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Nov 07, 2023

Kelly Bradley, A Thief, A Liar, A Fraud.


  Today, Kelly Bradley lost her "cash cow". We noticed the homeless couple coming towards us. Kelly Bradley, the "con artist" and screamer from Christ Fellowship Bible Church in St. Louis, MO. has been parading them around from church to church and group to group, seeking donations. We only learned this after the couple stopped in front of our medical unit to share their horror experience with Kelly the past three weeks. They were upset. "Kelly stole our money". She won't give us our donations, she kept all of it. I told them "I warned you when I saw her man handle you both into that idle pregnancy van across the street". "I told you she was evil. You didn't listen. " David & Lizzie repeated "she took all our money over $600.00 she was collecting for us to find some housing". "She made us lie, she paid us to go inside of that pregnancy van and act pregnant." Lizzie said," they won't do any ultrasounds on me, they said they can't help me." Kelly was screaming. "Don't go by her, don't listen to her. It was getting uncomfortable as Kelly kept threating them, so I brought them inside our medical unit. "This is nice", David said.  I calmed both of them down and listened to their plight. They basically spent the past 24 hrs. walking the sketchy streets of Granite City, Illinois home to Hope Clinic where our ministry has been encamped for over 30 yrs. They lost what little belongings they had when they took refuge in an all-night launderette after they both fell asleep someone stole their stuff. "We' re hungry, she wouldn't give us any of that money. "She is obsessed about you Angela, she told us to never speak to you". I told them of our terrible misfortune with Kelly when she first came here 16 yrs. ago, she collected thousands of dollars for our banquet, but ran off with our money. She stayed away for years, just recently has she come back to Granite City and it's nothing but trouble. She's a thief and a liar, always been one, making excuses, she is always the "victim". Her ends always justify the means. After she burns someone, she moves on to the next scam. She stages "incidents" for attention and sympathy. She files numerous restraining orders against pro-lifers to "get rid of them" when she feels intimidated, or she is confronted with the truth. The last four, the judges laughed her out of the court room, asking "if she is with the abortion clinic?"  Kelly hangs out with some bad company, grifters and child rapist dressed like Christians. We just exposed her and the brother Cletus who she protected and covered up for until his recent death. All, three daughters came forward and confirmed the truth. He raped and abused the youngest beginning at age 6 till she was 16 and ran away, like the others. Sick. I began scanning Lizzie, now I knew why Kelly went ballistic at the sight of this couple coming in our unit. We knew the truth. Not Pregnant. More lies. I told my husband of the situation and the urgency. We made a few phone calls. We fed the hungry couple. We did our best to ignore the taunts and cat calls from Kelly. She was livid. Kelly screamed as she stormed by us "You have innocent blood on your hands Angela, you just killed that baby Angela". etc. We kept praying for divine intervention. We knew the truth.   Glory to God!  We purchased tickets, transportation, and got this couple to their out of state family within 72 hrs. The family called and thanked us. David & Lizzie were very grateful for all our help. Kelly hasn't changed, she is full of visceral hate. Just like the cowards from her church who use megaphones to kill babies. They have no love inside of them. It's a competition. Jesus would never lie, steal or destroy but that's the common thread with Kelly and others. "A dog always returns to its vomit". read: Cletus Wayne Kiefer & Kelly (Huskey)Bradley "Sweet Baby James Ministry "Exposed Hope Clinic Granite City, Illinois.

Thursday, May 18, 2023

Cletus Wayne Kiefer & Kelly Huskey (Bradley) “Sweet Baby James” Ministry Exposed Hope Clinic Granite City, Illinois


Cletus Wayne Kiefer & Kelly Huskey (Bradley) “Sweet Baby James”

Ministry Exposed

Hope Clinic Granite City, Illinois

In the book of James it says, “Have nothing to do with people of corrupt character.” Rather expose them.  

