Thursday, April 25, 2013

Another Butchered Woman at Hope Clinic...

Abortionist Erin King leaves baby body parts inside young woman.
Young girl left hemorrhaging and full of infection.
By: Angela Michael

Shockingly, within a week of posting a recent botched abortion horror story from inside Hope Clinic in Granite City, we encountered yet another abortion survivor who was left maimed. This time the back alley abortionist was the female serial killer, Erin King.

     Just as the accused serial murder trial of abortionist Kermit Gosnell is underway and we are hearing of the blantant gross negligence and disgusting conditions and the deaths of live babies at his Philadelphia abortion mill. We should not be surprised.  This is not an isolated incident. This happens everyday inside abortion mills.

        Here at the Midwest’ largest late term abortion mill, Hope Clinic for Women, we                              witness many butchered women leaving on stretchers, and in wheelchairs, sometimes rolled up in sheets in an employee’s minivan, or ambulances. And just like the media blackout of Gosnell’s trial and his house of horrors, the same can be said of Hope Clinic House of Horrors. Unless you live dangerously, not recklessly, like our ministry, in being the messenger.  The only way you hear of these atrocities and disgusting conditions is when our ministry is being sued, chewed, and tattooed by the back alley abortionist with their smear campaigns and intimidation tactics to try and “silence the messenger”.
      Unbelievable, prochoice advocates don’t want to return to so called back alley butchers. Listen, those back alley monsters never left. They got more empowered and greedy. Now, those “dirty docs”, come through the front door of these “chop shops” and abortions cost more. On this particular afternoon, we set up our pregnancy outreach to the abortion bound mothers slowly arriving, warning them of the most recent butchered woman who came through the Hope Clinic doors thinking this slaughterhouse really cared and was going to help her. Joke! She nearly died. She contacted our ministry and we went to her aid, where she received emergency surgery by a skilled surgeon to save her life.              

        Ironically, this surgeon is familiar with the botched abortions coming from Hope Clinic. It’s sad, that prochoice advocates only want to kill the messenger instead of getting rid of these back alley abortionist like Gosnell, and Erin King and Yogendra Shah.  They are hurting women: not helping women. We noticed the Missouri car parked on the end of lot and they just sat in the car. We kept praying and talking softly to the other women standing in line to kill their babies. After about 30 minutes, Daniel went over to talk to them even though they had their windows up, he tried. He began sharing with the two women about the recent botched abortion and some of just this one woman’s horror story. 
       After mentioning baby body parts, the passenger rolled the window down and her eyes were popping out of her head. She took an interest, but, she looked pale. “Catherine” said, “That’s what happened to me”. She went on to tearfully tell him she had underwent an abortion two weeks ago. He asked her if it were the male abortionist or the female. “The female, but it was horrible. I’ve been sick ever since”.  Her driver, who turned out to be her mother was very concerned and upset. She told Daniel she “really didn’t want to bring her here, but had no recourse”.  A few days after her abortion she felt ill and the bleeding was increasing instead of stopping. Finally, over a week had gone by and she was doubled over in pain and a foul smell as the heavy bleeding continued.

      Distraught, the mother simply took Catherine to the nearest emergency room in Cape Girardeau.  After blood tests and an ultrasound, it was confirmed. Catherine had suffered an incomplete abortion. Baby body parts were left inside her womb. She was full of infection. She was also facing at least a $4500 fee to have fetal parts removed at this facility without insurance and the finances. It was suggested to return back to the abortion mill to have the abortion that she paid for, completed.   Hope Clinic agreed to do another abortion on Catherine and this time, “they would not charge her”.  In the meantime, emergency staff treated her bleeding and administered massive antibiotics until her return to Hope Clinic the next day.  I have never heard of this ethically, but personally, I think emergency room doctors are sick and tired of cleaning up Hope Clinic’s botched abortions, or any incomplete abortion’s from abortion facilities.

          We provided this young woman and her mother with our legal information and the state department of regulation where they can file complaints. Both were upset that they had to return to this house of horrors. The young woman showed much remorse, she even went on to share with us how thankful she was a few years ago when she came for an abortion and we successfully talked her out of it and she now has a beautiful son at home. Her mother chimed in agreeing how grateful she was for our help then and now, today. We prayed with them before they went inside, and they promised to keep us abreast of the situation.

