Monday, January 17, 2011

"Oh No, I'm Not Gonna Kill It. My Dad Was Making Me Go Through with the Abortion..."

       SATURDAY, JANUARY 15--- It was obvious; the leather faced man was disgusted and conveyed that to the front sidewalk proclaimers as he came out of the slaughterhouse with his middle finger. The girl had tears running down her cheeks and walked in the opposite direction away from him. We followed her as did Children's Hospital deathscort "Auntie KiKi," of the Suicide Girls fame, in pursuit to her car. She was from Indiana. We asked the girl if we could help her. “No, I’m okay. I’m not gonna kill it. My dad was making me have the abortion.” “Is that why he was so angry?” “Yes. He told me to get rid of it.” I looked at the deathscort as she stood within inches of our conversation and replied, “Nobody can force you to kill that baby. We can help you.” Cathy was at my side. “We can help you; we can show you an ultrasound of your baby.”Amber” then explained that they did one inside. She was 6 weeks along, but they didn’t show her much. We encouraged her to come in our van for more counsel and another view to show her the entire baby. She declined as she already saw her baby it at the emergency room days earlier. She must have detected the concern in our voices, but Amber assured us she was not going back in there to kill her baby.

       We asked her about support and where would she go. She told us that she had friends who were aware of the tense situation and would support her, even a family relative who would be willing to adopt the baby. By this time the deathscort had returned to the slaughterhouse. I then knelt by the car and held her hand, “Amber, what can we do to help you right now on the spot?” “You guys have helped me enough.” I asked her what changed her mind on the abortion. She answered, “Seeing people out here praying.” She went on to say that she knew this was wrong and she already has a 4 year old daughter at home; how could she kill this one? I asked about the angry screamers in the alley. She replied, “Oh, I think that's terrible. It just makes you want to get in there faster.”
       She then informed us that she only had a quarter tank of gas to get back to Indiana. I asked her if she would take some gas money from us. “Yes, thank you.” I ran over to Daniel and retrieved some money, and Stan chipped in too. We had enough to get her back home. She accepted the money, gave me a hug, and promised to stay in touch; she would not let her dad pressure her into an abortion. Her cell phone kept ringing this entire time. She answered it, and I could hear her father on the other end angrily yelling at her.
       We watched from a distance and kept praying for God to put a hedge of protection around Amber and her unborn baby, and safely get her back home to Indiana where supportive friends and family would meet her and be a blessing to her in her pregnancy. We prayed for her father, that his heart would soften and he would see the important role he has to lead; that he would be a hero in his grandchild’s eyes and to others in doing the righteous thing. Finally, she drove past us smiling and waving headed towards the interstate. Praise God!
       We shared the good news with other prayer warriors who were keeping an eye on the situation. To be standing in this bitter weather everyone needs a little encouragement, so we spoke to the groups with the good news. Felix stood up and said, “No, Angela, it's you that is our hero. I drove by this abortion mill Tuesday, the coldest day, worst weather, and I saw you and your husband standing for the babies. You are our hero,” he repeated. “Thank you Felix for the kind words, but it’s the Lord. He just uses us.” I then shared how we had three babies saved with ultrasounds that fiercely cold day, which is quite unusual. Most abortion-bound mothers just want to run inside to get away from the cold. I went on to thank them all for being here. “We are a team in being lifesavers.” I repeated to them what the saves told me what works and what makes them run inside. The “chest beaters” in the alley will never save a baby. Larry said, “I just wish they would shut those guys up. It's horrible.” “They are not here to save babies; they are here to destroy. We have to pray for them too.” I went on to share how many babies were confirmed saved this day
       As we were packing up, a homeless man appearing to be talking to voices he was hearing walked by us. We watched him earlier get stuck in the quagmire of “chest beaters” in the alley. The man stood there for a couple of minutes listening to them preach at him. He then broke loose and passed us by laughing and exhorting that, “They’re crazier than I am.” We had a good laugh. God can use the simplest of things. “They are to do good, to be rich in good works, generous, and ready to share.” 1 Timothy 6:18
       We are to, “Make all you can, save all you can, give all you can.” -John Wesley