Friday, January 14, 2011

"It's a girl! See, I told you this lady will help you..."

            Gosh, what an unexpected surprise as we set up our outreach in the City of Slaughter. We're having a heat wave! Temperatures were near normal for this time of year unlike the arctic blast we endured earlier this week ministering to the abortion-bound mothers.

 As we arranged the ultrasound, Daniel met a young couple in the alley. They were Hispanic from Fairmont City which has turned into a "sanctuary city" for illegals. “Rita” and her friend could barely speak English, but they did understand what little broken Spanish we knew as we handed them a brochure. They indicated she was 12 weeks and would be keeping their baby. We could use a Spanish interpreter at times as we are slowly witnessing an increase of Hispanic abortions coming from this area. Once they have an anchor baby they kill the rest, unfortunately.

     We rejoiced with the good news and moved to the front sidewalk. Doris and “Lacey” came inside our ultrasound van, and to their surprise viewed an approximate 21 week old baby girl appearing to be sucking her right thumb. Ooohs and aahhs could be heard coming from the van. We invited some of our pro-life prayer warriors inside to see a picture of this child auditioning for her life. They, too, were blessed to see the precious image on the screen. Very encouraging! “It's a girl,” and we listened to her little heartbeats: thump...thump, 152 per minute. Lacey exclaimed, “I told you this lady would help you.” We went over physician follow-up and resources we can assist with. They grabbed some snacks on their way out that we provide from our kitchen area in the ultrasound van as pregnant mothers are  always hungry. The abortion mill tells them to be N.P.O. in the morning for their appointment. They both turned and gave us a big hug and thanked us for being there and helping them.
            A car drove by and screamed, “Blow the place down.”
Let us pray. “Thank You, Lord, for this beautiful day.” A wintry day is a good time to plant flower bulbs or good seed for the God of contrast. i.e.: cold and hot, light and dark, winter and spring, life and death : ). It guarantees that new life and spring will bloom.
            Thank You, Lord. ~Angela