          It is only by the grace of God that our ministry was able to catch these recent botched abortions because these workers of iniquity, thrive where there is darkness. They could care less about women and healthcare. An abortion is not health care. It's murder, and the abortionists are making a lot of money off these women and the state, as Medicaid pays for a lot of these abortions. It is an assembly line when you stand outside an abortion mill as we have for decades on a daily basis and view the line of women and their accomplices waiting to go in side. Just like cattle at the slaughterhouse. It’s a meat market.                                                                                           

          Once inside, the two are separated, women are taken downstairs, accomplices are directed upstairs to a waiting area full of chairs and flat screen TVs. They never see the women again until the abortion is finished or supposedly finished as through the years we have helped butchered women file lawsuits, which included many complaints of  incomplete abortions, fetal parts left inside these women to rot and fill their bodies full of infection. It's disgusting!  Legal abortion was supposed to rid itself of the back alley stigma. Where a guy in a trench coat stood at the foot of the table or on a dirty floor of an abandoned building attempting to perform an abortion on a desperate woman instead leaves her in a pool of blood and a mangled baby still inside her womb as he collects his money and slips out the back door.                                                                                 

       Nowadays, women walk through the front door of the $2 million state-of-the-art facility. Some are smart enough to notice the details: flecks of blood on the wall, bloodstained carpets, group counseling, if that.  Benadryl, an antihistamine, to relax them so the drooling patient can crawl up on a table with a big overhead light and a madman comes running at them holding what appears to be a drill.   The clinic’s version of anesthesia is the biggest employee that can hold you down or sit on your chest to keep you still for the abortionist.  If it takes too long, the abortionist screams, “I’m done!”, and throws his tools on the floor and walks out. You are left with the linebacker who just got off your chest telling you to sit on the toilet and put a pad on when you’re done. This all takes about ten minutes. If you don’t expel the fetus on the commode, you go home in pain and in days or weeks are rushed to the emergency room for the e-room attending to finish the botched abortion.

       These are incomplete abortions. They are dangerous and they can leave a woman sterile or worse, dead.   And where’s the outcry? Where is the media?  I heard the journalist mantra, “If it bleeds its leads” well these abortion survivors bleed, as in over kill. The abortion mill wants prospects to think they run a reputable healthcare operation. It’s a joke. The recovery area; it’s not the pristine surgical white, stainless steel, picture they convey.  It's 12 to 16 bloodstained Lay-Z-Boy's with worn arm pads sitting across from one another with one or two I.V. poles appearing to have flecks of dried blood on them. Depending on your hemorrhaging, you sit there 45 minutes to a couple hours. Because, once the abortionist “gets you patched up and back on the highway you are no longer his problem.” Yogendra Shah stated this to a former abortion nurse.  Back alley abortion has not ended, they just get by with it. Unless our paths cross, the cover up continues.

    1.5 million times a year little babies are butchered needlessly, and a lot of times, so too are their mothers.  It’s a shame because if this were a shoddy puppy mill it would be closed down in matter of minutes. Journalists would be all over it.

   Abortionist Erin King stated in the Alton Telegraph this past year on the anniversary of the distrainment of Roe v Wade   “As long as women need healthcare we will be here”. Does this scenario sound like healthcare?  More like cha- ching. Abortionist Erin King arrived at her usual time, 4:17 p.m, and pulled into the garage as the door with peeling purple paint slowly lifted, to begin the slaughter. 

Back alley abortion has not ended. It’s the red herring of medicine and the cover up needs to end.  The marquee outside the abortion mill should read;                                                                          
Hope Clinic Home Of Incomplete Abortions”
                               Abort at your own risk!

Monday, April 15, 2013



         "We Don't Have To Worry About Going To War; The War Has Come To Us"~A.M
                                                                     April 15, 2013
   "While we were sleeping, the enemy came and sowed weeds among the wheat" Matthew 13:25

  Not only is April 15th the anniversary of President Lincoln's death, the sinking of the Titanic, Tax Day, but also the Boston Marathon  is being held as it is "Patriots Day", in Boston, Massachusetts. The marathon route was swelling from spectators viewing and encouraging the racers and peppered with local police. Just as the first finisher was running across the finish line, two loud explosions went off simultaneous.
 A plume of smoke went up in the air and stunned runners and witnesses looked over to see what was happening., Then the visual of injured spectators with missing extremities and bloodied faces lay strewn along the route where the explosion  happened. The race came to a halt.  In disbelief, horrified spectators and police, marathon staffers began running over to the injured. Thank God, there were over a thousand medical volunteers staffing this annual marathon as immediate medical triage began shortly after the explosions.  At this posting there are 2 confirmed dead, over 100 injured and several critical patients. Young children hit by shrapnel. These senseless massacres should not surprise us. If anything, we should expect more. " Bloodshed pursues bloodshed".  Hosea 4:2  Only a coward would attack innocent people, let alone children.                                  