  After much thought and prayer our ministry decided God would not want you to keep what was done in darkness, not to be brought to light. Years ago, 16 to be exact, these two grifters arrived outside Hope Clinic with an agenda.  They both lived double lives, they both were angry, bitter, they both suffered mental illness. None of this came to the forefront at first, but after spending time on those sidewalks with both, you knew something was not right. Kelly admitted she was a thief yrs. ago she stole / grand larceny from her business partner or so she said over $200.000 dollars and was caught and jailed and paid restitution to her and repented.  She then moved back to St. Louis, MO. after her first divorce.  She, like Kiefer, got involved with the prolife movement after tuning in to our radio program every week.    Our 7 yr. stint on a popular Christian radio station was a blessing and a curse. We were the #2 program at one point. It got a lot of attention and we educated and got people involved. Sadly, it brought the wrong people outside Hope Clinic looking for love or attention or suckers. Kelly is a “con -artist, and a pathological liar like most outside Hope Clinic that support her. They don’t want you to know the truth. Our pastor told us long time ago, she’s no more “saved” than a rock. Someone said she has a heart for the babies; no, more like she has desire to make “easy” money. She has “church hopped” most of her time here. We have contacted every pastor and church she attends and they too in time see the “real” Kelly. They know she’s got issues, and lies.  That’s why Kelly protected and enable Cletus Wayne Kiefer, he would do all her wicked work on a personal computer and post anonymous slander and libel. The rival cash-cow prego centers jumped in and added more gossip, along with the deathscorts and abortion mills. All posted “anonymously”. He would threaten anyone who tried to expose him and his evil, perverted life. We could smell him a mile away. He was a “monster”. He abused his daughters; the two older ones finally ran away. The youngest unfortunately couldn’t. She was only 4 yrs. old when we encountered him, but we could see the abuse and neglect. Something wasn’t right we told the trouble makers, his posse, that this child is being abused, we didn’t know to what terrible degree at that time. It was worse than we could imagine. Cletus lived like a fugitive, in his van with wife # 2 or 3 at the time, and the 4 yr. old. Always on the run. When we tried having him served with court documents for false arrest and false allegations, he was gone, living out of a post office box everywhere. Finally, he went up north for yrs. Now we know why.  He had been raping and physically abusing his youngest daughter. The rapes began when she turned 6 yrs. old, and continued for 10 yrs. His wife Sue, was ill, very ill, he knew he was wanted by law enforcement for yrs. Sue needed to see a doctor.  Instead, Cletus was terrified the law was going to catch up to him as they were looking for him to get his “DNA”. He let her succumb into a diabetic coma instead of taking her to a hospital, or getting her insulin.  The neighbors found her barely alive and rushed her to a hospital where she died 2 days later. At a birthday party, this poor daughter finally told her friend of the sexual and physical abuse she was enduring, as Cletus was phoning, ordering her to “get home” he watched every move she made. In turn, the birthday girl told her mom, a social worker, praise God, who placed this abused girl in protective custody. WE told the truth! Years ago. But Kelly Huskey and others protected their so called “Brother Cletus”, they took him in, they embraced him knowing there was questionable concern for his remaining daughter. They covered up his crimes. Right up until the day he died this past February.  Only days after he passed, the daughters contacted me and confirmed everything we said was true! Only worse. They told me of the cruel intentions and plans Cletus and others sat around the table plotting against our vital ministry. The daughters apologized to me for their former fathers’ actions. All three daughters severed ties and denounced him. They were adopted by different families and have put this horrible monster behind them. But it was our ministry that was crucified. Not only by Kelly & Cletus, but other fake “Christians”. That’s why the biggest hypocrites are those screaming Jesus the loudest.  “Kelly Huskey Bradley” is a con- artist, a scammer, a plagiarist, just like Cletus Wayne Kiefer. Right before Cletus’s demise, Christians across the country were getting hold of our ministry to inform us of Cletus Wayne Kiefer, “Charlie-Boy”, aka “JusticeMercy”, and his con jobs, and his adulterous life style with other abolitionists wives. We knew this already. When we first confronted Cletus and the abuse yrs. ago,  he went on a vendetta to try and get rid of our ministry along with Kelly and other trouble-makers. They made up false accusations about us such as, “Prolifers being Attacked” was their guise. When in reality we were confronting this sexual predator and his cohorts telling of the abuse. They were jealous of our fame and spotlight. They filed false charges and we had to fight in court. Only thing is Cletus didn’t show up for the cases, and each time the judge would throw cases out. More lies.  16 yrs. Ago, Kelly Huskey Bradley appeared and begged to help us with a banquet. Little did we know her back story. In turn, she burnt us. She ran off with the deposits for our event. There was no banquet. We were out the money, the hall, the food, the speakers, the flight tickets, etc. She too, went on the run for yrs. Until recently she came back divorced again, but with a new angle to make money. “I’ll be a crisis pregnancy center” she announced.  Mind you she is not a nurse, or healthcare worker. Not qualified to perform ultrasounds, but ignorant people she cons, gave into her lies as she tells them, “No one is outside Hope Clinic doing ultrasounds”.  She was donated a church bus, a small ultrasound machine and she along with another sociopath Sue Verharst are attempting to fool pregnant women into their bus.  There is no such thing as a “non-medical ultrasound”. Ask any medical professional. An ultrasound is a medical procedure. Period!  We went to school and took exams/ boards in order to be certified and licensed to perform diagnostic ultrasounds.  But this is part of the sick lies that Kelly and her minions tell. The only experience Kelly has is possibly a GED or high school diploma and working as a bowling alley cleaning lady. Two yrs. ago, she was living in her 92 Ford Bronco. But she constantly lies to worm her way in their pockets.  That’s why today, a Calvinists group with her wouldn’t tell me the name of their church, because they know we will expose her to the pastor and the congregation. And these are todays “Christians”. Kelly, like con -artist Cletus has tried to defame and get rid of our ministry too by lying to the courts like Cletus did. She has falsely claimed we tried to “kill her” and had witnesses; the judge laughed her out of the courtroom. She couldn’t produce any evidence, or witnesses and lied. After that, she ran out of the courtroom, the judge asked us if “she was with the abortion clinic”?  Last fall, Kelly and the Calvinists including Kiefer, came over to Planned Parenthood on a Saturday where I cover after I’m finished at Hope Clinic.   As I arrived, it was sprinkling and I was having difficulty in parking our unit as Kelly stood deliberately in front of our medical unit blocking me from pulling up in order to back our medical unit alongside the fence. She called the FHPD, they came, she tried to have me arrested for “running over her”. Again, without credible evidence, injuries or witnesses, they asked me if she was with Planned Parenthood? Officer L. then told me to have a good day. Another staged incident.

