Monday, January 31, 2011

"Hello Sunshine..."

Wednesday, January 26th   We were on our way to another speaking engagement and presentation in our Special Forces van. It was not too long of a drive into the night, and suddenly we were there. We parked the ultrasound van up close by the entrance doors so all attending could view. Once inside, the room was almost full. We glanced around the corner and there was the master of ceremonies. He greeted us as we walked into the room with, “Hello Sunshine,” and gave us a big hug. The other gentlemen showed us our seats and offered to take our wraps. We gingerly placed the ultrasound machine upon a large table for all to view along with our literature and brochures on our ministry.
After a few other organizations spoke, it was our turn. We were introduced and talked a little on our ministry, the importance of having the ultrasound to be a window to the womb  outside this infamous abortion mill, and how many babies have been saved through its use. We shared how many saves we had the night before at midnight abortions, and the prospect of doing a live ultrasound for everyone who supported this endeavor to witness this very evening. We didn’t know it until after we spoke to the audience that she was waiting outside the doors so as not to interrupt our meeting.
As we were ending and greeting people, she, her mother, and her young daughter came inside to our delight. We quickly introduced them and invited everyone to come outside to the ultrasound van and witness a saved baby through our ministry. We knew something this crowd didn't know; this was the young lady we were able to talk out of abortion and into bringing her “TWINS” into the world the night before! They were so surprised and stood out in the freezing temperatures to take turns entering our van while performing a live ultrasound. They were impressed with the van. Many of the men came up afterwards and thanked us for our devotion and commented on how much they enjoy our letters and reports from the frontlines.
After the speech, we were presented with a generous donation and a round of applause. We were so humbled. We thanked all those who stepped up to the plate on a cold January night and made it possible for us to continue being a voice in the wilderness and a window to the womb as the last line of defense for little babies that are being led to their slaughter in Granite City. As we walked the mother and pregnant daughter to the door, the mother whispered in my ear, “I want you to know something...when I found out she was going to the abortion clinic, I told her I didn't agree with her decision, but that it was her choosing.” I thanked her for sharing that bit with me, but I told her, “She has a tender heart. I'm glad she listened to us and came inside the van; that we were able to show her those innocent babies growing inside her and share our baby Isaac's testimony. God is still in control; those babies are a blessing.” Her mother replied, “And so are you.” With that we hugged them and thanked them for coming.
            How blessed is he who cares for the helpless.” Psalms 41:1