 We have allowed the enemy in.  God cannot continue to bless and protect this arrogant and sinful nation that is in a state of rebellion, just as Sodom and Gomorrah with their detestable practices and shedding of innocent blood.  God will use famines, catastrophes, the economy, massacre's and natural disasters to get our attention. Let's face it, Third world countries and unsaved nations see us as weak. Look at the disrespect Mexico and Iran let alone, North Korea has for the United States of America,  They view us as weak, ineffective money-grubbing hypocrites. We send missionaries over to Third world countries telling them about their backyards when our own backyards are not clean.                                                                                                    

 We accept sin in the church and look the other way as we play church each week. We tolerate Islam and other religions, but are intolerant to any representation of Christ or the Cross.   We idolize sports and material possessions.  We seek all these things of the world, instead of seeking the Kingdom first.  The image that the American church is projecting to our enemies is that we have sold out our birthright for material blessings  We were founded as a Christian Nation when the Mayflower docked, but we have lost our moral compass and those truths that we held so evident with our founding fathers.  We have let the enemy in and allowed him to stay by our silence. Listen, God is shaking this nation: Can His judgement be far behind ?  We need to lift God's Word and Biblical truths back up as our nations foundation.  It is the most important issue facing us. Or the massacre's and disasters will continue.Terrorism in the womb leads to terrorism in the streets.  God is speaking.  Can we hear Him?  

                   II Chronicles 7:14 "If my people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray, and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from Heaven and I will forgive their sin, and will heal their land".   


Sunday, April 14, 2013

Hope Clinic House of Horrors... again

 Please Help Me!
April 10, 2013
                                                            Forward by Angela Michael

On the heels of infamous abortionist Kermit Gosnell's murder trial, our ministry received this disturbing message today from a distraught Hope slaughterhouse survivor. Abortionist Yogendra Shah makes Kermit Gosnell look like a boy scout in comparison, as Shah tends to fly under the radar with his grotesque practices inside Hope Clinic.  This damaged woman is one of the many who seek out our website to complain and expose the "dirty little secrets”, inside this notorious meat market in Granite City, Illinois. It’s so ironic that those feminists inside this abortion mill who cry that they are all about women and their treatment, are the very same perpetrators that perpetrate or aid in the cover up of substandard and inhuman treatment of pregnant woman seeking abortions. Hypocrites! The abuse, negligence and barbaric treatment of just this one woman is appalling. Back alley abortion's have not ended with legal abortions. It goes on behind 2 million dollar state of the art facades like Hope Clinic. The abortion industry could care less about protecting women.   They only care about protecting the abortionists and their bloody income. That’s all.

Hi. My name is “Mandy” and unfortunately I was there on 4-5-13. I'm allergic to Novocain and Lidocaine. My file is stamped in bright red ten times so they know that.  They doped me up with their "Benadryl" that makes you so tired you drool on yourself and the nurse took me downstairs and I laid on the bed and the nurse told me the doctor didn't see any reason not to use Lidocaine.  I told her, “No, I cannot have that, I won’t be numb....she told me, “The doctor would be in, in a minute”, so when he came over he had a large needle.  I began to tell him what I just told the nurse and he waved me off and came at me with the needle...I panicked a little as he stuck me and it hurt wasn't until he started coming at me with this thing that I started to be a little hysterical. They kept saying, “Calm down, calm down”, and by this point I am begging them to let me up ... doctor Shah grabbed me by my left leg and pulled me back on the table the whole time, which wasn't that long. He held me, put whatever that was in and I felt pain, excruciating pain. He told the nurse to hold me and she laid over me until I moved so much shah literally threw the tool down said, “I'm done”, and walked away.  The nurse took me in the I guess recovery room and cleaned me up ...she kept saying “it the medicine,  its the medicine that’s why I'm hysterical”. I said, “No its not, it’s because I'm in pain, terrible pain.” I left that place a different person. It was bad enough what I was doing. I was being punished for it.  They didn't give me any pain medication at all either. This is day 4-5, still a wreck.  I have visions of his face at night it was like being in a horror movie... you can contact me at 6*********.
Thank you and I'm sorry, what I did was terrible.

  Update: Our preliminary investigation has revealed Yogendra Shah was the abortionist 4/5/13 on duty.
 Deb Weidhardt was Hope Clinic’s version of anesthesia as she laid across this woman’s chest to hold her down during her abortion procedure. I surmise that it's cost effective rather than using Fentanyl and Versed medications and an I.V.  Deb Weidhart is not a trained or licensed nurse.  Deb Weidhardt is listed as the abortion clinic manager. She is also the same abortion mill staffer who performed “Mandy’s” ultrasound. According to witnesses (drivers) in Hope Clinic’s waiting area, loud screams could be heard a few minutes after they took Mandy downstairs for the procedure.  Mandy confirmed she entered the abortion mill at 8:00 a.m. Hope Clinic discharged her around 5:15 p.m.  She needed assistance as she couldn’t walk on her own power.  After contacting our ministry, she was instructed to seek medical treatment for hemorrhaging,severe pain and possible incomplete abortion.At this posting her family contacted us to let us know Mandy is being rushed to hospital in severe distress. Please keep this situation in your prayers.