These are the sociopaths/ psychopaths standing outside the abortion mill in Granite City, IL. Until recently, my faith in humanity, Christians has been rocked, but God has shown me His vengeance is better than man’s. He has permanently ridden those sidewalks of several of these evil, jealous and wicked frauds. I see the enemy in front and expect it from the death merchants, not those behind me or on my sides. In my 30 yrs. of ministry, it’s sickening to see these renegades’ ruining marriages, having affairs with other pro-lifers, etc. God warns us of these false angels of light. What kind of Christianity deceives and strategizes to “take over a ministry” that has saved over 6770 babies and adopted 52? None of those who bear false witness can say that. The very same sins they accuse our stellar ministry of, Kelly and other pro-lifers are committing. God sees their wicked hearts and He will pass judgment.  

As for you, you meant evil against me, but God meant it for good, to bring it about that many people should be kept alive, as they are today. So do not fear; I will provide for you and your little ones." Thus, he comforted them and spoke kindly to them. Genesis 50:20

Wednesday, November 9, 2022

                   Hope Clinic for Women Butchers Two Women within 24 hrs. Nov.-8/9-22

  Both females were late term first one was young white girl around 1:00 pm a Granite City Fire & Rescue ambulance pulled onto the parking lot as clients kept arriving, apprx 48 babies were murdered throughout the long day. Rebecca Wilson opened the gurney door and both attendants rushed the girl into the back of ambulance. Girl's bottom was exposed when she drew her legs up and was visibly hemorrhaging. They hauled her over to St. Louis Barnes Jewish hospital. The next day appx 44 clients inside Hope Clinic, several were repeats from Tuesday, indicating late-term. Again, Erin King was the abortionist, Tessa Madden arrived a little later to help butcher.  Around 6:20 pm. once again a Granite City Fire & Rescue unit pulled onto parking lot and hauled out an older Black woman in distress. How many ambulances showing up outside Hope Clinic does it take before the health department or IDPR investigates? If this were a puppy mill, they would have been closed down within hrs.  Sadly, Illinois number one manufacturing product is "abortions". Hope Clinic placed billboards welcoming potential clients at every state entry.

                              The one difference is it would be more honest if the billboards read as follow: WELCOME TO ILLINOIS WHERE YOU CANGET A LEGAL, UNSAFE ABORTION AT HOPE CLINIC. You may leave in an ambulance or a body bag. The hypocrisy of calling this "health care" or protecting women  is astonishing. How many more women need to be hurt, maimed or made sterile in order to save their lives?

 Sadly, the revised IRHA 2019 seems to be written by both medical director abortionists at Granite City Hope Clinic and Planned Parenthood Fairview Htgs, Illinois. This legislation contains 296 pages of verbiage which only protects the abortionist and the clinic, not the women undergoing abortions. No accountability in cases as such with complications. If a woman dies during her abortion, the only phone call made is to the funeral home. No coroner. No inquest. Period.

