Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Triple digit heatwave at the gates of hell One precious baby saved July 20th

      Morning storms led way to a tropical heatwave by afternoon as we reached the City of Slaughter.Running late, as we were wrapping up several interviews on latest article on Hope Clinic. Stericycle pulled onto the lot and retrieved several large, heavy boxes of medical waste. It was a sizzler as the sun bore down on us. Missouri laws continue to be bad for Illinois, as the floodgates continue to be wide open to obliged abortion-bound women.
      The deathtoll this evening: 1- Kentucky, 5-Illinois, 8- Missouri. If it were not for Missouri residents crossing state lines to kill, this late-term abortion mill would be bankrupt.Midnight abortions were underway.
      There was one precious save, as a young girl came inside our ultrasound van and viewed her precious 25 week old baby auditioning on the screen. We brought her friend and the children accompanying her inside to get out of the heat. They were very hot and flushed; they have no air-conditioning. We gave them bottles of water to cool down. They have called several agencies seeking a window air-conditioner. Catholic Charities in Granite City refused to help unless they have a medical conditon. The girl is 6 months pregnant. Isn't that considered a medical conditon? There is not much help in this town, but we are seeking either the funds or anyone who can help us with a unit for this pregnant mother during this heatwave. Matthew 4:19-20. God works through His children to help, heal, and change a needful world.