Thursday, April 21, 2011

When you sow bloodshed in the womb, you will reap it in the streets

Tuesday April 18th- It was in the upper 80’s with humidity to make it feel like a July afternoon as we stood on the sidewalks surrounding this abortuary. We were busy. This abortion mill loves to mix up their schedules and causulties. Only three cars were on the lot when we arrived; 15 minutes later it was up to 22, mostly Missouri, a lot more Black American. The casual attitude towards murder is alarming. Is it any wonder why we witness and hear of so much more violence in the inner city “cutting people down on the streets and cutting people down in the womb”? It is desensitizing the conscience of society.
            Just this past weekend, a Vietnam immigrant and his wife, both in their 70’s, were walking through a South St. Louis alley after grocery shopping and were attacked by four teens or predators playing the “knock-out game” where unsuspecting victims or passer-bys are attacked. This couple was beaten and kicked severely, just for the fun of it until the elderly man lay dying. His wife was severely punched and kicked but managed to crawl to a distance where she could call her son on a cell phone. The son dialed 911 and ran to the alley where he found his injured mother and cradled his crumpled and dying father in his arms until police arrived. The elderly man died. His wife survived and is now planning his funeral. Another senseless act of violence. “When you sow bloodshed in the womb, you will reap it in the streets. For over 38 years we have embraced bad behavior and allowed immorality. Men and women of all ages get to pick and choose who gets to live and who gets to die. What should we expect?”          
            Nicole pulled onto the parking lot and we were able to bring her inside our ultrasound van for a view of her baby. To her surprise, we viewed an approx 20 week old baby girl auditioning on the screen. We listened to the heartbeats and went over physician follow-up and resources we can help with. We gathered some baby supplies on hand and gave them to her as well as some money to get a meal for herself and her other child. She was very grateful and got out of the car crying and gave me a hug. “Please let me know if there is anything else we can help you with.” They waved as they drove off.
            Another couple came back out and Daniel was able to confirm another save while we were doing the ultrasound. It was getting hot on the sidewalk with the “summer-like” sun bearing down on us, but we’re not complaining!
            A young man brought his baby, a save, from the past fall for us to see. He was precious. It is so encouraging to see the fruits of our labors. Daniel told us that he just witnessed to a mom and daughter in the alley after noticing the Jesus Is Lord emblem on their car. They were from the upper-scale Chicago area. She was over 6 months. They were referred to Hope(less) by a doctor to get rid of their supposedly flawed baby boy. We offered to take them across the street for a second opinion by real doctors. Daniel told them about our unfortunate situation years ago and we let God have control and nature take its course. The mother responded, “Believe me, I’d rather be any place than this place.”
Throughout the unusually warm and muggy afternoon, three precious babies were confirmed saves, including a father and daughter from Missouri and a couple from Illinois who accepted our literature and thanked us.
            Thank You, Lord, for making it possible for us to continue to run smack into enemy territory and gain more ground for the Kingdom. We continue making our voices heard. We have done battle for years with the powers of evil and we still have compassion on those who are held by its grip. May our witness and ministry continue pleasing You and bearing much fruit, and may we continue to keep “storming the gates” until You welcome us into the gates of heaven. In Jesus’ name we pray. ~Angela