hearts touched and changed through our efforts, prayers, and witness. Place a hedge of protection around Your saints as they travel back home. Until You return, we pray in Jesus’ name.”  
        "Those who are generous are blessed, for they share their bread with the poor." Proverbs 22:9 The heart that goes out of itself gets large and full of joy. This is the great secret of inner life. We really do ourselves the most good when we are doing something for others. We overcome evil by doing good.

            Be encouraged ~Angela

Monday, April 25, 2011

Good Friday Turned Out To Be "Great Friday!"

Friday, April 22nd- This is the holiest and most somber time of year when Christians honor and remember Christ's crucifixion and death on a Cross for the world's sins as a “human sacrifice.” We quickly set up our ultrasound outreach to the abortion-minded mothers and their accomplices this tumultuous day as periods of storms and gusty winds embraced us outside the abortion mill. The weather set the mood, but we had hope as we also know how Christ rose three days later and He continues to be in the “saving lives” business...just like our ministry. Every time we show up equipped to fight the battle we have the VICTORY!

            Yes, here on Good Friday moms and dads were crucifying their little babies. We intercepted a couple who came inside our van and viewed their approx 21 week old baby auditioning on the ultrasound screen. We went over physician referral and resources we can help them with. They were very grateful and thanked us as they left.

            We continued standing and praying, and again we intercepted a Black American couple parked on the hospital lot walking towards the abortion mill. We softly offered to help them and pleaded mercy for their unborn baby. The woman was just set on aborting her baby, but they did listen to the case we made for her innocent child. It is so emotionally draining to be teetering on the edge between life and death. “Don’t give up!” I reminded the saints. “Keep praying; God is still in control!” Praise God, He is in control as we confirmed two more saves: one in the alley and the other on the west sidewalk as they came back out and thanked Daniel. We had a closing prayer as the weather was changing for the worse. The skies were blackening and thunder was heard in the background. Tornado warnings were out.
            All the way home we fought the high winds trying to keep the ultrasound van on the road. Yes, it was a somber day even though we had saves. “God, it is so hard to continue fighting everyday for the lives of the preborn. We need a touch from You and a sign of encouragement that You have us where we need to be in serving You and moving further into the Kingdom…”

            We no sooner reached the home front when a distress call came through. It was Larry. He stayed behind at the abortion mill, and a pregnant girl drove all the way from Festus, Missouri to get an ultrasound. She kept her baby and came out after we had left the abortion mill a few days ago. Larry gave her our number and told her we would help her; he would place a call to our ministry for her and we could make arrangements. Daniel did take care of the message and we reset her ultrasound for the next day. Praise God!

            Exactly one hour later, another call came through. It was the Muslim couple we tried talking to this past Tuesday. They came back to the clinic after walking out Tuesday evening still pregnant and wanted to see their baby. After they could not reach us by phone, they drove all the way to our hometown and called us to ask if we could do the ultrasound for them. OMG! Well, thank God we have a lot of older kids that were in town home for the Easter break that we could drop everything and meet up with this family who was waiting on a restaurant parking lot. Daniel drove the ultrasound van there in a private area and I drove to them in my car; I was so surprised.

            Once inside our van, the beautiful testimony unfolded. The father smiled and told me, “I told you on Tuesday after we talked I was going to bring my wife out.” “And you did,” I ended. He had to interpret for me as she barely spoke any English. They were from Jordan, both Muslim. He owned a liquor store and immigrated to the U.S. I explained everything and he translated to his wife. Daniel stayed outside as it is customary for only the husband or another woman to view a Muslim woman’s body. Daniel spoke with an accompanying family member waiting in their car. He learned a lot about the Middle East and Muslim beliefs, etc., especially on abortion while we did the ultrasound.

            We scanned, and there to the Muslim couple’s surprise was an approx 11.5 week old baby floating in an ocean of amniotic water appearing to wave now and then. “Is the baby okay?” the father asked. “He appears to be, but we need to follow-up with a doctor.” We listened to the heartbeats: 132 per minute. The woman gasped and tears welled in her eyes. “It’s okay,” I assured them. “Good and strong.” She smiled. The father looked at me. I offered, “Your baby looks good, praise God.” I asked him, “You believe in God don’t you?” He nodded. I then noticed how intently he was staring at my crucifix hanging on my neck. I asked about a physician and they didn’t have one. We referred them to our staff obstetricians who work with our ministry. They gladly accepted our help. They wanted us to set up their appointment, which by the grace of God there was someone still in the office so that we could do this on the spot. Relief…we could see it on their faces.

            It’s Good Friday and we are missing services, but only by the grace of God we are here on a parking lot saving a baby and changing hearts. The husband offered me anything I wanted in his liquor store. I blushed, “No, no, I thank you for your offer, but we don’t drink alcohol.” He then asked, “You do all this to help women?” “Yes,” I answered. “When we tell women not to kill their babies we better have answers and help.”

