Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thursday July 15th

 Two babies were saved and only six were killed.

1- Oklahoma
1- Mississippi
3- Missouri
1- Illinois
 In triple digit temperatures with the heat index it was like standing in a furnace as the heat hit our faces
A mom and daughter from MO came back out and decided to keep their baby. Another Mom and daughter from IL had an ultrasound done by Angela. They took a brochure from us and will be keeping their baby. They were very happy in deciding to keep their child.As we were saving this baby inside the ultrasound van, the Granite City Police were issuing us yet another parking ticket. That's how powerful the presence of the ultrasound van is outside this slaughter house More confirmationn we are doing God's work and many babies are being saved.The best part is hell is hemmorrhaging Hope abortion mill continues to lose employees and revenue.
  Insiders are telling us their are rumblings inside this chop shop with the skeleton crew