Monday, December 19, 2011

SHE'S HERE..SHE'S HERE!!! A Christmas Miracle..

Thank You Lord, she is beautiful .  Only 4 lbs.2 oz. as she arrived prematurely Her features are tiny and wonderfully made.  We first met her and took her first picture when she was 8 weeks old. inside our ultrasound van after her mother walked back out of the abortion mill in Granite City.  It was a fight for her innocent life.  We begged and pleaded with the abortion bound mother as she stormed passed us that  morning. The accomplice took our literature, but brushed us off as we pleaded mercy for this little one.  Praise God, they came back out and looked for our van which had already left for the day. She called me and we returned the next day to show her that precious gift growing inside her womb.  

     We compassionately listened to her struggles and plight . We knew, she really didn't want to go back in there and kill her baby. We lovingly shared our ministry and all our resources we could help her with and we saw a change in that van, we knew if we provided the materials and support she would see real hope. We provided the monetary resources she needed that day to stay in the housing she was currently residing and to keep the utilities on. God made it possible for this distraught mother to see Jesus through our working hands and efforts to keep the baby alive and both of them thriving.    
      Of course the devil was behind the scene sowing seeds of doubt. This young mother had every excuse to take her unborn baby's life as she was a high risk pregnancy..but we prayed several times over this mother and baby and the Lord provided the protection and the specialty physicians to deal with delicate condition. 'I rebuke you devil, are not getting this baby. You have no authority over this child or this mother, now, get behind me Satan" we declared. 

                                         So today, very early, this beauty made her stunning debut weighing a little over 4 lb.s . She fits in your hand and wailing, which is always a good sign.   Please meet lil' Miss Kaelin Alexis ..and know that are blood , sweat and tears are not in vain.  Lil Kaelin is living proof that being a window to the womb and helping abortion minded women on the spot, outside abortion mills, does save lives.  Just ask lil' Kaelin. Our Christmas miracle. 
             "Heavenly Father, You created us in Your own image, and You desire that not even the least among us should perish.  We ask now, in Your love, to protect us against the wickedness of the devil, and those little ones whom You have given the gift of life,..In Jesus Name we pray. 
    Be encouraged,