            He then proceeded to tell us about abortions…they are secret, if any do occur in his country. Abortion is not acceptable. Only if a girl has relations and is not married  she must have an abortion secretly so as not to bring shame on her family. They are rare and forbidden. He then added, “The other night when I met you, my friend and his wife were inside the abortion clinic. They, too, came back out and did not have the abortion. I wanted to tell you.” “Praise God,” I said. I hugged the female and shook the husband’s hand They promised to keep in touch and would be forever grateful for our help and kindness. We gave them directions back to the interstate. “Long drive,” Rami commented, “but much worth it. Thank you Angela.” They drove off.

            “Lord, forgive me. It’s Good Friday and seeds of doubt filled my mind earlier this day  but, we are reminded of the price Your Son paid on a Cross for us. I thank You, Lord, for keeping Your promises and blessing us this day with a sign of real hope. We are doing the righteous thing and our cup is filled again with joy, fortitude, and perseverance.In knowing, we asked and we received and we serve a Mighty Lord. "

“Are not all angels spirits in the divine service, sent to serve for the sake of those who inherit salvation?” Hebrews1:14. When the news is dark, God sends a messenger, like sunshine poking a hole through a cloud of HOPE.
            Be encouraged ~Angela

Thursday, April 21, 2011

When you sow bloodshed in the womb, you will reap it in the streets

Tuesday April 18th- It was in the upper 80’s with humidity to make it feel like a July afternoon as we stood on the sidewalks surrounding this abortuary. We were busy. This abortion mill loves to mix up their schedules and causulties. Only three cars were on the lot when we arrived; 15 minutes later it was up to 22, mostly Missouri, a lot more Black American. The casual attitude towards murder is alarming. Is it any wonder why we witness and hear of so much more violence in the inner city “cutting people down on the streets and cutting people down in the womb”? It is desensitizing the conscience of society.
            Just this past weekend, a Vietnam immigrant and his wife, both in their 70’s, were walking through a South St. Louis alley after grocery shopping and were attacked by four teens or predators playing the “knock-out game” where unsuspecting victims or passer-bys are attacked. This couple was beaten and kicked severely, just for the fun of it until the elderly man lay dying. His wife was severely punched and kicked but managed to crawl to a distance where she could call her son on a cell phone. The son dialed 911 and ran to the alley where he found his injured mother and cradled his crumpled and dying father in his arms until police arrived. The elderly man died. His wife survived and is now planning his funeral. Another senseless act of violence. “When you sow bloodshed in the womb, you will reap it in the streets. For over 38 years we have embraced bad behavior and allowed immorality. Men and women of all ages get to pick and choose who gets to live and who gets to die. What should we expect?”          
            Nicole pulled onto the parking lot and we were able to bring her inside our ultrasound van for a view of her baby. To her surprise, we viewed an approx 20 week old baby girl auditioning on the screen. We listened to the heartbeats and went over physician follow-up and resources we can help with. We gathered some baby supplies on hand and gave them to her as well as some money to get a meal for herself and her other child. She was very grateful and got out of the car crying and gave me a hug. “Please let me know if there is anything else we can help you with.” They waved as they drove off.
            Another couple came back out and Daniel was able to confirm another save while we were doing the ultrasound. It was getting hot on the sidewalk with the “summer-like” sun bearing down on us, but we’re not complaining!
            A young man brought his baby, a save, from the past fall for us to see. He was precious. It is so encouraging to see the fruits of our labors. Daniel told us that he just witnessed to a mom and daughter in the alley after noticing the Jesus Is Lord emblem on their car. They were from the upper-scale Chicago area. She was over 6 months. They were referred to Hope(less) by a doctor to get rid of their supposedly flawed baby boy. We offered to take them across the street for a second opinion by real doctors. Daniel told them about our unfortunate situation years ago and we let God have control and nature take its course. The mother responded, “Believe me, I’d rather be any place than this place.”
Throughout the unusually warm and muggy afternoon, three precious babies were confirmed saves, including a father and daughter from Missouri and a couple from Illinois who accepted our literature and thanked us.
            Thank You, Lord, for making it possible for us to continue to run smack into enemy territory and gain more ground for the Kingdom. We continue making our voices heard. We have done battle for years with the powers of evil and we still have compassion on those who are held by its grip. May our witness and ministry continue pleasing You and bearing much fruit, and may we continue to keep “storming the gates” until You welcome us into the gates of heaven. In Jesus’ name we pray. ~Angela 

Friday, April 15, 2011

"A Baby Was Saved Tonight...."

