Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Saving babies in the cold rain....

May 14, 2014

Saving babies in the cold rain, and being blessed with a drive by "thank you" (white suv) from a young father who brought his wife to kill their 21 wk baby, 3 months ago, but listened to us and he talked her out of late term abortion."It's a girl," he told me, and we rejoiced and prayed as the father is undergoing chemo therapy. However, when he saw the ultrasound van, he wanted to let me know that we made a difference that day and they saved their baby who is now 34 weeks. 

Other pics (girl in grey, girl in blue, girl in grey hoodie) are abortion-bound clients who changed their minds on their scheduled abortion and came inside ultrasound van and let us love on them.

We celebrated with Jesus in the cold rain with 5 precious babies being saved throughout the afternoon/evening on Tuesday. We dreaded the cold, dreary day: but look what God did! We had a harvest  Thank you Lord.
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