Sunday, May 1, 2022

Hope Clinic Granite City, IL. four ambulances in a month another butchered woman by Yogendra Shah

   Today, 4-29-22 another Granite City Fire and Rescue ambulance arrives just after our SV mobile medical unit left Hope Clinic and heading over to Planned Parenthood in Fairview Htgs. Illinois. Our mobile pregnancy center is the ONLY pregnancy center open on the weekends, fortunately in the Metro East. We cover both abortion mills on Saturdays. We heard from witnesses that the rescue crew brought out a woman from MO that we encountered on Thursday when she started her late term abortion. She was huge. My former co-worker Yogendra Shah was the abortionist inside Hope Clinic today. We used to deliver babies together at an elite Missouri hospital when I first came to the Midwest. Years later would I learn of the abortionist grisly moonlighting job, which caused me to devote my nursing career to "saving lives". 

 This was the 4th ambulance our ministry has caught in the past month hauling butchered abortion clients over to Barnes-Jewish hospital in St. Louis to repair and get them back on the highway. A NP at Barnes informed me butchered women are coming over to BJC every week from both abortion facilities in the Metro East. Barnes has its own team of radical prochoice residents and nurses that are coded and scrub in on these cases to keep things quiet and the cover up of legal back-alley abortion complications continue in Illinois from Hope Clinic and Planned Parenthood. Due to the radical revised progressive IRHA in 2019 Gov. Pritzker signed in effect, there is no regulations or oversight inside Hope Clinic or PP. There are no "inspections" or safety standards. No one is held accountable if a woman is hurt or dies during her abortion. It appears the abortionist inside Hope and PP actually wrote the revised legislation in order to advance their grisly trade and protect themselves from lawsuits. Now let me ask you, if this was REAL healthcare why is there NO accountability? No investigations? A hospital cannot be managed with such gaslighting and recklessness. Why is Hope Clinic not held to the same standards as a licensed surgeon, or veterinarian, or a tattoo artist? 

Hope Clinic's "House of Horrors" butchered another late term MO. woman. She was there for her 3 day abortion started 4-28-22 Thursday. She was rocking out to heavy "metal" music Day 1 , and snarled at me as I offered her help. Today, as we left Hope Clinic on our way to PP in FVH, an GC rescue ambulance arrived and pictured with clinic manager and aide Kathy Jo Creasy Elberg they wheeled her out motionless with an IV. They tried concealing the injured woman with rainbow umbrellas, and hauled her over to BJC in St. Louis, MO.to save her life and continue with the coverups of gross negligence and malpractice going on inside this "House of Horrors" . But Hope Clinic continues with the illusion that this is "healthcare". Hope Clinic is a chop -shop. Period! Her vehicle was the black SUV 2nd from left. Back alley abortion is legal in Illinois. It just cost more. Pray that she survives.   

Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Another Hope abortion Clinic employee "Lauren" McCauley has died

 Another Hope Clinic employee has died. "Lauren" was a professing Christian , she listened to loud Christian music as she pulled onto abortion mill parking lot. Several times our ministry gently confronted her as she walked inside to murder babies or on her smoke breaks. She felt this was her duty to help kill babies. Murdering babies is not healthcare Lauren, we reminded her. She was employed at Hope(less) off and on for the past 16 yrs.. May God show her the same mercy she showed the babies,. Ironically the same fate met a young Ryan Goskie only 25 yrs old when he died suddenly, unexpected still working inside Hope Clinic per diem. So sad. Matthew 6:24 You cannot serve two masters.You cannot serve God and money. RIP (car plate) TIBI  #RyanGoskie #HopeClinic #smallvictoriesusa.com

Lauren Elizabeth McCauley, 40, of Collinsville, Illinois passed away on Saturday, April 16, 2022, at her home, surrounded by friends and family. Lauren was born on June 17, 1981, the daughter of Sheila Wortham and the late Fred McCauley.

Lauren spent her career as a phlebotomist at the Gateway Medical Group Edwardsville Health Center. She was also a passionate advocate for access to healthcare and worked part-time serving patients at the Hope Clinic for Women in Granite City.

Often referred to as the Martha Stewart of South Combs Avenue, Lauren was an avid cook and baker. She was known to whip up confectionary masterpieces for special events or just because she thought you needed something special to brighten your day.

