Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Rejoice in Hope, be patient in suffering, persevere in prayer

Romans 12:12
 It was 102 with the heat index as the sun was beating down on us, all 2 of us. ;) Cars drove by looking at us in disbelief. One man pointed to a small square of shade and told us “that’s probably the best place for you to stand”. Another car drove by and gave us the middle finger, salute. One accomplice that we spoke to earlier denying that they were there for an abortion and stating that they do other things came back out and I met him by his car where I was able to confront him. Curiously I asked him “So what other things can they do inside a slaughterhouse?” He took his cell phone away from his ear and said “Ok you guys got me, I’m just a friend.” I told him “No you’re an accessory to murder”. He said “Ok I feel bad for bringing her but she had no one else to help her out”. We told him how he needed to repent because it was sin that he was apart of now and I said “You see how hot it is out here? It’s 10 times hotter in hell.” He said “Listen I feel bad enough, I got kids of my own”. I said “You need to make a confession right now. You need to talk personally to God and tell him what you’re apart of and then you have to help that young woman you brought”.
We also had a save 30 minutes earlier, an African American couple who confirmed that they didn’t do it. They listened to our pleas and our 19 years of daily ministry outside this abortion mill. That is what impressed them. They came outside and looked at all of our pictures from past years with saves and babies. They couldn’t do it! “If you all can stand out here in this heat, well, we don’t believe in killing babies either”. Thank You Jesus! “How do you all manage?” the pregnant woman asked. “God” I answered. “It’s God, he supplies all our needs and answers prayers just like he did with you all today”. “I mean money and stuff”. I answered, “It’s still God. My husband has a job at his family restaurant, but there was a period where my husband was fired for his pro-life beliefs and stance. But God provided during that dry period. And we kept standing on His Word and for the babies”.
Denesha a beautiful black-American girl came out of the abortion mill and into our warm arms. She was 13 weeks pregnant. “I’m not gonna do it, I’m not gonna do it”, she assured me. She began coming into the ultrasound van to see a picture of her baby when her ride back home arrived. She apologized and said that she couldn’t stay for the ultrasound, as her friend was in a hurry. But she took the brochure and said that she would call me and reschedule an ultrasound and thanked us. The red-haired young man who brought his mother and the girl he got pregnant came back out after the mother left. I asked him “isn’t there something I can do to save that baby or would you consider adoption?” He said “Give me one of your brochures, maybe I can hand her that. I tried talking to her but her mind’s not made up yet, she may come back out”. I said to him “Well I hope you encourage her and tell her that we can place that baby up for adoption if she doesn’t want to parent it”. I handed him the brochure and said “She can call me anytime”. I showed him the pictures of our 2 rescued and adopted babies and told him how God had a plan for his baby just like he did for ours. He thanked me and went back into the abortion mill.
The mother, daughter and grand-daughter came back out, they were still pregnant they confirmed. Praise God! I offered them resource numbers. The mother whispered something to the girl who looked up at me smiling. They weren’t exactly rejoicing about this pregnancy. I still thanked them for saving their baby as they drove off the lot. Daniel and I then prayed for this family not to come back and kill this baby at a later date. We kept drinking water and trying not to over-exert ourselves in this heat. At times we felt a little woosy, I knew it was time to try and find a spot of shade. I was just patting the back of my neck with a cold washcloth when I heard a man’s voice from behind. He appeared to be drug salesman or possibly a physician pulling a luggage bag. I heard him say the words we don’t expect to hear outside that are so refreshing “God bless you for being here”. I turned to see his smiling face and I couldn’t get the words out quick enough before he said “I hope you persevere and have success in this heat”. As he passed me, I mustered up enough saliva to say “Thank you, 3 babies have already been saved”. He said “That’s great. Stay healthy so you can keep saving more. I’m glad you’re here”. I wiped the sweat from my brow and thanked him as he walked by. I turned to Daniel who was on the phone with Auto Repair informing us of how much the cost would be to fix the car that over-heated the other day. “I know that look”, I told him. I said “Daniel don’t fret. God will provide.” My legs began to get weak again and I felt wobbly, from the stifling heat, I told Daniel “I think 3 hours is all I can do today due to the heat”. We bowed our heads in prayer; I thanked God for the 3 babies that were spared today. We prayed for God to touch hearts and save more, to wake up this city, to wake up the churches to the atrocity happening just feet from their church doors. Let them be afflicted with their cries. We cannot continue singing a little louder to cover up the cries of these innocent little people that are being murdered everyday within their city limits. ARISE O’City of Slaughter!

Be encouraged ~Angela