Saturday, June 4, 2011


    Tuesday May 24th    “You can do that for me?.. They done took my money and I didn’t even get to see it,” the flustered girl announced as we approached with our offers of free help. It was hot this afternoon as we arrived and quickly set up our pregnancy ultrasound outreach to the abortion bound mothers. We were there less than an hour when Lakeisha came outside with tears in her eyes. Daniel got to her first explaining our ministry. She looked at me with this long sad face. “How can we help you?” I asked. Lakeisha then explained how she called to make an appointment and there was no mention of paying money. "They just told me to come in and talk with them. After I changed my mind on the abortion, they wanted money for the ultrasound; they didn’t even let me see it.” “Would you like to see your baby?” “You can do that for me?” she asked. “Yes," and I pointed to the ultrasound van. She was approximately 11.4 weeks pregnant. “I don’t know how I’m going to do it but I knew it was wrong walking in there, then seeing you all out here. I am glad you all were here for me.”

   After helping Lakeisha and her companions to their car, we quickly re-launched and set back outside to rescue some more babies scheduled to die this day. It was getting warmer as the afternoon went on. Sarah and her sister came inside the van where we were able to let them witness their baby auditioning for it's life. We went over resources and set up her first prenatal exam with our staff obstetrician. They were elated with all the resources we provided.

        We got them to their vehicle and again went back inside the Womb Service van, quickly resetting and were out on the hot pavements surrounding this slaughterhouse. " Kendra" and her friend pulled right in front of us. “May we help you girls today for free?” and we pointed to the ultrasound van. “No, no we’re just going in there.” Kendra was hesitating. “Listen, it only takes a few minutes and we are free. They charge you inside the abortion mill. We just helped a lady who was upset that they charged her and didn’t even show her the picture.” “How much do they charge?” her friend asked. “Oh, I see they didn’t tell you either.” “No ma’am," she responded. “$138-$200.00 dollars just for the ultrasound,” I told them. They both came inside as we introduced ourselves. I went over preliminaries and scanned. BAM, there on the screen appeared an approx 15.2 week old baby. “Oh my,” she said. “Look, look it's flipping," her friend screamed as she gazed at the screen which became this little one’s stage. “No, he’s auditioning for his life,” I announced.
       We listened to heartbeats and watched his swimmer’s stroke. The look on her face was saying “I’m unsure." I asked her, “Please tell me you’re not going to keep that appointment with the abortionist.” "I don't know. I've been postponing this. It's really harder after seeing all that on the screen." I then told her, "As large as the baby is now it's going to take at least two days for them to kill that baby." She straightened up and said, "Why you saying that like that?" "Because, that is what they do inside this abortion mill. Look at this little one begging for his life right now; he knows." I shared our little Isaac's testimony and showed them his picture. "Ooh he's precious," they both said. "Yes, he is just like that little one you are carrying." We went over resources and gave both of the women encouragement with their jobs and continuing their education. They resolved to help one another and to keep this baby, and thanked us for being there. Kendra would keep intouch.
       All this time we were inside working on saving this baby, here "Elizabeth" is standing and waiting for an ultrasound. What a nice surprise! "Hello," she said. "Do you remember me?" "Yes," I answered. "You look vaguely famailar." She then said, "You saved my first baby; he is eight years old now." "Praise the Lord! I'm sorry we took so long, but I had to work a little harder on the case before you." "Oh, that's okay. I was hoping 'da baby lady was still here and could show me my baby." And we did. " appears to be a girl approximately 25 weeks." She was so excited. "I'm so happy," she said. She would follow-up with her physician, and we went over baby supplies and resources we could help her with. "Thank you so much for being here, you are doing great things".Where have I heard that I thought as I disinfected and reset the ultrasound van, oh that's right,one of my heroes .."God has not called me to do GREAT things but small things with great love"..-Mother Teresa