Wednesday, July 28, 2010

July 27th midnight abortions -Dog Days of Summer "We can't leave our dogs in here", they closed the hatchback.

     Today's witness outside the gates of hell in the City of Slaughter, was just more confirmation of how society treats and views the weakest in society.The mercury was close to the century mark with the heat and the high humidity made it feel worse. Pregnant girls slowly were trickling up to the front doors of the slaughterhouse. Two Black American girls pulled in front of us and we offered to help them, they declined and walked out the doors the driver walked back and got two dogs on leashes out of the back of car and walked them to the entrance. We thought "does she think they can take the dogs inside too?"
 5-6  minutes into it, they both walked back to the car upset and trying to figure out what to do with the dogs, another five minutes past by, one girl said, "We can't leave them inside the car", Only after the driver opened the hatch back struggling to put the dogs back inside did we notice a carseat with a live baby in the back seat."Oh my God, there's a baby in that hot car!" the girls began laughing. "It's not funny, you care more about those dogs than your own child!" This is selfish stupidity.It's no surprise and you understand with this lack of compassion and irresponsible attitude why this mother is at the local extermination camp. You can't pick your parents can you? Poor kid..After confronting this foolish twosome they got into their car and drove recklessly off the parking lot, back to Missouri.
     On a positive note, the young couple we spoke to and gave our literature too earlier, came back out and confirmed they saved the baby and thanked us as they pulled off the lot.
     Not only were the outdoor temperatures rising, so were the tempers of smoking abortion bound clients as they snapped our pictures and screamed at our witness "No one likes to be caught in their sin let alone at a crime scene." Then they had to drag Jesus into it. One girl yelled, "Jesus wouldn't stand out there".We replied "Jesus would not kill a baby".We are living out the Bible, in the last days the Israelites did as they saw fit.We in America are doing the same If it feels good,just do it.We can't keep killing God's children, and expect God's mercy and continue blessing this nation. 2 Chronicles 7:14