Monday, March 22, 2021

HOPE CLINIC Granite City, Illinois murders baby and butchers mother during abortion

 Another "botched abortion" inside America's abortion capital "Hope Clinic" in Granite City, Illinois this past Sat. 3-20-21. Our ministry and medical unit arrived both days Friday & Sat. the 2nd and 3rd trimester abortions are performed on these days of the week. Several of the cars on Sat. were from the day before indicating they were late term babies being dismembered. Many of the clients were obviously in preterm labor, holding their bellies and moaning as they stood in line to enter the abortion building. Some had difficulty in their gait as they approached the entrance. After hrs. of ministering to the abortion bound, our medical unit left for Planned Parenthood over in Fairview Heights, Illinois to screen abortion minded clients and offer free medical care.  It was only hours after we left Hope Clinic did we find out another  local ambulance arrived to pick up a hemorrhaging woman from Hope Clinic. They transport all abortion complications over the river to St. Louis, Missouri at Barnes Jewish hospital where emergency surgeries are performed to save their lives. And to continue with the vast cover ups of reproductive malpractice and gross negligence inside Hope Clinic. Former workers have told me the abortion mills worst fears are "lawsuits and ambulances." Now, with the revised RHA legislation passed in June of 2019 by Illinois Gov.J. B Pritzker, pregnant women have more reasons to be concerned for their safety before and during their abortions. Their is no accountability if problems arise inside the abortion mill . No health inspections, no reporting, no physician required to perform abortions, if a women is injured or dies during her abortion, the abortion staff and abortion mill is NOT held accountable or responsible for their injuries or deaths. This means NO police, No coroner, No investigation. Just to name a few of the changes. The only phone call made after a death inside Hope Clinic or any Illinois abortion mill, is to the funeral home. This should be a major concern since abortion has always been shoved down our throats as the cure to "back alley abortions"when more truthfully, back alley abortion has never gone away, they are LEGAL, they just cost more and the abortionist comes through the front door. The supposed "safety" of women has never been a concern, just more propaganda from the abortion industry to get what they want. That is control, power, and money. My former co -worker, turned chief abortionist stated, "Once these women are patched up and back on the highway, they (ab clients) are NO longer his problem".