Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Never, Never Give Up!

February 19th  “History will be kind to me for I intend to write it.  ~Sir Winston Churchill
            “I just want to give that lady Angela a hug,” was just one of the many comments made after this evening’s gala, and we must have been pretty impressive as little Audrey is very shy and only six years old. We were the evening’s guest speakers at this pro-life fundraiser. The room was packed with pro-lifers and guests from all over the Springfield area. We were preparing to share our passion for the unborn and their mothers scheduled to abort them through our daily 18 years of street ministry and pioneering the ultrasound movement outside the Granite City, Illinois abortion mill.  
            Guests began trickling in and soon the numbers swelled as the aroma of a delicious feast permeated the room. As we were being served, our host greeted us, went over timeline, and requested us to speak with reporters that were scheduled for tonight’s event. Some of the attendees walked over to us and introduced themselves; some we were familiar with as they have come to other speaking engagements we have held. Some have stood with us outside the abortion mill years ago. It was nice to see them again.
            Our host soon introduced us and gave a brief testimony of how she encountered our ministry and stood with us one day. She was overwhelmed to experience our vital mission work and to be apart of the life-saving efforts we provide to mothers and their babies everyday. We then thanked those responsible for making this event happen and gave glory to the Lord! We thanked everyone for making the time to come and began by asking for those who have been to Hope Clinic to raise their hands; surprisingly there were many hands up in the air. Some we recognized. “This is great!”
            We went over the history of abortion in Granite City and the stats of this abortion mill. We emphasized what makes Hope Clinic so notorious and the Midwest’s largest abortion provider: the lack of enforcement of parental notification and they specialize in late-term abortion. “That is why we see so many little girls being brought over state lines to abort babies being conceived from abuse, rape, or incest. No one was reporting this.” We informed the audience of how many times our ministry had to literally hold up a distraught and devastated mother who just found out her child was inside Hope Clinic undergoing an abortion without her knowledge or consent and was prohibited to be with her daughter until the abortion procedure was completed, if that. “Most of the time abortion staffers would just release the disheveled post-abortive girl into her parents’ waiting arms standing in the alley or on the sidewalk, returning full custody back to them.”
            We spoke on the many saves we have enjoyed. “Our ministry has branched out not only as a pregnancy resource on wheels, but has added adoption services of the many babies we have saved from abortion and adopted to loving couples who could not have their own child.” We shared the emotional testimonies of our two youngest saved and adopted babies into our own family to add to our biological 11. There were gasps and applause at this venture. “When we tell girls not to kill their babies, we better have options. We can’t just do the talk; we have to do the walk because saying you’re pro-life doesn’t save babies; doing pro-life does.” Applause.
            Our lil’ angel Hannah-Noelle was in good spirits and took a nap, so we let her accompany us this evening. It turned out to be a blessing. It was so encouraging for the audience to see a baby that was destined for death to be rescued, saved, and adopted. Hannah only interrupted us twice : ).  We took a break from speaking and answered a few questions from the audience. We then explained our daily operations and asked a witness from the audience who has stood with us to share her experiences. In particular, she shared about this past Tuesday when we set a record for rescues, saves, and so many ultrasounds that we ran out of supplies. The listeners were very impressed with what she shared.
            In closing, we encouraged them with the death toll dropping consistently in the past two years to less than 4000 babies being butchered compared to the annual 13,104 we witnessed on average, in addition to the conversions of many clients and former workers. When asked why do we do what we do everyday, every year with no pay, no salaries, and no vacations, I explained, “Because many years ago when I first set out and started by myself, someone made the comment, ‘Why do you do it?’ I remembered what God put in my heart. I answered, ‘Because when we stand in all kinds of weather, facing hateful remarks, disparaging conditions, a lack of support, and are on our last dime we are standing in defense of those babies and at least we are bringing some dignity to those being led to their slaughter. We let them know that they did not die alone…’”
            I looked into the crowd and you could see people drying their eyes in total silence. It was then I noticed the reporters standing in the doorways, writing on notepads and snapping pictures. They interviewed Daniel as I spoke. “We can continue making a difference in the lives of mothers and their babies and in the world. There is a mission field and it’s right here in our own backyards. God is looking for a few good men and women to come take up their cross and join us for the least of these.” Applause. Our host closed the program out by reiterating how they can support our cause and mission work. It was then that we were surprised with a presentation of a very generous donation to our ministry by the pro-life committee who planned and coordinated tonight’s event. Thank you Jesus! It was a great night and we stood in a receiving line meeting and greeting attendees who appreciated our sacrifice and ministry. They wanted to get involved and become donors. Many commented on how informative the speech was and they could tell we definitely have passion and love for the unborn. It was all positive feedback. Even our host came up and told us, “You can never give up. I think that little girl that wanted a hug could see a real angel in you, and I believe that is what you and Daniel are to those unborn babies. God will keep blessing your ministry because it’s the right thing to do.”
            I think we touched some hearts this night. Thank You, Lord, for making a way and blessing our ministry.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Another Abortionist in Granite City, IL Bites the Dust

Former felon and abortionist Allen Palmer retires from butchering babies and women.

