Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Saving lives...

May 22, 2014

     Saving lives outside the abortion mill in Granite City this past Tuesday. One abortion-bound mother went in 3Xs to kill her baby. Then, she drove off but came back to talk with me. Marissa felt she had every reason to kill her 10 wk baby: no man, no help, no support, and she already has a toddler. 

However, I got in her car (which wasn't the smartest thing), and she said, "I heard those things you said to me. It's all true. Would you really help me?" she asked. I held her hands and we prayed. "We need Jesus," I told her. "Your life has got to change. Marissa, you have to live doing his will. Our ministry can help with the superficial things, but God needs to be the Lord of your life from now on." 

     Please keep Marissa in your prayers. She is struggling, but there was something about her that God is going to use. She wants to do the right thing and fight the stigma of being a single parent. We hugged and and gave her a little gas money, all we had on us, and went on to help another abortion-bound mother who came in the ultrasound van.      

She saw her baby and decided to keep her child. Thank You, Lord! Four precious babies were saved throughout the afternoon/evening. Standing in the trenches ~Angela 

Another baby saved!

May 20, 2014

     Another baby saved!
This is Richard; we saved him in our ultrasound van 5 yrs ago. This past Saturday, we helped him with some clothing. 

     TODAY as Daniel was putting gas in the ultrasound van, as this afternoon are midnight abortions in Granite City, (our son Isaac calls our van the "Baby Truck;" he just got picked up from Pre-3 school) a man came over to Daniel pumping gas and holding Isaac and told him, "I want to tell you and your wife thank you. I love my grandchildren. The other day, my daughter told me that she almost aborted my grandson, but that there were people out there (at the abortion mill) with a van and it changed her mind." The man then started tearing up. "It's murder isn't it, Dan?" he asked. "Yes," Daniel replied. He thanked Daniel again for being there 13 years never know when you can save a life, but you have to be there. :)  Thank You, Lord! 

Saving babies in the cold rain....

May 14, 2014

Saving babies in the cold rain, and being blessed with a drive by "thank you" (white suv) from a young father who brought his wife to kill their 21 wk baby, 3 months ago, but listened to us and he talked her out of late term abortion."It's a girl," he told me, and we rejoiced and prayed as the father is undergoing chemo therapy. However, when he saw the ultrasound van, he wanted to let me know that we made a difference that day and they saved their baby who is now 34 weeks. 

Other pics (girl in grey, girl in blue, girl in grey hoodie) are abortion-bound clients who changed their minds on their scheduled abortion and came inside ultrasound van and let us love on them.

We celebrated with Jesus in the cold rain with 5 precious babies being saved throughout the afternoon/evening on Tuesday. We dreaded the cold, dreary day: but look what God did! We had a harvest  Thank you Lord.
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