Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Tuesday May 22, 2012 Midnight Abortions

“I wanted to come back and tell you that,” the blonde haired girl said.  “Really?”  I replied.  “I thank God for you,” she added. I asked her if there was anything we could do for her. “You already did.”

“Please hold on, I have something for you,” and I ran to the ultrasound van and grabbed a gift bucket we bless the pregnant moms with who choose life for their babies.  “God told me the pink one was for you,” and she accepted it and smiled.                    

Thank you,” she said.  I asked her,  What changed your mind?”  “She said, “That sign and what you said.”  She asked,  They still kill babies at 24 weeks right?”
 I gasped, “Yes, they do.”  With that I hugged her and whispered,  Thank you for doing the right thing.  I promise to walk with you the rest of your pregnancy if you would like?”

No, I’m okay.  I called my mom to come and get me.  I’m going home to shop for baby things,” she said.  Thank you people for being here.”  As we watched her walk across the street and to the hospital main entrance parking lot, I returned to the sidewalk and shared the good news with co-laborers who were witnessing.                                              
 Only ten minutes earlier this young girl was standing knee deep with about twenty-five other mothers lined up to go inside the slaughterhouse.  It was an overwhelming sight.  They lined up from the guards shack to the edge of the alley.  They lined up and stood there over 30 minutes, listening to every word I said.  Not one person cussed me out or saluted me with their middle finger.  It was a busy slaughtering night.  While Daniel set up our outreach, I jumped to my feet with a graphic sign in one hand and our rescued and adopted daughter in the other.  I didn’t scream; I just spoke as loud and gently as I could as not to incite.                                                                

     I started by telling them I was not there to judge or scream at them but to help them and to warn them.  I began by offering to help them with free options and then went into the botched abortion this past Saturday and notified this large crowd of the recent health code violations and citations this slaughterhouse has received.   “It’s not safe!” I invited them to go to our website and read the truth of this killing place.  They were all listening.  Most turned to me especially when I shared our daughters rescue and adoption. I felt like I was standing naked on the sidewalk with my heart in my hand, but I felt the Holy Spirit was on me and Daniel kept encouraging me to keep talking.  I held Hannah’s beautiful picture and said, “This is life,”  and held up the graphic aborted baby sign and said, “This is death.  Which will you pick today?”                                                                                         
 The little blonde girl kept looking over and I thought I was about to get an ear full or a middle finger.  To our surprise, she got out of line and walked through the line of parked cars and I signaled for Daniel to check it out.  She brushed past him and told him she “Wasn’t doing it;” she was leaving.  He ran back to me and told me.   I then called over to the mothers and accomplices still standing in line for about thirty minutes now, “Okay, who’s going to join that courageous mother who just chose life for her baby? Any takers?  It takes a lot of courage to walk away from those doors.  Any coward can kill a baby, but a strong woman would turn and run from this evil.”                                                                

Just then, the belly of the beast unlocked their purple doors and began letting the couples inside the slaughterhouse.   Bob, Stan and I took turns speaking to those left on the walkway.   We then had a save from Saturday show up for baby supplies and a girl and her mother came for an ultrasound.   The first shift of abortion bound had arrived and gone inside.  We helped the save with supplies and she left when a couple standing in line earlier came back out and confirmed to Daniel they were keeping their baby and accepted our literature as they walked to their car.  Praise God!                                                            

  We went on to do two more ultrasounds and saves.  I can’t imagine what is going through the minds of moms and dads standing in line to kill their babies ..I thank God that we are there to be a voice for those without one and to warn them. “Only God can give life: and only God can take life.  It’s not for us to judge who gets to live and who gets to die. He is our ultimate judge. When we stand before Him, what will we say?   
 Every step toward the goal of justice requires suffering, sacrifice, and struggle: the tireless exertions and passionate concern of dedicated individuals”.MLK