February 17, 2011- Small Victories Ministries is pleased to announce the demise of another abortionist and butcher of babies and women. It appears former felon and abortionist Allen Palmer Jr. is closing his last known cutlery practice, Women’s Care Gynecology, located in Bridgeton, Missouri. In speaking with his office manager, she confirmed they are no longer doing abortions and are closing their doors at the end of the month. Mr. Palmer has been the subject of many lawsuits of medical malpractice, gross negligence, and medical battery just to name a few inside Granite City, Illinois’ Hope Clinic for Women. It stands as the Midwest’s largest, late-term abortion provider where just this past summer Allen Palmer Jr. was terminated due to the surmounting lawsuits filed against him and Hope Clinic.
          It appears the final straw that broke this abortionist’s trail of destruction was the tsunami of lawsuits recently filed against Allen Palmer and several other hospital employees at a St. Louis area hospital where Allen Palmer Jr. has medical privileges. The plaintiff allegedly suffered complications after a surgical procedure. Palmer has been no stranger to controversy or problems at this abortion facility, and in June 2008 Antoinette Blanton filed a $50,000.00 suit against Hope Clinic saying the failed March 2006 abortion caused her to be sterile. According to the lawsuit, Palmer failed to remove the entire late-term unborn child during the abortion procedure at Hope Clinic. A substantial amount of time passed, causing her to be rushed to a Metro-East hospital where life-sustaining measures were performed in order to save her life. She underwent a complete hysterectomy and many hours of blood transfusions.
          In April 2008, Hope Clinic became the subject of a lawsuit from a woman who accused them of doing an abortion on her without her consent. Our ministry helped facilitate this lawsuit on behalf of Brandy Hildreth of Granite City. She sued for having a different abortion practitioner do the abortion. She was treated by Palmer but Chicago-area abortion practitioner Lisa Memmel eventually did the abortion without her knowledge. This lawsuit is still being litigated in the courts.
          Palmer was also the subject of controversy in January 2010 when a New Year’s baby was found dead and the mother was rushed to a St. Louis area hospital after her late-term abortion was botched.
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Tuesday, February 15th- Midnight abortions were getting underway as we arrived and embedded our vital ultrasound van for the abortion-minded mothers beginning to trickle up to the front doors. A welcomed February thaw lifted our spirits. Just me, the Holy Spirit, and my wolf-pack. We were about to give ’em heaven outside these gates of hell.
            One young lady was waiting in her car until I could get there. Judy and Stan briefed me on the seven already inside as we set up. We prayed and brought the girl inside. We were able to show her an approx 9.5 week old baby and listened to the heartbeats: 132 per minute. She cried tears of joy. Knock, knock. It was Judy. We had another save. I quickly counseled, went over resources, placed a call to our staff OBs, and set up this young lady’s prenatal visit. She hugged and thanked us as we made sure she had an escort to her car.
            Bam! Another pregnant girl came inside. To her surprise we scanned and viewed an 8 week old baby with a swimmer’s stroke making his/her way through an ocean of amniotic water. All this time, our prayer warriors were calmly speaking to the abortion-bound mothers arriving, and offered them another way out of the situation. We hugged and again went over resources and a physician follow-up appointment with our doctors.
“No retreat, just reload,” came to mind as we quickly disinfected and came up for air. We were joined by another local pastor. It is a blessing when the Church of Jesus Christ shows up outside these gates. Real clergy representation makes a difference. Pastor Jim just returned from a missions trip; Fr. Chris came across from the hospital where he was ministering to the sick from this community. Both pastors talked calmly to the girls pulling up on the front parking lot.   
            Two girls from Kentucky came back out after we had previously engaged them in conversation. Again, we started talking with them. I spoke about options other than abortion while Pastor Jim told them about God and being in bondage to the devil. The driver looked up and said, “You’re right.”   She replied, Yes ma’am. I’m glad you people were out here.” Looking at Pastor Jim she continued, What these people are doing out here makes sense. We’re not going to do it; we’re keeping our baby.” We gave them our literature and they thanked us as they pulled off the lot and drove away.
            Judy, located on the emergency room parking lot, was working with a couple. They were not interested in what Judy had to say, but she continued to speak to them in love about their safety and the safety of their unborn child. She rejoined us on the front parking lot, and we prayed. They, too, went inside.
