Saturday, June 25, 2011

“Although all Hell was breaking out around us, God was for us. Granite City’s metermaids: Who Is Paying Your Paycheck? Taxpayers Or the Abortion Mill? ”

Tuesday June 21, 2011

“Where’s a Doughnut When You Need One?" Two hours into our vigil it appeared as though maybe the slaughterhouse was not killing babies this evening. A beat up car pulled up to the sidewalk with an older man and young girl; she was crying. They looked at our van and the signs and then backed up and pulled onto the hospital lot. We thought maybe they were looking for the hospital to the contrary, and the baby killers began arriving. One butcherette who has come out of retirement since the demise of Ryan Goskie escorted this young girl inside. It was obvious she was struggling with this decision. Then an older woman with white hair walked around the corner and up to the entrance. There was no guard. She rang the door bell; we thought she was meeting someone. The old woman was trying to give the lay-clothed employee a small booklet. Next thing we heard was the employee screaming to, "Get out of here!" She walked towards our group. Cathy told her, "They kill babies in there." The old woman answered, "Yes, I know. I’m one of you."
       During all of this time, Officer twinkle toes a.k.a "Officer Burford" was writing yet another outrageously priced parking ticket to our ultrasound van for being a few inches in the yellow. We pointed out other blatant violators blocking fire hydrants, etc. He let them go and went as far as to radio the hospital and have the employee move their car without receiving a ticket. Earlier, Officer twinkle toes and our adversary meter maid whom we made famous, Lance Reynolds, sat across the street wasting more tax dollars observing us. A call was made by Collinsville resident and butcherette Nancy Earls, who has assumed Ryan Goskie's former job of summoning metermaids to harass our van.
       We listened to this old woman’s plight. Jesus told her to place this booklet inside the abortion mill and it will close down. "Really?" we asked. "Yes, in every place people have placed it abortion facilities close down." Haggard looking Katie, aka Klara Dixon, came out for her smoke break and she was fuming. She huffed over to the metermaid and told him the old lady got violent with them and screamed cuss words at the employees. We witnessed what happened; no one raised their voice but the butcherettes. LIARS!

        The officer ran over to us, threatened to arrest the old woman, and started to interrogate her. He demanded her identification. "Why?" we asked. "Why?" He responded, "I have to see if there are any warrants out for her." This was laughable. I turned my head so this gumshoe didn’t see my expression. You’ve got to be kidding. He then threatened to arrest us if we didn't move twenty feet from this old lady. "Officer, you have the wrong person." I then pointed to butcherette Klara and the abortion mill, "This is who you need to arrest; this is a crime scene. They are butchering innocent babies in there. We're trying to save them." He didn't give a rip. "Who is paying your salary? My taxes or the innocent blood of the abortion mill?" Eventually Officer Burford got her information, scared her, and threatened her, but this old woman kept politely giving the officer "JESUS." She was gently witnessing to him as he wrote her info down. We watched from a distance another squad car arrive. They let her go, and she rejoined us as we softly spoke to the mothers pulling onto the lot.
       Both metermaids went inside the slaughterhouse and shared her information with the employees. Both officers kept watch on the abortion mill lot for another hour or so. Meanwhile, the collaborators, hospital guards, and employees just sat back and enjoyed the drama. They bleed apathy. Thunder and lightning was booming over our heads. God was angry, but He is still in control even though all hell is breaking out against us. God is for us.      

  "Ana" opened the car door and peeked over at us with a smile that would melt your heart. I pointed to the Free Help sign on the ultrasound van, and informed them that we could save them money and do a free ultrasound. "You can do that for me?" "Yes ma'am." She walked right inside the womb service van as we quickly asked preliminaries and invited her friend inside. We scanned and the emotions came out, BAM! She looked over and began weeping loudly. "It's okay honey." There on the screen appeared an approx 18.5 week baby boy. Her friend exclaimed, "Don't do it! Don’t do it! Don't listen to Momma..." With both ladies crying now, they explained the situation. Her friend was her sister, and their mother was forcing both to abort their babies. Both girls were young adults but living at home; their mother was threatening that if they didn't get rid of the babies, they would be out on the streets. Ana had a one year old daughter also. Both girls were managing to work. "We can help you if you want to keep your baby." We went over housing, resources, a strategy, and physician follow-up. We then flipped the equipment and reset.
        Her sister was able to view an early pregnancy approx 4 weeks. Her sister held tightly to her sibling's hand and said, "We both are going to need housing." "We can help facilitate that." We prayed. Both girls know the Lord. Ana spoke up and said, "I knew this was wrong. I think God was trying to get my attention. I couldn’t come up with the remaining $45.00  I needed towards the abortion fee, and then we pulled into the parking lot and you all were out here. They warned us there would be protestors." I asked her, “How did you feel about us?" "I thanked the Lord for you all; you are God–sends. You are an angel. I thank you for all your help." And with that we gave them some snacks to take with them and came outside the van to share the good news with our brothers and sisters in Christ. Alleluia!

       Ana and her sister gave me a big hug, and the young man in the car got out and shouted for joy. "Thank You! Thank You! I didn’t want her to do it either!" he yelled. "Praise God for you all." We watched them drive off and then gathered on the sidewalk noticing that the meter maids had left the crime scene and a few more cars had arrived. We bowed our heads and gave thanks to Almighty God this day for eyes that were opened, hearts that were touched and convicted, and lives, precious little lives that were saved. "Thank You, Jesus, for always having our backside. In Jesus' Name we pray." And all the church said, “Amen!”
       This is the Lord’s war. He just asks us to show up for the battle; He will do the rest.

       Be encouraged ~Angela