Monday, May 16, 2011


Saturday May 14th
   It was a morning full of dreary weather and rain showers but by mid-morning we were standing in 
a room full of beautiful pregnant women for a HUGE baby shower.We were drenched from head to toe from our duties outside the abortion mill in the City of Slaughter, where three precious babies were rescued and saved earlier this morning: two with the help of our ultrasound van. Two saves from our ministry accompanied us this day about to be blessed.The host of this special event and both pastors greeted us as we dripped from moisture. It was all good! We changed from a soggy hoodie to a dry lab coat.   The participants were at various stages of their pregnancies. This event was to benefit needy or destitute women who chose life for their babies. It was like a giant "thank you" to the girls for doing the right thing by keeping their babies.
   As we went into the cafeteria we noticed tables covered with baby gifts and supplies, all kind of wonderful things you would see at a baby shower. The host made us feel right at home and also with our introduction to others. We helped our two guests to some delicious hot food and sat at the table going over our materials we prepared for our talk  that we were asked to give at this baby shower. It was pouring down rain outside. Daniel pulled the ultrasound right by the large windows for the participants to view as we spoke. The host introduced us and emotionally shared how much she admired and was blown away by our vital "trench-work" ministry. "They're on the frontlines in all kinds of weather everyday reaching out to abortion bound women who feel they have no other option or choice." What really impressed her was the thought of the millions of babies that have been killed and how their voices cry out from the ground. Whoa goosebumps moment. That is exactly what got us started.

Those voices many years ago just would not go away we thanked our host and pastor for  this wonderful event and went right into our ministry It was the cries of babies we heard several nights I couldn't figure it out. As a nurse, we volunteered at a local pregnancy center but we were not helping many girls, let alone abortion minded ones, so we went to where abortion minded mothers were going, Granite City. I asked how many were familiar with Hope Clinic . A few raised their hands We then went into what we  saw witnessed our first time out. Like cattle we viewed approximately 30- 40 girls a day going inside to kill their babies. I got off my knees to help to see if I could do anything to change their mind. With no resources available outside this mill, we equipped our family van into a pregnancy center then we upgraded to a used RV with a used ultrasound machine. Girls were seeking help everyday in Granite City we were appalled that no local churches or help was available in their crisis. We don't make girls jump through hoops or take classes in order to obtain baby supplies or get support through their pregnancy, we help them on the spot. We don't selectively help girls, we help everyone and then some. It was time to introduce our guest we brought.
       The first girl explained how we first met her on the coldest and most fiercest winter weather she has seen, there on the sidewalk, as she parked was this lady with this obnoxious hat trying to keep warm. She thought "oh no don't let the protester talk to me". It was freezing as she got out of her car and then this lady extends her hand over this three foot frozen snow drift and says "May I help you, take my hand"..The girl repeated with a  shaken voice."there was her hand", she broke into tears I patted her back, "it's okay" and "here I am", she finished. Loud applause went up. I briefly finished her testimony and told the audience how no matter the cost we save babies, we take our van where and when needed. We've parked outside restaurant lots or shopping malls in order to help distressed pregnant mothers and get them and their families through difficult times.
    We then invited our next guest to share her testimony of what she has experienced through our 18 year ministry. As soon as she walked up, her three year old toddler ran up to my leg and pulled on my pants to hold her as her mother spoke on our 18 years of daily witnessing outside the abortion mill. She shared how her children would not be here had it not been for Angela and her years of  unconditional love and support we  have provided to her and other pregnant girls she knows. "There were utility bills and food that Angela has paid from her own pocket to help me and my children. When I couldn't get help locally with baby supplies or diapers, Angela took the need away. She bought my other kids clothes and made them feel special. She has put gas in my car and helped me with doctors, whatever i needed she has helped me. My babies would not be here now (she choked up) without her." I thanked both girls for their testimonies and went into our daily struggles with raising a extra-large family and ministry work.I briefly shared the rescue and adoption of our two youngest children from this abortion mill in Granite City, and showed their pictures ooh's and ahh's went up.When I come home after a hectic or discouraging day, to hear the tiny patters of little feet and the sound "mommy" makes it all worth it". 
     I gave some encouraging statistics on this abortion mill since our years of devotion in the trenches.(Applause) In closing , I pointed out how important everyone in this room is and how all it takes is for one person to roll up their sleeves and make a difference in the lives of others, I can't imagine the world without each one of us in this room not being in it, or the endless possibilities each baby born brings to the world. With every baby rescued and saved, I see hope(Applause). I then thanked everyone and we began distributing all the collected baby gifts and supplies through a lottery system. It was fun. The pregnant girls faces beamed when their numbers were called out. They were so grateful for all the attention and being blessed this day in such an unexpected way. Many of the attendees came up to us and thanked us for our ministry and efforts outside the abortion mill.Some of the girls stayed behind and selected gently used clothing from a table for their babies.

    It’s so refreshing and encouraging to witness what was once considered a “hopeless” situation transformed into a rewarding and beautiful experience by one act of kindness we are restoring these young mothers faith and trust in humanity, one heart at a time. Jeremiah 29:11 “For surely I know the plans I have for you” says the Lord,” plans for you welfare and not for harm, to give you a future with hope”.

“Thank you Lord, for this awesome opportunity to witness to these precious mothers. You have given them real hope by placing the right people across their paths when they can not see the end of the road, but still trust in You and Your servants to lead them there.”

In Jesus Name we pray,