Friday, August 6, 2010

Prayers answered ! Thank you Jesus!

     "Hot time summer  in the city, back of my neck gettin' dirty and gritty." You know the tune! It felt ten times worse, as if we were walking into a furnace on the sidewalks this past week. Tuesday it was 115 with the heat index, but God made a way. Jess, Helen, Stan, Cathy, Good Peggy, even our intern student nurse stood with us. "We human beings can survive the most difficult of circumstances, if we are not forced to stand alone! " Prayers answered!
      And we enjoyed 3 precious babies' lives being spared and viewed on the ultrasound in this terrible heatwave. One of our precious saves prayed with us and Daniel took a wet cloth to wipe her brow and face as she gave her testimony of how grateful she was to have met us. The couple from Illinois sat in their car for over 45 minutes listening and viewing us praying and pleading for their baby. They drove off the lot giving us confirmation that they were saving their child.
     A Black American woman pulled up to us. As we gazed at her dashboard, we noticed a King James Bible. When we told her, "'Thou shalt not kill' was a commandment, not a suggestion," she told us that God will forgive her, and walked inside.So grace.
     We sought shade when we felt our knees buckling. Stan went on a water run.We were blessed with a few drive by cursings. After a while, most of the clients were inside; no one was coming out for smoke breaks. It was too hot!
     We did it! Three hours into our watch, God made a way for us to endure and persevere for His little ones. And when we returned back home, there was a message. Someone had donated a window unit air conditoner for the Granite City mother who was 6 months pregnant sharing an apartment with another mother who has three toddlers. Thank you saints for all your prayers and the donation of an air conditoner. God is so good!