            The slaughterhouse doors opened soon after and another couple whom we had spoken to earlier came back out. I looked at the girl and God told me that she didn’t kill her baby. I gave her a thumbs up and she smiled. You know you did the right thing.” She walked over to us. I opened my arms to her and said, “I can’t step on their parking lot…” and she came into my arms as I gave her a hug. I whispered, “I know the hardest thing to do was to walk back out.” Alicia and Todd came inside the ultrasound van. As I began scanning I asked them what changed their mind. Alicia replied, I listened to what you all said. I knew it was wrong. I kept getting nervous and started pacing inside the crowded room.” Before they took her back for the abortion, she turned to Todd and said, I gotta get out of here.” That’s when she came back out into our arms. To their surprise, we were able to show them their 25 week old baby girl auditioning by waving her hand at them on the ultrasound screen. Todd asked us if we could help him find a job; he would do anything. I told them that we would check into it, Whatever it takes to save this baby…”  We went over resources, offered them snacks as they walked out the door and onto the sidewalk where we shared the good news with our teammates, and saw them to their car.
            At this point, the guard came out and looked over at us shaking his head. He went back inside.
            Judy informed me that while I was doing this ultrasound that the girl in the pink shirt whom she had talked with earlier came back out and saved her baby. Praise God! She accepted our literature,
            Fr. Chris was amazed. I then looked up at a young woman standing beside the guard’s cage and called over to her. She looked up and inquired, “Can you help me? I have an appointment here.” We brought Melanie into the ultrasound van where she told me, “I have an appointment today.” “That’s ok. They will be open all night, but I’m hoping that we can help you, and that you don’t go in there.” I looked her straight in the eye and told her as I scanned that God had a plan. To her surprise, she was 4 weeks pregnant. Her child’s heartbeat was flashing on the screen. She then confessed to me that she came with another girl who was still inside going through with her abortion. That’s when I put my hand on her tummy and I prayed asking Melanie to, Please, go inside. Get this to her.” I handed Melanie a brochure. You tell her about us. Tell her there is a lady outside that will help her; that she doesn’t have to kill her baby.”  Melanie got up and I hugged her. She went over to her car and talked with a passenger inside. I went back inside the van and once again disinfected and re-set everything. Upon coming out, I saw Melanie walking back inside the abortion mill. The prayer warriors looked on, horrified. I encouraged them, “Don’t worry; it’s going to be ok.”
            We kept talking to women walking inside. It was a very busy evening. Normally we do not see this many abortions, but due to the inclimate weather of the past few weeks, we knew this slaughterhouse would be making up for lost revenue.
            We met another car in the alley and talked with the driver and passenger. They confirmed that they were not going through with the abortion as they accepted our brochure, and soon drove off.
            I returned to the front sidewalk just in time to see Melanie walking back out…holding onto her shaken friend who was crying. I waved at them to come over. I asked Fr. Chris to lift up a prayer. They walked over and we could tell that her friend was visibly upset. I hugged her and told her it was going to be ok. We’re proud of you for walking back out.” At this point, Fr. Chris started to once again pull the signs out of the ultrasound van. I brought the young woman inside the van and Melanie joined us. Melanie told her friend Tiffany, I don’t think God wants us here.” “Amen,” I said and scanned. We were able to view an approx 13 week old baby boy auditioning for his life on the ultrasound screen. Upon hearing this, tears began pouring down Tiffany’s face. Melanie said, “See, you can’t kill that baby boy. Miss Angela told me that these babies are blessings, and he’s a blessing.” We listened to the heartbeats, went over resources, and prayed for both of them. Stan joined us inside to help retrieve baby supplies for Melanie’s other baby.
            In between the ultrasounds, we had packed up the van several times, not knowing more saves were to come. Fr. Chris and Stan continued to unload the signs and gather supplies for the saves, start the generator, and snap pictures. We were getting quite the workout. Everyone on the sidewalk was so encouraged to see how to calmly save a life. “Team work”
            Dorothy and John came out and spoke with Judy confirming they kept their baby. They accepted our brochure while we were inside scanning. Is anybody keeping count?” I asked. Man, this is unbelievable!” Fr Chris said. Judy chimed in, I told my brother to pray for us to save some babies. We laughed, had a closing prayer, and finally reloaded our signs and supplies back into the van.
            I have to quit,” I told Fr Chris who stayed behind as Judy and Stan packed it in. It was getting late and we actually ran out of drape sheets and supplies to do anymore ultrasounds. We have used everything this evening.” I looked up at the dark skies and exclaimed, “I LOVE MY JOB!” Fr Chris laughed. Yes, it’s crazy, hectic, and draining, but I love saving babies. And I’m good at it. Thank you Jesus!” We both laughed.
            What did Mother Teresa say…“If you’re successful you win false friends and make true enemies; succeed anyway.” Isn’t that the truth! Now you know why we have made so many enemies, but there are a lot of mothers and their babies that appreciate our work and tireless efforts. Saying you’re pro-life doesn’t save babies; doing pro-life does.
            In closing, keep these mothers and their unborn babies in your prayers: Marissa, 9 weeks; Tiffany, 13 weeks; Melanie, 4 weeks; Alicia, 25 weeks; Denise, 8 weeks; Tara, 9.5 weeks; Autumn, 18 weeks; Dorothy, 6 weeks; Kentucky girls, 24 weeks; Jessica, 20 weeks.  And still, “I LOVE MY JOB!”  

