Sunday, June 17, 2012

“The Purpose Driven Life…Purposely Killing Our Babies. Thank You Rick Warren”

June 15, 2012
Written by Angela Michael

            It’s always disheartening to view so many Black Americans using the abortion mill as their choice of birth control. They methodically perpetrate the brutal dismemberments of their unborn children at a higher rate compared to Caucasians, Hispanics, or Asians. 

            Today was no different as we arrived and quickly set up. We witnessed huge babies scheduled to die. Let’s see: Rhode Island, North Carolina, and approx fifteen Missouri cars were present of the approx twenty-five inside killing their late-term babies. We tried to softly speak to the mothers as they stood in line to sign out the death warrants. One young, very pregnant woman came back out and sat on the smoking bench listening to our pleas of mercy.  I felt indignation rising up my back as I viewed her very pregnant frame.

            At about the same time, another Black American woman was carrying a very popular publication, a Christian book by Pastor Rick Warren in her hand as she entered the slaughterhouse. Thanks, Rick Warren. You have done so much to save babies; you and all of the other 99% of prosperity pastors and their once-a-year pro-life sermons, if that. It is about as bad as these carnal Christians carrying in their Bible as they kill their unborn babies.

            Our focus turned back to the very pregnant girl. She stood up, smoked, and talked over to us; she was 28 weeks. This mother screamed that she already had three children and couldn’t have another one. I corrected her and said, “No, you have four children. That one you are carrying is as precious as the three at home.” She appeared to tear up as she inhaled her cigarette. “Smoking is bad for pregnant women.”

            I spoke my heart to her. Even Bob came over and said, “You tried; that’s what counts. It’s not over yet. God is still on the throne.”  I offered to adopt her baby while briefly sharing our youngest son’s testimony and saying that we could temporarily take custody, and when she is ready to parent she could get her baby back. “There is no excuse to kill that late-term baby,” I told her. I asked, “Why did you wait until you are over halfway through your pregnancy to butcher your baby?  How does a mother carry a baby for this long? Did you just wake up and decide, ‘Today’s the day. I don’t want it anymore?’” She didn’t answer, but just continued smoking and taking our pleas all in. She was cold, hardening her heart.

            I told her, “Only God can take life, and only God can give life. It’s not for us to play God or to judge our innocent babies.”  I told the others to keep praying. The man who brought her didn’t even have the stamina to go inside with her; he knew this was wrong. He parked and sat in the back lot the entire time. She stood up. “Oh God, please, this baby is so big.” I asked her, “Do you realize that you are taking a chance? You are risking your own life with a late-term dismemberment. The baby’s arms and legs will be broken off, and as the abortionist pulls them through the birth canal they are like sharp projectiles. They can cause all kinds of danger to you. It’s safer to give birth to this baby and place him or her for adoption.” However, she wasn’t having any of this. She finished her smoke and yelled over that she was just going back inside to do some paper work. “Please don’t sign that baby’s death warrant. That baby has a destiny.” She walked back inside to our disbelief. Rage filled our minds.

            Just last week our local media splashed yet another dreadful story of a young life being cut down in the streets of St. Louis. A young 14 year old girl was shot in the head as she walked with her friends. No one saw the shooter. Some of the witnesses interviewed offered that she was a sweet girl without any enemies. One witness did say that the 14-year-old had an argument over a boy earlier in the day. Police still haven’t connected anyone with the shooting. But my oh my, the outcry from the public and her family was incredible. This unfortunate situation gets media attention, yet the defenseless late-term baby gets none. Where is the outcry when a 24 or a 28 week old baby can be slaughtered inside Hope Clinic any day of the week?  When we witness so much bloodshed in the womb from such calloused, hardened mothers why are we surprised when the same violence is happening in the streets to our children? Can you connect the dots? 

            When the Rick Warrens of our world will not confront this abomination, but rather continue to sell their books and preach their prosperity sermons, what should we expect to witness going into the slaughterhouses across our nation?  Where is the outcry?  We are living and dealing with a nation full of savages.  Every man is for himself. Forget the widows and the aliens. We are a depraved society full of blood-thirsty murderers.                                                         

            We continue to build a culture of death by turning a blind eye to this atrocity and hoping it just goes away. We refuse to confront the enemy at the gates who has come to steal, to kill, and to destroy. When we sow bloodshed in the womb, we will reap it in the streets.  Who is the most responsible for the detestable act of abortion and infanticide? We need only look in the mirror.