Wednesday, April 27, 2011

“What Good Is A Box Of Soap When I Don’t Have Electricity?”

Tuesday April 26th - You could feel the frustration in the young mother’s voice as she and her pregnant friend (who share a small house together) tearfully shared their plight with us today on the sidewalks surrounding the slaughterhouse in Granite City. Both women came to us out of desperation as they know there are no resources for pregnant women but a box of soap in Granite City. They have been through the ritual of local organizations consistently turning them down for financial assistance and baby supplies. The pregnant girl told us she had to take four classes at Mosaic to receive two receiving blankets when she needed a crib that she never received. The children they brought with them were complaining of hunger. They were precious; some were saves. They were dressed properly and clean.
            Judy (another sidewalk counselor) jumped into action while Daniel worked the phone beat. Stan and I entertained the kids. “Let’s get them some food,” Judy said. She went to her car to retrieve money and we began walking them down to the local eatery. While they went to eat, the remnant kept gently offering abortion-minded mothers another way. Only one organization called us back and offered to put some money towards the electric bill. Our ministry paid the rest. When the family came back with Judy, we blessed them with the finances to take them to the utility company and get it taken care of. The mothers’ faces beamed with joy. We then loaded their car with baby supplies they needed.

            At this point, the pregnant mother started weeping, thanking us and telling us how degrading it felt to be turned down or take pregnancy classes to receive two blankets for her baby. “I needed a crib not blankets. I’m trying to work and take care of my children and then have to be at four classes in order to get two blankets? I hated having to come down here and ask you guys because you have helped me out so much before, but I knew who to turn to.” She wiped her face and said, “You guys do so much to help people like me and even those women,” and she pointed to the abortion mill, “going in there. You guys are unbelievable and I wouldn’t have my babies now had you not been here. Thank you so much.” We hugged her at this point. “No, I really mean it Angela. No one else would give us the time of day, and here you guys fed us and our kids. Look at all the nice stuff you put in our car. No one else does that.” I told her, “It’s God.”
         One of the little girls pulled on my pant leg and told me she had a boo-boo as she fell on the walk back to the ultrasound van. She grazed her elbow. “Ooh that looks like it needs to be cleaned up and a band-aid.” I asked their mother for permission to dress her boo-boo. Of course, the other two toddlers followed inside with delight. We sat down by the sink and medical supply closet with the door open so mom could keep a watch on little “Mila.” I disinfected as the other two looked on with such curiosity. They peered over at the baby models and began asking questions about the babies. I applied antibiotic and a small band-aid explaining how old the little rubber babies were. I held one up and said, “You used to be this little inside your mommy.” They giggled and “Loquito” asked if he could have one. “Of course!” The other girls chimed in, “Can we have one too?” I handed all three a little 11 week old model and they admired their eyes and ears. I then took my black marker and drew a smiley face on Mila’s band-aids and she held it up for both to see. Well, that started a wildfire of boo-boos that needed triage attention. “Sure, we can do that,” although I had to squint to verify. “Loqutio” held his hand out and we cleaned and placed on a band-aid with a smiley face. “Helena” held out her forearm and she requested that the smiley face be drawn looking at her : ). “Since you all have been terrific patients, if your mothers okay it, you get a treat.” All jumped to their feet, and I placed lollipops in their hands. All three without provocation turned and hugged and asked me to bend down so they could place a kiss on my cheek; so sweet. It’s nice to be appreciated.
        As we came out of the van, Judy conveyed that the mother and daughter from Illinois that we spoke to earlier came back out and confirmed a save to her. Praise God!
        The mothers and their children were in much better spirits than when they first arrived on the scene. Both were smiling and repeatedly thanking us for all our help. Praise God, He gets the glory! We gathered and led in prayer for this family and God’s blessings and His provisions. We walked them to their car which now had almost a full tank of gas. “Thank you Angela so much,” and we watched them drive off the lot.
        I turned to the prayer warriors, “Give me your hungry, give me your tired, give me your babies.” They all laughed! I felt like the Statue of Liberty. The abortion mill was taking this all in. A few minutes later, the guard came out and motioned to me. We met him on the sidewalk. “I’m not feeling well. I need to get over to the emergency room.” We asked if he needed assistance. “No,” he answered. “I think I can make it.” We walked beside him, and Daniel made sure he got to the emergency room where they took him right inside.
        We gathered the saints and threw up a prayer for the guard and the situation. We prayed for God to bind up the murderous spirits inside the abortion mill and return our nation to a culture of life and respect for every living creature. “We thank You, Lord, for all of the babies saved this day and the hearts touched and changed through our efforts, prayers, and witness. Place a hedge of protection around Your saints as they travel back home. Until You return, we pray in Jesus’ name.”  
        "Those who are generous are blessed, for they share their bread with the poor." Proverbs 22:9 The heart that goes out of itself gets large and full of joy. This is the great secret of inner life. We really do ourselves the most good when we are doing something for others. We overcome evil by doing good.

            Be encouraged ~Angela