            Be very encouraged ~Angela

Thursday, February 10, 2011

"Shut That Fool Up...He Has No Idea About Our Situation..."

Saturday, February 5th-  What the devil meant for harm, God turned around for good...It seemed like it was taking forever to reach the City of Slaughter this early and snowy morning as we forged on.  The weather man said only an inch or two of snow was expected; this turned out to be 6.5 inches. It was a mess and slowed us down.
            As soon as we arrived we could hear the screaming from the alley. We set up our ultrasound van as the snow kept coming down. It was beautiful if you didn't have to get out in it. Oh well, snow happens :) We did our best to apologize for the screaming man who was hurling condemnation laced with some scripture at the women standing in line and passing him by.
            The male with the young boy came out from the mill. He had dropped his daughter and wife off a little earlier. The screaming man verbally laid into him, which caused the father to get angry and defensive. He held onto his little boy who was covering his ears and in tears. “For God's sake John, shut up.” The father looked over at us on the front sidewalk. We apologized for his insults. “Please sir, don't give him your energy. He wants to argue; he is here to kill babies.” The father grabbed his son and walked over to us. He said, “Someone needs to shut that fool up. He does not know our situation.” “No sir, he doesn’t, but God does. May I pray with you?” “Yes ma'am,” he answered. We bowed our heads and God gave me the words: “Lord, You know the situation. You know this family, and You know there is nothing too big that You can’t handle to carry this loving family through. Let them see and feel the love of Jesus through Your remnant on this cold, snowy day. Let them realize the preciousness of all life and to please accept our help. Let them know that God has a plan for their lives and the life of their innocent baby. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen."
            He asked about the black man. We informed him of the division he has caused and that he does not practice what he scream preaches. “He is a hypocrite and makes us all look bad outside this abortion facility. He has to take the log out of his eye before he can tell you about the speck in yours.” “Yes ma’am. Thank you for your help. We're going to get something to eat.”
            We returned to the sidewalk and tried softly speaking to more abortion-bound clients walking up to the entrance. The rosary warriors looked horrified. Now we know why. John was standing in the alley hurling more condemnation at the women. I looked at Stan and asked him, “Did I hear him right?” Stan held his head down. From the alley the screaming man angrily called the women in line “whores.” You could feel the hatred he has for women. We kept apologizing. One angry woman turned to him and called him the b**** word several times, then turned to me and apologized; she was not referring to us. It was horrible. How do you save a baby and soften a mother's heart with such condemnation missiles coming from a man wearing a clerical collar?

