Friday, April 4, 2014


  Dateline Friday; April 4, 2014 in the year of our Lord

    In cold, blustery conditions one prayer warrior showed up outside the gates of Hell in the City of Slaughter.  Daniel begged and pleaded mercy for those waiting in line to kill their innocent babies as the winds whipped around him. Most were already set on murdering their babies. Then the Lord came along side Daniel and things got interesting. A few minutes after 16 abortion bound clients entered the slaughterhouse, a couple from Missouri came out, they took a Small Victories brochure and told Daniel they were keeping their baby and drove off the lot. Praise God!

    Then "Lydia" and her friend came out and walked over to the gentle proclaimer and confirmed they were keeping their 9 week old baby and took a brochure from Daniel. Here comes the best part,.. a couple from Memphis,Tennessee came back out. Daniel began offering them on the spot free help as they got to their car parked by the front sidewalk. "I bet your hungry aren't  you?" Daniel asked the  female passenger. "yes" she replied.  He then asked the male driver, "Can you use a little gas money"?  "Why sure', the driver replied.  Daniel then offered to take them where they could get some food and gas. They got into their car and followed Daniel to a local eatery and gas station. They ordered their food and Daniel  helped the male pump some gas into his car.      

   They sat and talked briefly, "Jackie and Michael" from Memphis drove to Granite City to kill their baby. But thought differently after hearing one proclaimer's loving words of encouragement and free help. Sitting there in the busy restaurant enjoying their tacos and cheeseburger Jackie,commented  "they didn't think there were kind people out there until we met you all",.. Michael joined in, "and you feed us and helped us for free, that's something else." Jackie expressed her gratitude and confirmed she was "10 weeks pregnant and feeling overwhelmed, but after meeting people like you willing to help us, we're keeping our baby". After finishing their meal, Daniel walked them to their car and the couple thanked him again and promised to stay in touch and let us know if they needed further assistance. Praise God!

   Take that "Fish-fry Friday.. HA!!   It's amazing just what one person can do outside this slaughterhouse if they have a willing heart  . God always shows up. Reminds me several years ago, how God used a baloney sandwich to save a New York, 21 week old baby's life outside the slaughterhouse in Granite City. read "Miracle on 21st Street" at articles.
  Proverbs 28:27 " He who gives to the poor will lack nothing, but he who closes his eyes to them receives many curses"..