Sunday, February 6, 2011

"You Guys Are Saints...Thank You For All Your Help."

Friday, February 4th- We crept through the City of Slaughter on their washboard streets; some were barely cleared from this past week’s snow and ice storm. Piles of dirty snow took up vital parking spaces in front of the mill, but we managed to park where we were visible to the abortion-bound mothers. We quickly set up the ultrasound van and began softly speaking to the abortion-minded mothers and their accomplices. I turned to my right as we stood near the alley by the ultrasound van. The woman I saw looked familiar and smiled as she approached us. “Hi! I don’t know if you remember me, but here she is, my baby. You saved her and we just brought her home from the hospital where she spent the first four months of her life.” I looked at her cell phone picture; she was so tiny.
            Amanda proceeded to tell me that she came early. “I delivered her at 27 weeks.” “Oh my gosh, Hope Clinic is still killing them at that stage.” “Yeah, I know,” she replied. “The doctors and nurses didn’t give her much of a chance of survival. They told me to prepare for the worst, but I remembered what you told me, Angela, in your van when you saved her. You told me that God had a plan for this baby's life and that she had a destiny. I kept praying and saying that all the days I held onto her little hand as she lay in the incubator with all those wires and tubes she was hooked up to. I knew God would help her so I could bring her home.”
            “I showed the nurses at Cardinal Glennon the ultrasound pictures of her you took, and some of them knew about you and your ministry. They thought it’s great what you do. I told them if it weren’t for you being out there that day, Dallasen wouldn’t be here.” I interrupted and said, “No, not me; it’s the Lord. He works through us.” She smiled. “I think you guys are saints. Thank you for all your help you have given me.” With that I hugged Amanda.
            We may never know how many lives we have affected, saved, and touched, but we have to be there, making a difference in the lives of others. As she left the ultrasound van and walked to her car, we then noticed Daniel on the west side of the slaughterhouse. Praise God we're a team. He was speaking with “Martina.” She drove all the way from Alabama to kill her 17 week old baby. She told him after seeing us out here it reminded her of three years ago where she first met us and was going to kill her little boy.  This time she was being pressured to do it by family members, but she couldn’t do it. AGAIN! Thank you Lord. She thanked us and accepted our literature; then got into her car with two males and drove towards the interstate.
            You know, over 18 years ago I didn't know about this slaughterhouse, but now I don't have an excuse. I'm glad we can make the sacrifice each day and help be a voice and let those little boys and girls scheduled to be executed know that at least we tried to bring a little dignity and let them know they did not die alone.
            In Jesus’ name ~Angela