       Thursday, April 14th- A distress call came in the evening around 7:05 p.m. just as our family was beginning to wind down from the day's activities. I could hear the desperation in this friend's voice; she was begging me to meet with a friend of hers who just found out she was pregnant and didn't know what she was going to do. Her parents did not know and feared telling them.
        We met this young lady and her friend on a restaurant parking lot. They came inside the van and went over preliminary questions. We then scanned; to her shock she was approx 30 weeks pregnant with what appeared to be a baby boy. Tears immediately began. "What am I going to do?" she cried. I said, "It's okay. We can get through anything with God in control." She then explained her situation. After listening I replied she had more going for her than most girls we meet outside the abortion mill in Granite City. She has her education; she has a job. She still wasn't convinced. I then told her how dangerous it would be to abort this late term baby at this stage of her pregnancy. "What is the biggest thing you're looking at?" I asked her. "Telling my parents," she said." It's okay, we can help you do that..would you like me to go with you?" "Would you ? "she replied "Absolutely!"We snapped a picture of her baby waving his little hand at the ultrasound screen, to help us in introducing him to her parents. We then went over a strategy and list of our resources we can help her with. The first setting up her initial prenatal visit with a physician and getting her a medical card and pregnancy confirmation. By 9:45 p.m., this baby was saved and a stay of execution was warranted. Her parents took the news very hard, they were angry at first, her mother was a little softer by the end of our home visit, but they agreed to help her bring this baby into the world.The father of the baby was also still in the picture, but the parents didn't really care for him. "It doesn't matter who the baby's parents are it's not this little one's fault. We have to do the right thing.Your daughter needs your support and love right now. Our ministry can supply the other stuff". Thank you Jesus! We gave hugs of encouragement , The young girl was very thankful and both she and her parents were impressed with our calling and mobile pregnancy unit ministry.Her friend commented, "See, I told you this lady would help you, she helped me tremendously , she saved my life and my baby's life."  Children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward.  Psalm 127:3
   With God as the fuel from which it gains warmth, protection, and inspiration, family is where we first find love, accepetance and security.
  I still love my .. job! Thank you Lord for always encouraging me to say, "yes..go yea."

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

"God Wrote The Book...And There Is Another Chapter"..

SUNDAY, APRIL 10- Today was Ms. Candice's day. We were celebrating her and motherhood by showering her with gifts and welcoming her soon-to-be baby girl into the world in a matter of weeks. Mary and the youth group did a wonderful job shopping and setting up along with some help from a student needing community service hours. Everyone began arriving with presents and cards. We were waiting for the guest. When she walked through the doors with her family, she was surprised. “Oh my!”
I remember when we first met the "ice lady" outside the abortion mill last fall. She didn’t need the escorts and she told them so. She could walk on her own power inside the abortion mill. But for some reason, she listened to us, and Mary was there that day too. We were able to bring her inside the ultrasound van and show her a beautiful picture of her approx 12 week old baby. She was tough. Nobody was going to break her. It took us awhile to bring her around and convince her not to abort her baby. We lost contact with her until recently when she sought us out at the abortion mill and was ready to go back inside. She was not convinced this was going to work out. She kept the baby, but told us she lost just about everything, including her job due to pregnancy. She was behind in her rent and her utilities; they were about to be turned off.
We networked with a church group on the sidewalk. They informed us that they had access to a benevolent fund for situations such as Candice's. They may be able to help with paying some of the bills to keep her housing and utilities on. We asked what else she needed assistance with. “Baby stuff. I only have a crib,” she said. “We can do that.” I looked at Mary and asked her to come into my office. We excused ourselves from the group and in private I suggested we throw her a baby shower. Mary lit up. “Yes, that’s a great idea Angela. Lets do it! We will get the youth group involved too.” We assured Candice things would work out and she left the abortion mill much happier than when she arrived.
Fast forward…Just as Candice was arriving we sat her down and she was surrounded by her mother and two precious daughters. The youth group handed her gifts and she opened them and cried a lot as she struggled to read the beautiful messages written for her courage and willingness to trust us to help her make away for her new baby. We served cake and punch and played shower games. Candice broke down a few times because she has never had such beautiful things for her baby and she felt the love with no strings attached. Many of those in attendance were wanting to help more after learning how we met her and how awesome it was to be a part of this special day celebrating life and motherhood.
I overheard Mary explaining to a lady, “Angela has taught me that we are to be Jesus to these abortion-minded mothers we meet outside the abortion mill, not scream Jesus at them. When they see the love of Jesus in us it wins hearts and saves babies.this  gives them real hope.” Mary, the host of today’s event then thanked some of the helpers. She also shared how we met Candice, how her baby was saved through our ultrasound ministry, and how dedicated we are to life.
Candice then spoke, “A few weeks ago I was so far behind in everything I didn’t know what I was going to do or who would help. I was even thinking of going back to the clinic; I was desperate. But I found Angela and Mary and, well, now look at me. I’m a cream puff today. My bills are paid, and look at all of these beautiful baby gifts. I'm blessed. I'm so glad I have them in my lives.” I then sat down by her and asked to give her a hug. She laughed and said, “I’m a cream puff today; you can hug me all you want.” Laughter." I now have hope". 
We then stood up and I whispered, “Thank you for trusting me and giving me a chance.” I then gave recognition to all those who got involved and helped to make this possible and thanked all those in attendance for being a part of this save and for their support and prayers. We presented the two little girls with a bagful of gifts; they were happy. Candice kept saying, “I’ve never been treated so kind and felt so loved.” I whispered, “That’s God, Candice. When you felt that no one cared and you were on your last nerve, that was God’s way of saying that one door may have closed, but He will never fail us. He wrote the Book and there is another chapter.” Today was that chapter, a new beginning for Candice and her family. This is how you stop abortion, by rescuing, saving, and changing hearts, one at a time, where babies are dying and lives destoyed.  
        Be encouraged ~Angela  

