Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Never, Never Give Up!

February 19th  “History will be kind to me for I intend to write it.  ~Sir Winston Churchill
            “I just want to give that lady Angela a hug,” was just one of the many comments made after this evening’s gala, and we must have been pretty impressive as little Audrey is very shy and only six years old. We were the evening’s guest speakers at this pro-life fundraiser. The room was packed with pro-lifers and guests from all over the Springfield area. We were preparing to share our passion for the unborn and their mothers scheduled to abort them through our daily 18 years of street ministry and pioneering the ultrasound movement outside the Granite City, Illinois abortion mill.  
            Guests began trickling in and soon the numbers swelled as the aroma of a delicious feast permeated the room. As we were being served, our host greeted us, went over timeline, and requested us to speak with reporters that were scheduled for tonight’s event. Some of the attendees walked over to us and introduced themselves; some we were familiar with as they have come to other speaking engagements we have held. Some have stood with us outside the abortion mill years ago. It was nice to see them again.
            Our host soon introduced us and gave a brief testimony of how she encountered our ministry and stood with us one day. She was overwhelmed to experience our vital mission work and to be apart of the life-saving efforts we provide to mothers and their babies everyday. We then thanked those responsible for making this event happen and gave glory to the Lord! We thanked everyone for making the time to come and began by asking for those who have been to Hope Clinic to raise their hands; surprisingly there were many hands up in the air. Some we recognized. “This is great!”
            We went over the history of abortion in Granite City and the stats of this abortion mill. We emphasized what makes Hope Clinic so notorious and the Midwest’s largest abortion provider: the lack of enforcement of parental notification and they specialize in late-term abortion. “That is why we see so many little girls being brought over state lines to abort babies being conceived from abuse, rape, or incest. No one was reporting this.” We informed the audience of how many times our ministry had to literally hold up a distraught and devastated mother who just found out her child was inside Hope Clinic undergoing an abortion without her knowledge or consent and was prohibited to be with her daughter until the abortion procedure was completed, if that. “Most of the time abortion staffers would just release the disheveled post-abortive girl into her parents’ waiting arms standing in the alley or on the sidewalk, returning full custody back to them.”
            We spoke on the many saves we have enjoyed. “Our ministry has branched out not only as a pregnancy resource on wheels, but has added adoption services of the many babies we have saved from abortion and adopted to loving couples who could not have their own child.” We shared the emotional testimonies of our two youngest saved and adopted babies into our own family to add to our biological 11. There were gasps and applause at this venture. “When we tell girls not to kill their babies, we better have options. We can’t just do the talk; we have to do the walk because saying you’re pro-life doesn’t save babies; doing pro-life does.” Applause.
            Our lil’ angel Hannah-Noelle was in good spirits and took a nap, so we let her accompany us this evening. It turned out to be a blessing. It was so encouraging for the audience to see a baby that was destined for death to be rescued, saved, and adopted. Hannah only interrupted us twice : ).  We took a break from speaking and answered a few questions from the audience. We then explained our daily operations and asked a witness from the audience who has stood with us to share her experiences. In particular, she shared about this past Tuesday when we set a record for rescues, saves, and so many ultrasounds that we ran out of supplies. The listeners were very impressed with what she shared.
            In closing, we encouraged them with the death toll dropping consistently in the past two years to less than 4000 babies being butchered compared to the annual 13,104 we witnessed on average, in addition to the conversions of many clients and former workers. When asked why do we do what we do everyday, every year with no pay, no salaries, and no vacations, I explained, “Because many years ago when I first set out and started by myself, someone made the comment, ‘Why do you do it?’ I remembered what God put in my heart. I answered, ‘Because when we stand in all kinds of weather, facing hateful remarks, disparaging conditions, a lack of support, and are on our last dime we are standing in defense of those babies and at least we are bringing some dignity to those being led to their slaughter. We let them know that they did not die alone…’”
            I looked into the crowd and you could see people drying their eyes in total silence. It was then I noticed the reporters standing in the doorways, writing on notepads and snapping pictures. They interviewed Daniel as I spoke. “We can continue making a difference in the lives of mothers and their babies and in the world. There is a mission field and it’s right here in our own backyards. God is looking for a few good men and women to come take up their cross and join us for the least of these.” Applause. Our host closed the program out by reiterating how they can support our cause and mission work. It was then that we were surprised with a presentation of a very generous donation to our ministry by the pro-life committee who planned and coordinated tonight’s event. Thank you Jesus! It was a great night and we stood in a receiving line meeting and greeting attendees who appreciated our sacrifice and ministry. They wanted to get involved and become donors. Many commented on how informative the speech was and they could tell we definitely have passion and love for the unborn. It was all positive feedback. Even our host came up and told us, “You can never give up. I think that little girl that wanted a hug could see a real angel in you, and I believe that is what you and Daniel are to those unborn babies. God will keep blessing your ministry because it’s the right thing to do.”
            I think we touched some hearts this night. Thank You, Lord, for making a way and blessing our ministry.