Lauren is survived by her mother Sheila Wortham, her stepsister Jennifer Wortham, her best friend and bodyguard Lincoln McCauley, aunt Vicky Benyr, many dear friends, beloved neighbors, and extended family.

Lauren was preceded in death by her father Fred McCauley, paternal grandparents Warren and Delphina McCauley nee Martinez, maternal grandparents Frank and Helen Kuback, great aunt Frances “Tootsie” Kuback, stepfather Elmer Wortham and stepbrother Brian Wortham.

A private graveside ceremony will be held on Saturday, April 23, 2022, at Calvary Cemetery in Edwardsville, Illinois followed by a public celebration of life gathering at 1:00 p.m. at the Mexican Honorary Commission, 1801 Spruce Street in Granite City, Illinois

In lieu of flowers, memorial donations may be made to the Skin Cancer Foundation at skincancer.org or Pound Pets Rescue in Granite City

Thursday, March 24, 2022

ST.L region Planned Parenthood/Fairview Heights IL.receives $9 million from Jeff Bezos former wife Mackenzie Scott

  This latest donation makes the news due to its amount and contributor, the former wife of Jeff Bezos of Amazon fame, Mackenzie Scott. As if Planned Parenthood needs more money for their "child killing" travel agency hub, as they sit on 38 million currently. Planned Parenthood of the St. Louis Region and Southwest Missouri has received what the organization said Wednesday is its largest ever one-time donation — $9 million — from philanthropist MacKenzie Scott. Abortion is PP bottom line. That is why they are enticing all 50 states to come to Illinois where PP will pay for your abortion, your travel expense, you're lodging. And if you need childcare for other siblings in order to kill your baby, PP will pay for babysitting services. 

The gift is part of a $279 million donation Scott made to Planned Parenthood Federation of America and 21 of its affiliates.

What the local affiliate called a "historic investment in sexual and reproductive health care" in PPSLRSWMO’s bi-state region "signals an important sea-change in philanthropy that prioritizes state-based organizations, advocates, and providers fighting to protect and expand access to sexual and reproductive health care on the ground," officials said in a Wednesday press release.

“We are honored and humbled by this transformational gift," Yamelsie Rodríguez, president and CEO of PPSLRSWMO said in a statement. "As a leading sexual and reproductive health care provider caught between two realities — a red and blue state — our patients face some of the most complicated landscapes when accessing the care they need. This gift empowers our boots-on-the-ground teams. We commit to rebuilding a future where abortion, birth control, STI testing and treatments, and all reproductive health care is accessible and affordable, no matter what."

Scott, an author, received 25% of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos' stake in the company when they divorced in 2019, after which she pledged to give most of her wealth to charity. Forbes estimates her net worth at $47.6 billion. Scott has donated over $8 billion to roughly 900 nonprofit organizations since 2020, according to the Associated Press. Many of her gifts, all of which have been unrestricted, have gone to large, national nonprofit organizations with multiple local chapters that provide services to underserved or low-income populations, the news agency reported.

Locally, Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater St. Louis received a $5.2 million gift from Scott, part of a larger record-breaking gift the philanthropist made to the nonprofit's national organization.

Tuesday, February 8, 2022

ILLINOIS IS ABORTION HAVEN via ILLINOIS TAXPAYERS hosted by Hope Clinic for Women Granite City & Planned Parenthood Fairview Heights


It’s a revolving door at both abortion facilities since D-IL. Gov. J.B Pritzker revised the Reproductive Health Care Act in 2019, basically ending any regulations and health inspections or medical qualifications in place for the safety and welfare of pregnant women inside abortion mills here in Illinois.  This recent legislation also ended any prosecutorial actions or holding those responsible for harming and or injuring a woman during her abortion. Incredibly, as of 1-19-22, Illinois taxpayers are paying for ALL abortions, lodging, travel and day-care for siblings to any woman, instate or out of state, seeking an abortion. You know, its one thing to tell taxpayers to “mind their own business”, but it’s another thing when Illinois taxpayers are being forced to PAY for that business.  Sadly, Illinois, the “Land of Lincoln, used to be known for the vast cornfields, farming, Chicago tall skyscrapers, and blue-collar industries. Now, at Illinois state entrances, we have purple billboards welcoming visitors with our fabulous “child-killing” industry.  Illinois has always maintained its dubious title of being number ONE in manufacturing of corruption; now it’s ABORTION!  Officially a “red-light” state, move over Sodom & Gomorrah.