            The father and son returned from the hospital and went back inside. We kept praying and trudging through the snow to reach each car attempting to park and go inside. One couple came back out and accepted our literature. They covered their ears from the screaming as they got into their car and drove off.
            All of the sudden, the door opened wide and the entire family came back out! The father pointed to us on the front sidewalk. The mother looked over and gave me a little smile and I called over, “I apologize for the screaming. He is not a part of our ministry. I spoke with your husband; he'll explain.” I met them at the corner. The pretty woman rolled her window down as the snow was blowing in. I took my glove off and shook her hand apologizing for it being so cold, “But I thank you for doing the right thing.” I again denounced the people in the alley condemning them earlier, and told them that God knew their situation. She confirmed they were 14 weeks pregnant and keeping the baby. “Tenisha” was scared to death when the black man started screaming and they just hurried inside. The mother and father thanked us for distinguishing the two factions outside this mill. They would of thought, “that was the behavior of all protestors.”
            I pointed to the ultrasound van and told them briefly of our 18 years of daily ministry to pregnant women and their babies. I told them, “The devil wants that innocent blood to thrive on, and the devil knows who to use outside and inside this abortion mill to get it.” I then showed them a picture of our newest baby we saved and adopted from this abortion mill. “His mother was 27.5 weeks going in there to kill him.” “Oh, he is precious.” “Thank you. He is a blessing just like your baby will be.”
            The driver, the father, then expressed his gratitude for calmly speaking with them and shook my hand. I asked them if I could lift them up in prayer again before they drove off. They smiled and all four bowed their heads; they knew the Lord.
            “Thank You, Lord, for this divine appointment and this beautiful family. I thank You Lord for making it possible and touching the heart of this family and giving them ears to hear and such a gentle spirit. They did the righteous thing by sparing this precious child who is created in Your image. Now bless them, Lord, abundantly and place a hedge of protection around them as they travel back home and surround them with your guiding hand and tender love. The hardest thing for them to do, Lord, was to come back out. And I thank them for choosing LIFE this day. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.”
            With that, they smiled and drove off as the snow kept coming down. I turned to the few on the sidewalk, “Thank You Jesus!”

Sunday, February 6, 2011

"You Guys Are Saints...Thank You For All Your Help."

Friday, February 4th- We crept through the City of Slaughter on their washboard streets; some were barely cleared from this past week’s snow and ice storm. Piles of dirty snow took up vital parking spaces in front of the mill, but we managed to park where we were visible to the abortion-bound mothers. We quickly set up the ultrasound van and began softly speaking to the abortion-minded mothers and their accomplices. I turned to my right as we stood near the alley by the ultrasound van. The woman I saw looked familiar and smiled as she approached us. “Hi! I don’t know if you remember me, but here she is, my baby. You saved her and we just brought her home from the hospital where she spent the first four months of her life.” I looked at her cell phone picture; she was so tiny.
            Amanda proceeded to tell me that she came early. “I delivered her at 27 weeks.” “Oh my gosh, Hope Clinic is still killing them at that stage.” “Yeah, I know,” she replied. “The doctors and nurses didn’t give her much of a chance of survival. They told me to prepare for the worst, but I remembered what you told me, Angela, in your van when you saved her. You told me that God had a plan for this baby's life and that she had a destiny. I kept praying and saying that all the days I held onto her little hand as she lay in the incubator with all those wires and tubes she was hooked up to. I knew God would help her so I could bring her home.”
            “I showed the nurses at Cardinal Glennon the ultrasound pictures of her you took, and some of them knew about you and your ministry. They thought it’s great what you do. I told them if it weren’t for you being out there that day, Dallasen wouldn’t be here.” I interrupted and said, “No, not me; it’s the Lord. He works through us.” She smiled. “I think you guys are saints. Thank you for all your help you have given me.” With that I hugged Amanda.
            We may never know how many lives we have affected, saved, and touched, but we have to be there, making a difference in the lives of others. As she left the ultrasound van and walked to her car, we then noticed Daniel on the west side of the slaughterhouse. Praise God we're a team. He was speaking with “Martina.” She drove all the way from Alabama to kill her 17 week old baby. She told him after seeing us out here it reminded her of three years ago where she first met us and was going to kill her little boy.  This time she was being pressured to do it by family members, but she couldn’t do it. AGAIN! Thank you Lord. She thanked us and accepted our literature; then got into her car with two males and drove towards the interstate.
            You know, over 18 years ago I didn't know about this slaughterhouse, but now I don't have an excuse. I'm glad we can make the sacrifice each day and help be a voice and let those little boys and girls scheduled to be executed know that at least we tried to bring a little dignity and let them know they did not die alone.
            In Jesus’ name ~Angela

Friday, February 4, 2011

'Our lives begin to end, the day we become silent on things that really matter"

