Wednesday, May 25, 2011

"TRIPLETS",OH MY"! "It was those graphic signs that changed my mind", I'm so glad you were here"..

Saturday May 21, 2011

I had 20 seconds to read her right after she got out of her car. God was telling me some "stuff". I could tell that the guy who brought her, wanted the abortion more than she did, as she brushed by me. He accepted the brochure to quiet me, but my attention stayed on her. “We can help you if you want to keep this baby”. It was my last call as we ended our day. The next morning the calvary arrived with our imported footsoldiers,standing in the gap and singing God's praises. It was an awesome sight outside this abortion mill. Church Without Walls made the pilgrimage. Pastor Todd along with several other real ordained pastors led the charge. We had no sooner set up our pregnancy outreach to the abortion bound and greeted the prayer warriors when my eye caught the young girl from yesterday, parking on the emergency room lot. Daniel was talking to her as I walked up on them, "Hi remember me?” she asked “Yes, yes I do.” I replied. “May I have that ultrasound you offered me?” “Absolutely”! As we ushered her through the throngs of silent witnesses I thought this is not the guy who brought her , but praise God she didn’t abort.
   Once inside I quickly scanned as she was explaining her situation and how she walked out of the abortion mill looking for me. Her male companion was fuming and threatening to end their relationship if she didn’t go through with it. I was half heartedly listening as my eyes were catching something extraodinary on the ultrasound screen. I blinked to make sure and scanned a different area," oh my" I thought, big swallow. I continued to scan, I took my eyes off the screen and looked into her's, "Sara, I have something to show you”. She looked and said "I’m pregnant right?. I rescheduled my appointment for the 31st." I then pointed to the screen, “here is baby A and here is baby B, and right behind baby B is Baby C", long pause..breath.  "Triplets," she asked. "Yes, Sara, I’m pretty sure there is three". The next five minutes were tears and joy and unsureness and second guessing. "Here is their heartbeats", and I pointed. They were approximately 6 weeks, I grabbed her hand and promised we would get through this with the Lord's help and our ministry, "I promise”. Oh my, I then asked her, "please tell me you are not going to keep that appointment?" "No, not after seeing them, but I am overwhelmed". That would be normal with just one baby..after composing and hugging we came outside and Sara wanted to share with the large church group the good news. I summoned Pastor Todd and the other pastors. I whispered the situation and Pastor Todd gathered the troops, they surrounded Sara in front of our van. The abortion mill volunteers and staffers looked on. Sara spoke softly, “I..I ...I’m pregnant with triplets”. She then looked at me and with a shaking voice she said “I want to thank this lady so much”, and with that she buried her head in my shoulder as the crowd cheered and applauded. I hugged her and others touched her, Pastor Todd asked her and her friend a few questions and then explained the situation. She then told everyone “I’m not going to keep my appointment with the abortionist”. They clapped louder. We then prayed over this couple and Pastor Mike began taking up a love donation for them and their babies as they would be needing lot of supplies and help. We exchanged contact information and physician follow-up preferably with a high-risk obstetrician. This couple was expressing how thankful they were for our ministry and the outpouring of love from Church Without Walls. All the pastors pledged to stay in contact and help them with their needs. We want to get right with God and get back in church”, Sara commented as we walked them to their car. “That is great!”
     After disinfecting the van and re-launching, we were summoned to speak to the church group gathered on the parking lot. We were giving a charge and update on our ministry when Fr. Chris came over apologizing for interrupting our talk, but it was for a good reason. He pointed to the front sidewalk and there she was, Cathy a sidewalk counselor was standing with a young lady that we pleaded with earlier. “Montayne" was wanting an ultrasound and came back out of the abortion mill”. I excused myself from the group and ran to the front walk. The rosary warriors looked on. “Hello, I’m Angela”, she was beautiful. “My name is Montayne”. “Pleased to meet you” I said.  I then brought her inside the van. After preliminaries, I quickly scanned. There to her surprise was an approximately 7 week old baby. She smiled, “please tell me you’re not going back in there”. “No, that is why I came out”, she said. We went over resources and follow-up with her physician. She hugged and thanked us as she left.
    We joined the troops posted on the main sidewalk giving the City of Slaughter “heaven”, there were many honks of support as they silently stood holding their prolife signs, reminding this complacent town of the atrocity in their own backyard. Through the morning we confirmed another baby saved, and the buses eventually loaded up with the churches. We were tired and it was getting hot, we loaded up the van for our trek back home, as we were done for the day, or so we thought. We just began climbing in the van to pull away from the curb, when a mother and daughter we remembered from earlier in the morning came around the corner looking for us., Daniel reached them first, “we need the baby lady”, the mother said. I got out and went to them “Hi, can I help you?” “Yes we need help, but we see you’re packed up and leaving, we don’t want to bother you”. “You came back out?” I asked. “Yes”, the girl said. “What changed your mind?” I asked her. As we began walking inside the van, she stopped and pointed to the graphic signs resting against the ultrasound van. “It was those pictures, they’re horrible, I kept thinking of them as I filled out the paper work and I couldn’t get them out of my head. I told my mom, I can’t do that to my baby”, and we walked back out looking for you”. "Praise God", I said. Tanna’s mother kept thanking us for staying and helping them. “No bother”, I told them. “It’s our life, it’s what we do everyday”. As I scanned they asked about our ministry and when we told them how many children we have, they gasped. “REALLY?” I then asked “Are you ready to meet your baby?” “Yes”. They turned to the screen and there she was, a beauty, holding her left hand up by her face waving. I improvised “Here I am mommy”. They gushed “oh look its moving” I said. “She is auditioning”. They laughed. We listened to the heartbeats, “Oh they are precious”, the mother commented. Tanna asked, “Do you know what it is?” “It appears to be a girl”.
   We exchanged contact information and all the resources we can help them with. They were so grateful. The mother said “I am so glad you were here today” As we hugged and walked them outside the van I asked if we could bless them with some late breakfast or lunch money. They turned and the girl reached inside envelope full of money. My heart jumped, I thought that must have been the abortion fee money. She tried to hand me some of the money, I graciously thanked them but declined. “No, we want to give you something for helping us”,  she replied, “No, no, we want to bless you ," I said,"But you’re the one who helped us" her mother chimed in, "Tanna, by you saving your baby, you blessed us today”. They smiled and hugged us again and Daniel walked them to their car. We packed up again. "Thank you Lord! Thank you for making us a blessing in others lives and for all the hearts touched and little lives saved this day, to You be the glory.” Amen

“We make a living by what we get; we make a life by what we give”. Winston Churchill

Be encouraged ~Angela