Thursday, April 7, 2011

“I want to be just like you when I grow up”

April 6, 2011
        “Hi! This is Jessica, I was one of the teenagers at Granite City with you guys today. I just wanted to thank you for everything that you have done. You have no idea how much it means to me, as well as to all of the pro-life community. I have such an incredible amount of respect for your whole family, and just felt like you really need to know how much you are loved and appreciated.
        How you have dedicated your lives to God's cause is just amazing! If only the people walking into that clinic knew how much you cared for them, how much you cared for their babies. I wish that all pro-lifers could be like you, letting their lights shine instead of hiding out and doing nothing for such an amazing cause. Thank you so much. Angela, I want to be just like you when I grow up:) We love you guys!!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Abby Johnson Meets Real Hope and Her Name is “Hannah”


SUNDAY, APRIL 3- Genesis 4:8-10 On an unexpected hot and very windy spring afternoon, we set off to the other side of the river, to the only other extermination mill in St. Louis, that being Planned Parenthood. Unplanned author and former Planned Parenthood director Abby Johnson was scheduled to make a pit stop on her way to Columbia, Missouri where she was holding a sidewalk counseling training seminar. The winds were really gusting; it was hard to hold signs, let alone a toddler. God provided, and this was special; it was our youngest daughter’s first protest outside Planned Parenthood. Really, we were there to meet Abby. This has always been a highly trafficked thoroughfare. So many cars were buzzing by us as we stood anticipating her arrival. Some of the drive-bys cursed us or gave us the middle finger salute. We just held onto our signs and our daughter. The prayer warriors’ numbers had swelled to almost 40 people. Some came over after recognizing us and chatted about our ministry and all the good work they hear of.
       Abby’s entourage appeared around the corner and parked. We were the first to meet her. Abby got out and looked over at little Hannah and walked right up to her. “Hi Abby! It’s Daniel and Angela from Illinois. This is Hannah Noelle. She was saved from abortion at 34 weeks and we adopted her. She is the love of our lives.” Abby scooped her up and gave her a big kiss on the cheek. “She is precious,” Abby said. Others gathered around us and listened to a brief story of our ministry and all the babies we have adopted or helped to adopt to others after rescuing and saving them from abortion.
       Abby spoke with Hannah, asking her about all kinds of interesting things she liked. She then gave Hannah back and embraced Angela as Angela whispered, “Thank you for your courage and inspiring testimony.” Some of the prayer warriors standing behind us came closer as they overheard us talking about our 18 ½ year ministry of saving babies and adopting them outside our abortion mill in Granite City, Illinois. They wanted to know more.
       Everyone thinks I saved Hannah’s life, but every day I look into her eyes she saves mine and makes me want to save more.”  Abby smiled and signed our copy of her book, Unplanned: “God bless you and your incredible ministry for life. Many lives have been saved because of your tireless work. Yours 4 LIFE!- Abby.
       Our 40 days devotion is appropriate for today: When we speak at engagements we try and convey that we are our brother’s keeper and that God will judge us to have recognized and loved all our brothers and sisters, even the little ones. The 40 Days campaigns are answering that question every campaign, so, too, our ministry for the past 18 years by going to where our brothers and sisters are being killed. We do have a responsibility to them. Every time we show up outside abortion mills, we are answering that question and call. I thank God that He has directed our feet and made provisions to be there. Whenever doubt sets in, all I have to do is look into the faces of our youngest children, Hannah and Isaac, and I realize, “Where would they be had no one been there that day?” 
       “Father, we thank You that we hear Your voice and are responding to the question, ‘Where is your brother?’ We recommit ourselves today to care for them. Thank You for entrusting us to care for one another and for Your grace and mercy as we work tirelessly to renew our culture to a culture of LIFE. In Jesus’ name we pray.” ~Angela