 Feburary 3rd     We no sooner saw the smoke clear with the arrest of abortionist Kermit Gosnell in the three story slaughterhouse in Philadelphia, and are still in dismay at the lack of outrage from the feminist majority who refer to abortion as healthcare and abortion providers as heroes, even if they kill women while doing abortions. Today Live Action and Lila Rose released another undercover video of corruption being footed by our tax dollars: "Planned Parenthood Caught Aiding, Abetting Sex Trafficking of Minors" New undercover footage shows a Planned Parenthood clinic manager conspiring with a "pimp" to secretly secure STDs testing and abortion services for his prostitutes as young as 14 years old, despite their age or enslavement. The manager even informs the man posing as a pimp how to get around judicial bypass laws protecting minors.
            Forget about if you are pro-choice or pro-life. This is about underage minors being abused and exploited by those entrusted to their welfare. Where is the outrage from N.O.W and other women's groups? Child advocates? Congress gives Planned Parenthood over $350 million a year through Title X funds. Unbelievable! They tell us to mind our own business when it comes to abortion and yet they reach in our wallets to pay for that business. Planned Parenthood is not only targeting Black Americans for abortion, but they are willing to cover up the prostitution enslavement of young girls as long as they are making money in doing so. 
              What is so troublesome is the silence coming from those professing to be the voice of women ensuring their rights and freedoms. The degradation and oppression of women was what gave early feminists their marching orders. Yet this footage reinforces the horror of the logic of Planned Parenthood’s founding; it has come to roost in its modern form. Enough is enough! Our taxes should not be funding the corrupt agenda of Planned Parenthood or any abortion clinic that could really care less about the safety and welfare of young girls and their bogus claims of protecting women.
   check out local articles of abuse of children inside Hope Clinic on our website /Granite City's Underage Abortion Abyss 

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

"What Choice Is This?"

Sunday, January 30th  Glory To God! as we set out early on our speaking engagement at Calvary Baptist Church. The large congregation met and greeted us and helped us quickly set up. We opened up in praise and worship. Pastor then graciously introduced us and turned the pulpit over to our ministry. We spoke on our early beginnings and how God spoke to our hearts and we embedded our mission outside the Midwest’s largest, late-term abortion mill we called the "gates of hell." We spoke on pioneering the ultrasound movement outside abortion facilities and how God has been blessing us with much fruit and adoptions of saved babies; how the death toll has declined tremendously inside this slaughterhouse in the past two years, and about the conversions of several former employees and clients.
Daniel spoke on scriptures that gave us our marching orders, and how the Church of Jesus Christ can win this battle if they would only show up to fight the battle. “The presence of God's people outside the abortion mill does save lives,” we shared. “Not screaming at them but being Jesus to them.”
  We wrapped up our talk by giving a charge to the congregation. Emblazed on the walls of the church’s sanctuary were the blonde wooden words: Go Ye Into The World. “That's exactly what the Lord wants His people to do. We are losing our kids to all kinds of immorality and filth. Marriages are ending up in divorce and unborn babies are sacrificed to the god of convenience. The world is telling the Church to, ‘Shut up and sit down!’ We can no longer be silent. We are to fight for what is right and take dominion until the Lord returns.”
            After a standing ovation, we returned to our seats. A little boy, no more than 7 years old, tapped me on the back and I turned to him. With a head full of red hair he said in a small voice, “I want to thank you ma’am.” I smiled and returned my eyes to the front. Pastor came up and preached on, “What Choice is This?” He held pictures of the newest babies in our family up for all to see and proclaimed, “This is what hope looks like.” He complimented our 18 years of dedicated passion for the unborn and their mothers. He went into our topsy-turvy world…how right is wrong and wrong is considered right. He talked about the recent expose of abortionist Kermit Gosnell: the back alley butcher shop he was running containing jars full of decomposing babies and wherein occurred the deaths of two of their mothers. “This is choice?”            
               Pastor spoke on traveling up to Hope Clinic regularly and what he sees including the saves that take place because good people make the sacrifice and come out of their comfort to try and save lives; how it’s making a difference; how we need to be living for God and not for ourselves. He then thanked us for our vital ministry and encouraged the flock to take up a love offering from their hearts to help us continue fighting for babies’ lives and their mothers. They did just that. We bowed our heads and prayed over the offering the church blessed us with. Service ended with a prayer and song. We stood in a receiving line, shook many hands, and received numerous, “Thank you’s,” and encouragement. Many had never heard of a ministry like ours and were touched. Praise God! 2 Corinthians 4:1 "Therefore, since through God's mercy we have this ministry, we do not lose heart." Go Ye!