Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Hope Clinic, Granite City,IL. Butchers 2 More Women Within 3 Days

  In June 2019, Illinois most extreme abortion laws were implemented and made law by Gov. J.B Pritzker. ILLINOIS RHA is the most progressive abortion rules and laws in our nation. Example; Abortions are performed up until birth in Illinois. If woman is killed or injured during abortion ; no one is held accountable. If she dies , only the funeral home is called, no coroner. No FOIA or 9-11 calls made public.No regulations or inspections of Illinois abortion mills. Non licensed physicians/ personnel can perform abortions. If a baby survives an abortion; no life sustaining measures to save baby will be taken. No pain medication for baby. The list goes on,.

  Dateline: Oct. 15, 2020 Blustery and cold as we stood for hours offering FREE ultrasounds and assistance in our medical unit . Numbers were nearing 12 this cold day, 2 cars from TN , and notably the passenger was advanced in her pregnancy. The driver pulled into the alley and we were able to speak and offer him a brochure, he drove off. The other TN car was a woman who told us she had to get this abortion and refused our help.The grandmother told us "there is no unforgivable sin" as she walked with the girl up to the entrance. Others were from MO. or IL. Reportedly this TN girl was here from Tues.. Unaware as the abortion mill tells drivers to park elsewhere or they leave to eat and occupy time. Drivers , especially from out of state are encouraged to park elsewhere so "protestors don't bother them or take pictures". Guard kept walking around ab mill. One precious baby was saved inside our medical unit after the mother (IL) saw her ultrasound. Praise God!  It was later that afternoon , the ambulance pulled up and loaded this girl we first saw Tuesday into the back of vehicle and sped off presumably to Barnes- Jewish over in St Louis, MO. where they" patch the injured post abortive women up and get them back on the highway where they are no longer the abortion mills problem".-YS. This was the same girl who had difficulty returning and ambulating back inside abortion mill on Wednesday & Thursday. Staff and driver had to carry her back inside to be stuffed with numerous laminaria to keep dilating her cervix for delivery of late term baby on Thursday. This is where things turned bad. Unfortunately, the witnesses there had no concept of what to do, so they prayed. You see, a former Hope Clinic staffer shared with me the two worst things that can happen at Hope is ambulances showing up, and lawsuits. It makes them look bad. You know, they want to appear as "health-care" not back alley abortionists.And Hope Clinic hates loosing money. Especially, lawsuit settlements, in which Hope Clinic makes petitioners who win claims or settle suits with payouts sign a "gag" order not to speak to media etc. Now this brings us to Saturday, the next emergency inside Hope Clinic, that our witnesses caught. And yes, this was another late term woman this time from MO. She was there from Friday the day before. We arrived at Hope Clinic early in morning with our medical unit. Several protestors there we parked a bit away from screamers. Cars from KS, MO,IL. After our vigil we left for Planned Parenthood in Fairview Heights , Illinois where we park and offer  women free on the spot help and care. 

Dateline:Oct.17, 2020

Another botched abortion at Hope Clinic today 10/ 17/20 after our ministry left for PP. "Becca", Hope employee, wheeled this injured MO.woman  over to Gateway Regional hospital. This was Day 2 of her late-term abortion. Now, why would Hope Clinic wheel another botched abortion across the street? Because, if they took another ambulance ride to Barnes Jewish, within three days of one another, it might raise "red flags" to hospital staff.  It's a "shell-game" with chop- shops this reckless. The cover-ups are worse than the crimes inside abortion mills. Pray for her and the safety of all mothers . Yogendra, my former co-worker, was the abortionist . Yogendra was the abortionist on Thursday , too. Ironically, today, Supreme Court pick ACB protest happening across our nation by pro-abortion groups fearing Roe V Wade will be overturned and women will have to go back to "back alley " abortions with ACB on the Supreme Court.  Today's, just like Thursday's unfortunate incident shows the hypocrisy ..women are being injured and killed by "legal abortion". Sadly, abortion was made into law due to women being injured by "back alley" abortionist who slipped into the night . But with just this ONE major late term abortion mill's history and record of injuries and complications, it clearly shows back alley abortion has never ended, they just cost more, the butcher comes through the front door and slips out into the darkness.

  Now, with the revised IRHA, more than likely, nothing to ensure a women's safety inside Hope Clinic will be done, or in any Illinois ASTC's  as we stated a bit earlier, there are NO protections for women seeking abortions or recourse and accountability for those harming women. The sign outside abortion mills in Illinois more truthfully should read, " WELCOME TO ILLINOIS AND HAVE AN ABORTION,..AT YOUR OWN RISK".