Sunday, August 8, 2010

“It’s not a baby right now, and we can put a stop to it before it becomes something...”

     Straight from the pit of hell those words were told to an abortion-bound mother by the abortion recovery room nurse and butcher Ryan Goskie via the toll free abortion mill phone.
     A few minutes earlier, we witnessed the SUV Navigator parked by the fire hydrant. “Kayla” and her friend walked by the large group of rosary warriors and up to the door as we softly pleaded mercy for her unborn baby and offered free help. Kayla was at the door only seconds when she began crying and ran back to the SUV. She got inside and buried her head sobbing. We were able to speak with the driver by the car. The portly deathscorts tried to push their way up to the car; they were held at bay. A few of the brave rosary warriors, including a former grand knight, surrounded us from the deathscorts. It was a battle of life versus death.
     Kayla was a freshman entering college in another city and she felt there was no way she could have a baby on a college campus. Mary, Donna, and Cathy all helped us comfort and listen to the young girl. Her friend tried talking her into motherhood and she showed us a picture of her baby boy. She was a single parent and raising her child while going to school.
     Kayla declined an ultrasound at the time, so we gave her heaven. We spoke on God’s plan and His child. The f.o.b. was not interested in the pregnancy at all and would not pay the requested $900.00 dollars for the abortion. She was 16 weeks pregnant; that’s four months. Ryan, what nursing school did you go to?? If it’s not a baby at four months, what is it Ryan?? Do you see how the abortion mill staff LIES to women? That is why they go after our ultrasound van. It shows what is living inside a woman’s womb. The abortion mill HATES us!
     We offered several options and a strategy for her to finish school and still be a mother. We offered to adopt the baby. “Kayla, there is a reason why you did not go inside and turned and ran back to the car. God is trying to get your attention and He uses His people to do His work. We have several outreaches in the area of that university that will help you while continuing your education. But we are talking about another life here. You’re probably feeling that baby move inside you by now. That is his or her way of telling you, ‘Mommy, I love you. Please let me live.’ That baby will grow up to love and respect you and take care of you when you get older. All your baby needs is a chance.”
     We all took turns speaking and encouraging her. We told her of the many negligence and malpractice lawsuits pending against Hope Clinic because they not only kill babies, but they butcher women. We told her how much money the abortion mill will make off of her baby after they sell its body parts. We asked her if Ryan told her what they do with the dead baby’s body. She said they told her they do research on it. We handed her a body parts price list. She was shocked. “You see, this is all about making money off of a woman’s ‘choice.’ If the abortion clinic really cared about you, they would be doing abortions for free. You don’t see them buying you breakfast or giving you gas money to get back home.”
     Fr. Chris came over and prayed with her. The rosary group was breaking up, but they all kept looking over at us and indicating they were still praying for the situation. It took us two hours, but the Lord prevailed! She was more at peace with her decision. We exchanged contact numbers and gave her much information. She promised to stay in touch and thanked us. We prayed with her before they drove off.
     About this time it was like a cattle call. Late-term mothers were slowly walking to their vehicles. The North Dakota family with their young son in tow came out; she could barely walk due to the painful insertion of the multiple laminarias to dilate her cervix overnight.
     God have mercy…