Thursday, February 10, 2011

"Shut That Fool Up...He Has No Idea About Our Situation..."

Saturday, February 5th-  What the devil meant for harm, God turned around for good...It seemed like it was taking forever to reach the City of Slaughter this early and snowy morning as we forged on.  The weather man said only an inch or two of snow was expected; this turned out to be 6.5 inches. It was a mess and slowed us down.
            As soon as we arrived we could hear the screaming from the alley. We set up our ultrasound van as the snow kept coming down. It was beautiful if you didn't have to get out in it. Oh well, snow happens :) We did our best to apologize for the screaming man who was hurling condemnation laced with some scripture at the women standing in line and passing him by.
            The male with the young boy came out from the mill. He had dropped his daughter and wife off a little earlier. The screaming man verbally laid into him, which caused the father to get angry and defensive. He held onto his little boy who was covering his ears and in tears. “For God's sake John, shut up.” The father looked over at us on the front sidewalk. We apologized for his insults. “Please sir, don't give him your energy. He wants to argue; he is here to kill babies.” The father grabbed his son and walked over to us. He said, “Someone needs to shut that fool up. He does not know our situation.” “No sir, he doesn’t, but God does. May I pray with you?” “Yes ma'am,” he answered. We bowed our heads and God gave me the words: “Lord, You know the situation. You know this family, and You know there is nothing too big that You can’t handle to carry this loving family through. Let them see and feel the love of Jesus through Your remnant on this cold, snowy day. Let them realize the preciousness of all life and to please accept our help. Let them know that God has a plan for their lives and the life of their innocent baby. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen."
            He asked about the black man. We informed him of the division he has caused and that he does not practice what he scream preaches. “He is a hypocrite and makes us all look bad outside this abortion facility. He has to take the log out of his eye before he can tell you about the speck in yours.” “Yes ma’am. Thank you for your help. We're going to get something to eat.”
            We returned to the sidewalk and tried softly speaking to more abortion-bound clients walking up to the entrance. The rosary warriors looked horrified. Now we know why. John was standing in the alley hurling more condemnation at the women. I looked at Stan and asked him, “Did I hear him right?” Stan held his head down. From the alley the screaming man angrily called the women in line “whores.” You could feel the hatred he has for women. We kept apologizing. One angry woman turned to him and called him the b**** word several times, then turned to me and apologized; she was not referring to us. It was horrible. How do you save a baby and soften a mother's heart with such condemnation missiles coming from a man wearing a clerical collar?

            The father and son returned from the hospital and went back inside. We kept praying and trudging through the snow to reach each car attempting to park and go inside. One couple came back out and accepted our literature. They covered their ears from the screaming as they got into their car and drove off.
            All of the sudden, the door opened wide and the entire family came back out! The father pointed to us on the front sidewalk. The mother looked over and gave me a little smile and I called over, “I apologize for the screaming. He is not a part of our ministry. I spoke with your husband; he'll explain.” I met them at the corner. The pretty woman rolled her window down as the snow was blowing in. I took my glove off and shook her hand apologizing for it being so cold, “But I thank you for doing the right thing.” I again denounced the people in the alley condemning them earlier, and told them that God knew their situation. She confirmed they were 14 weeks pregnant and keeping the baby. “Tenisha” was scared to death when the black man started screaming and they just hurried inside. The mother and father thanked us for distinguishing the two factions outside this mill. They would of thought, “that was the behavior of all protestors.”
            I pointed to the ultrasound van and told them briefly of our 18 years of daily ministry to pregnant women and their babies. I told them, “The devil wants that innocent blood to thrive on, and the devil knows who to use outside and inside this abortion mill to get it.” I then showed them a picture of our newest baby we saved and adopted from this abortion mill. “His mother was 27.5 weeks going in there to kill him.” “Oh, he is precious.” “Thank you. He is a blessing just like your baby will be.”
            The driver, the father, then expressed his gratitude for calmly speaking with them and shook my hand. I asked them if I could lift them up in prayer again before they drove off. They smiled and all four bowed their heads; they knew the Lord.
            “Thank You, Lord, for this divine appointment and this beautiful family. I thank You Lord for making it possible and touching the heart of this family and giving them ears to hear and such a gentle spirit. They did the righteous thing by sparing this precious child who is created in Your image. Now bless them, Lord, abundantly and place a hedge of protection around them as they travel back home and surround them with your guiding hand and tender love. The hardest thing for them to do, Lord, was to come back out. And I thank them for choosing LIFE this day. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.”
            With that, they smiled and drove off as the snow kept coming down. I turned to the few on the sidewalk, “Thank You Jesus!”