Saturday, January 22, 2011

Pro-Life Rally Marks Roe v. Wade Anniversary « CBS St. Louis

Saturday, January 22, 2011---38th Disdainment of Roe vs Wade
Pro-Life Rally Marks Roe v. Wade Anniversary « CBS St. Louis
            What an AWESOME day to serve the Lord and stand for LIFE! Pastor Todd Griener, leader of Church Without Walls, along with several other pastors from southern Illinois and Lawrenceville, Indiana led the charge as we set up our pregnancy outreach to the abortion-minded mothers. And the weather was merciful on the pilgrims in the gap this beautiful day! Yes, it was still cold, but without howling winds and frigid temps : ). Channel 5 and KMOX were on their way to cover our pro-life rally on the 38th anniversary and disdainment of Roe vs Wade. There were a few deathscorts led by gay activist Jeff Farris. However, when they became intimidated by the swell of proclaimers surrounding the perimeters of this slaughterhouse, they sent for reinforcements from across the river at St. Louis “Planned Barrenhood.” These kids looked like they were 15 or 16 years old. The abortion and homosexual industries are indoctrinating kids at an earlier age.
            Praise and worship broke out on the sidewalks. It was very convicting to the abortion-minded clients and their accomplices. Some of the cars were from yesterday; these were late-term babies being dismembered. “Mandy” came over. She was a save from this past summer. We helped load baby supplies and a brand new bassinet into her car. She is due this week with a baby boy.
Pastor Todd spoke to the group on abortion and the importance of the Church standing for life. A Jericho March ensued around this abortion mill as the deathscorts looked on. Daniel spoke to two young girls from Illinois who came back out. They confirmed they were 7 weeks pregnant and keeping their baby. They accepted our literature as they drove off. The reporters took pictures and interviewed as the prayer warriors sang God's praises in the background.
Two black American girls from Missouri came back out, and we met them in the alley. They rolled their window down and accepted our literature as they confirmed they were 5 weeks pregnant and keeping their baby. I asked them what changed their mind on the abortion. Marissa, the driver, smiled and said, “I knew it was wrong. I got convicted.” I asked, “After you saw all the people out here?” “Yes ma’am,” she replied. I prayed with her and thanked her, and she thanked us for our help and being there.
We then gathered and gave a charge to the imported foot soldiers. Pastor Todd introduced us and our ministry as there were new faces in this large group. We updated them on the daily operations, the death toll remaining at an all-time low (praise God!), and the fruits of our labors. We encouraged them with what the saves are reporting to our ministry team as effective in saving their babies: not only technology, but a peaceful, prayerful presence outside this abortion mill, “pricks their conscience.”
Pastor Todd then led the brigade over onto the main thoroughfare to stand for life and remind the apathetic townspeople and the churches of the abomination that lies undisturbed in their midst. Well, except from the daily prickings from our relentless ministry : ). Praise God! Loretta remained behind on the sidewalk and sang God's praises with her powerful voice to the check-ups and deathscorts remaining. Sidewalk counselors Judy and Nancy confirmed another save in the alley as they were pulling out. Praise God! 
  Breakthrough: we had two local pastors join our forces today on the main thoroughfare and outside this abortion mill. They were so impressed with the mission outside these gates of hell. And thank you to all of the foot soldiers who traveled to stand in the gap. Galatians 6:9 “Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.”   I almost forgot...we received a generous drive-by donation from a man who is following our ministry outside these gates. He gave us words of encouragement and thanked us for our presence. Alleluia! But the biggest blessing was no troublemakers, no screamers, or schemers. There was PEACE on the sidewalks surrounding this slaughterhouse. Amen!