Wednesday, August 18, 2021

HOPE CLINIC for WOMEN LTD. Granite City, IL. "BUTCHERS" yet ANOTHER WOMAN ..3 more women butchered within 6 weeks !

  Today, August 18,2021  yet another late term women was rushed outside from the abortion mill, on a stretcher and loaded up into an awaiting ambulance via Granite City Fire & Rescue. Abortionist Erin King (Eisenberg) was the butcher, once again. This marks the third caught botched abortion from notoriously known as, Midwest largest late term abortion mill. We spoke to this small woman the day before after she arrived offering her other options. It was obvious she was late term as her  protruding belly hung over the lip of her pants. She declined our offers. 

 Unfortunately, she came back today in the same black Ram pickup truck and the male was obnoxious. Only six abortions this day which several were from day before. At  approx.. 1:23pm a Granite City Fire & Rescue truck pulled onto the parking lot and wheeled a stretcher inside. They brought the small girl out attached to an IV. They hastily put her  into the ambulance and sped off , over the state lines to St. Louis, Missouri, where the  cover -up of gross negligence and  malpractice inside Hope abortion mill continues.

   Barnes- Jewish hospital to be exact conspires with this slaughterhouse to patch these women up and get them back on the highway where they are no longer a problem. You would think a state of the art healthcare provider would be concerned so many butchered women are coming through their doors from Hope Clinic. Red flags anyone? But then again many of the hospitals residents are in training at Hope Clinic to perform abortions . You see in Illinois the recent  revised IRHA per Gov. JB Pritkzer, Hope Clinic rules by their own authority. There are NO restrictions, no inspections, no oversight, or inspections, and if a women dies during an abortion, the only person called is the funeral home. Not even the abortionist is held accountable for their death or injuries. You can't sue them. You see "back-alley" abortions are LEGAL in Illinois. They only cost more. We have no idea who is performing these late term abortions as anyone is eligible do them . You don't have to be a physician.  Today we "caught " our third  botched abortion in 6 weeks. You would think by now in their 47 yrs dark history, someone would know how to perform an abortion inside this slaughterhouse. What is sadder, is there is no consequences to those inside Hope Clinic who are responsible for injuring and maiming these women being hauled over the river in order to save their lives and  to ensure that they keep silent. This is "healthcare"? Why isn't someone investigating all these back alley abortions being hauled over to St Louis ? If this were a  ENT physician or a tattoo artist  sending his  butchered patients to a hospital to be repaired, the AMA would of shut them down and revoked their license by now. How many more injured women will it  take to wake up the REAL medical community to this medical blight? Abortion is and has always been considered the "red-light" district  run by bottom-feeders to the medical community.